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  1. I love that you bring this up. The upcoming Saltx surf rod loves to advertise their double lock on the seat for this exact reason, I feel it's a very coveted feature. I can't stand the seats that get loose while casting, even some of the fuji seats on the Mojo rods will do that. Maybe I just don't crank down hard enough...
  2. Flex seal. My 2nd pair of waders this year is mostly flex seal now, like you said more is better. One day somebody should try flex seal right over their entire lower half
  3. Where are your 6 and 8 pound fluke setups? I've always found it better to go lighter for fluking, and keep a spare spool with heavier braid in case I use the fluke rod for trolling or togging. That bigger braid just makes deep water jigging impossible adding all that drag and boyancy
  4. That's a metal shark, maybe one of their rescue or police models. Profile looks like their Defiant Pilot maybe? The commercial models have monstrous engines, quad outboard etc
  5. From a boat is one thing, I usually start with artificial bait but won't hesitate to use what I catch for many situations calling for bait. From shore, my attention span for bait is too limited. I throw topwater and bucktails mostly, and rarely get skunked if I can figure out some kind of pattern or just get lucky. There are days where I target the wrong species in the wrong place and just get a few sore muscles out of the deal, but either way, usually the scenery, wildlife, and reward of not couching it up for a few hours makes it worth it. +1 for artificials
  6. Cabelas uses those Ugly Stiks for unloading pallets off trucks before the store opens
  7. As stated the sizing is very misleading. I think the Back Bay spool size is smaller than the average LT 4000, and the BG is oversized. The Penn 4500 size and China/OEM 5000 size seem comparable to that BG 4000 spool
  8. Joebaggs makes a scented curly tail that I fished hard this year, especially if I was running a teaser hook for fluke and the gulp tails were getting destroyed. Profile length of the 4" mullet but casts like the 3" on an average jig head. Scent lasts but won't ruin your car with a leak.
  9. 100% true. My BG 4000 is a tad bigger than my Shield 5000 which I consider a big reel. I do wish I had a manual bail on mine
  10. Bled immediately as they went into the cooler. If you are using small fly/egg float combos you will gill hook them half the time anyway so they end up bleeding out all over you and the boat Good news is at 13 pounds of fillets from 8 fish, these are easily the biggest I've seen in CT
  11. These that I caught this past weekend were too meaty to pass on, made some delicious fillets along with some fried fluke Tastes like a cross between tuna and swordfish
  12. Might as well suffer together
  13. Love the auto correct on mobile. Bimini Bay
  14. Chub macks
  15. Send a message to Cindy over at Bikini Bay with the part numbers you need. I got two replacement o rings and a main gear for $3, for the 3000 size Those side plates are tough, think strong thoughts!