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  1. Thank you for the info. Do you find it to be more abrasive than typical 8 carrier braid in either 10 or 20lb strengths? I'm very used to the original PP, so how does it's abrasiveness compare to this?
  2. Really great to see a methodical approach to line testing. Thank you! Do you think this line is the best 20lb braid overall? I've been really disappointed with regular jbraid in both the 15 and 20lb varieties, they just seem very limp and much more prone to wind knots than original PP and SSV2. I was going to re-spool my BG2500 with 15lb, and my Spheros Inshore 4000 with 20lb braids, both SSV2, but if this maxcuatro line seems that much better, then that might be the best bet. Typically I've always used standard PP and haven't had too many issues, and now is the first time using SSV2 30lb on a SSVI4500LL reel, and the line seems really nice. Again, disappointed in jbraid at least in 15 and 20lb varieties, maybe I just got bad spools idk.
  3. Ah well thats a shame. Figured it must be pretty common if it happened so fast, a second time.
  4. So I got some warranty repairs done to my drive and seat, nothing that would've been dangerous to continue fishing with, more inconvenient than anything. Anyway, the fins that were replaced under warranty on my MD180 V2 drive, turbo fins, have already started to split a little around the section that wraps around the mast. I haven't hit anything and I'm always careful to remove them prior to launching/returning. Is this a fairly common issue, that the fins split quickly under normal use? Is it worth me attempting to try to get them repaired again under warranty? Boat is a 2018 camo outback btw.
  5. That's excellent to hear! I think I'm on my 3rd year with mine and there's a small leak in the right foot somewhere, so hopefully they repair it for little to no charge.
  6. Is there a video or instructions on how to do this, or where to buy the o ring? I want to improve the sealing on my spheros inshore 4k (basically an FK with 1 less bearing and a lesser quality rotor). Thank you.
  7. Awesome, sounds good to me. Good luck, and thanks for betting.
  8. Alright cool, and yes, that's the main point, that either way, the money is going to some good causes. I'm betting on Biden, would you rather pick 2 charities for $10 donations a piece, or 1 for $20 if I lose? I only ask because on my end I would prefer $10 to HOW and $10 to Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue, should you lose.
  9. I'd like to bet on Biden, so I guess I wouldn't be betting against you. I would probably bet against somebody like FlyAngler, seems like he's a fairly reasonable and reliable person. Maybe Maine Guide? Any suggestions/takers? I ain't made of money but a few 10 or 20$ bets would be fun. If I won, I'd like people to donate to either Heroes on the Water or Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue and Sanctuary.
  10. Interesting, thank you. Where is it? Or if I search "betting thread" will it come up?
  11. Is there an official betting thread going on? I know you and flyangler had one going, just wanted to see who's betting for who, and which charities are involved. I'd like to get in on it. I assume it's just for fishing charities also? And is limited to strictly charities (ex: Heroes on the Water) or organizations too, like CCA?
  12. I had a top freezer/bottom fridge that was exhibiting similar issues. The vents that lie behind the plastic shield in the back of the freezer, if applicable/accessible, they are meant to channel cold air from the freezer down to the fridge and back, and mine were frozen solid (no air could circulate between freezer and fridge). Like scooby said, this could be a defrost issue. My old fridge was doing this fairly often so we eventually had to replace it.
  13. Yeah DNR was patrolling and I didn't have circle hooks to live line with, so it wasn't worth the potential fine. I've been stopped a few times by them in my kayak and it's always been around that time of year, or in the dead of winter. I guess there are too many other people to worry about in summer and fall. I did catch a few 18-25" striper in that same spot right around that time, so yeah maybe there were bigger ones just below them feeding on those menhaden. Alas, I'll never know. Had I not gotten my new PB a few weeks before that, I probably would've been going all out live-lining.
  14. Well that's unfortunate, hopefully larger ones will show up. Good to see lots of spot though, they're a preferred bait for a lot of live lining trips. I saw a ton of menhaden this year in the bay for the first time in a while, it was really nice to see. They were schooled up around the bay bridge from late winter through early spring on a few trips I took out there. I trolled 1 up and it was a solid 10" fish, far too big to live line but cool to catch.
  15. Ground clearance will be your biggest issue. If you really want to try it, be sure to air the tires down, that's the number 1 mistake of everyone who gets stuck on the beach. I've seen many brand new F250 FX4's buried to the door sills, just due to cocky/ignorant owners who think that just because they've got 4wd and good tires, that somehow negates their 8000lb curb weight. I have an 04 ram 1500 and have never been stuck, with all-season tires (great michelin's but certainly not all terrains), and I air down to about 15 psi, gives a large contact patch on the sand. Running the tires that low is fine on the sand though it'll decrease your low ground clearance even more. Smooth throttle control and common sense are key. When you exit the beach, just use a small 12v compressor to bump each tire up to about 20-25 psi then drive to the nearest gas station and fill to their normal spec. Bring a tow strap, shovel, carpet mats, etc (anything you might need to get yourself out or help someone else get you out if stuck). Oh and don't get stuck too close to the water (tides)