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  1. I would buy one just to support advancement in the sport, even if it turns out to be inferior to the reels I currently use. Even if everyone on this site buys one, the new company won't last long if the product doesn't live up to expectations. I trust my ZB to do it's job and it has never failed me. I will continue to support that brand as a result, but I can get behind another brand also as long as the product is genuine. Some reels have stood the test of time and we all know which ones those are, and a "newcomer" still has to earn its spot among those. I'm most curious about the righty/lefty swap, I know it won't be a true lefty but it would be nice to avoid paying a premium just for reeling the way you are comfortable with.
  2. One vote for the yo-zuri super braid, I think it's the best value for the money. I have had good luck with fireline/berkley pro spec when they go on sale Do yourself a favor and look at @aquaholik's sticky thread about line strength. That gives you a good idea about which lines are even worth looking at.
  3. I have the same dilemma but opposite problem, my SaltX 10.5' that I bought around Christmas is way softer than I hoped, and pitching anything heavier than 2oz feels like the rod tip is right behind my ear. It's fine since I can use it for fishing smaller lures, which is all I will be doing in the summer when the bass leave for a few months, but when you see giant adult bunker getting smashed from below and you need a 9+" offering at long range to even get a passing glance from the stud fish feeding on the school, it's not the rod you want to be carrying. Any fish I hooked over 30" was no problem for the rod, but the guy next to be with the "skinner" 1102M was really outgunning me on the cast. I put the SaltX up on the shelf for now. I have a few "broomsticks" I can fish with for now
  4. Not me officer but nice try
  5. I ended up with a gomexus on mine the stock knob got a chunk taken out when a hook got lodged in it. I was mad but eventually realized it was better the knob than my hand...
  6. Bomber long SHOT outfishes the longA in my experience. Anything yellow is good in my book
  7. I can't say I am any form of pro striper fishing God by any means but a huge advantage I have is living two minutes from good access to them. Honestly my best outings are usually the times I "swing down" to the water and take a peek at what's happening, which is usually only the days when the conditions are good in the first place. Cloudy/rainy days are good days for daytime fishing, around where I live anyway, and there have been dozens of times where my wife gets very mad about me taking three hours to bring back Chinese takeout bc I found a huge school of birds working bait and stopped for a "few casts." I keep a few basic plugs and lures in my car and a rod at all times during the fishing season to make sure I don't miss out on a good bite. Sometimes it only lasts an hour and the friends I call already missed out by the time they get there. Opportunity aside, pitch black night fishing is the way to go even in the prime fishing season. If I plan a trip, as opposed to capitalizing on a hot bite as seen from the road, its always going to be a 9 pm to 5 am trip, depending on where the tide is on that day. Some spots may be better during certain tides, there's no way to know until you have tried every stage of the tide. If I had advice to give, I would say spend your efforts on the night trips, and slowwwwwwwww subsurface presentations. If you have to fish during the day use whatever seems like a good profile to what is around for bait. (I would rather fluke fish from shore during the day) We had giant schools of peanut bunker for a few months at the end of last year and I used a lot of 3" soft plastics to catch huge numbers of fish, but at night I could throw a 9" black bomber and catch schoolies and keepers the same. Everyone has doubts, I have spent many days throwing everything I have in the bag without a touch, and some nights I'm pretty sure a beer can with hooks on it will catch fish. It's just about finding a pattern and capitalizing on it. Good luck amigo
  8. Snip snip with some wire cutters
  9. Lefty ZX25, currently waiting for the incoming. Wish me luck
  10. The beaches I fish often see a large, lazy swell with very few breaking waves and big Doc's are awesome if the swell is in the right direction. You can keep the plug working in front of a wave to help it glide a big further one way or the other, and nothing beats seeing the fish break out of a wave sideways to hit the plug. If the waves are too fast and the plug falls off the back of the wave it can also trigger a strike, but its harder to see what's happening and I find I only see the lure launch skyward while I still have some slack in the line. I have caught keeper fluke from these beaches working Doc's in this manner, so I know there must be some universal predatory instinct that gets triggered.
  11. x3 on the Bomber, but the long shot not a long A. If this is a night time question, its my go to when worked slow.
  12. Last year I showed up to my go to spot about an hour earlier than the tide so I could relax and take a nap in the car before heading out onto the beach at 2-2:30 am, and ended up snoozing right up until 2:45. I woke up in a hurry and was making a decently long walk into the well-known state park at a brisk pace trying not to miss out on the big tide rip and in my haste I kicked something on the ground. I shined my headlamp down to the ground to see a skunk, who seemed equally surprised that I was trying to punt him around. Needless to say I veered away very quickly and he went the other way and I was verrrrry happy to walk away un-sprayed
  13. I'm just gonna say no
  14. I've had good luck storing it for up to a year, but I go through it pretty quickly with the projects I use it for. Mostly car bodywork or boat fiberglassing. It cures in direct sunlight, even on a cloudy day it cures in a minute or less. They have 16oz bottles through the direct website as well, I just checked.
  15. There's a popular UV resin made for car audio fabrication that I have used, as seen here. It stands up to 100+ lb speakers I'm sure its strong enough for just about any application. For 32 oz. @ $29.99 on Amazon sounds like its much cheaper than what you guys are using. It's called SMD sunflash, branded by a well known guy out in NorCal, you can buy it directly from him at