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    I like to fish Indian River Inlet and Island Beach State Park.
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    High School Wrestling, College Wrestling, Iowa. Saltwater fishing. Surf, jetty inlets.
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    county arborist

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  1. Been out fishing 3-5 times a week, Delaware waters. The flounder bite is steady. Water temps up to 73 degrees. For the season have over 60 keepers and the ratio of keepers is like 5-7 to one. Only 3 days this year we have been skunked. Bucktail and a gulp getting it done,
  2. Who built them?
  3. Unfortunately probably not. The covid shut down the park during the prime run. Summer fishing now, waiting on the fall for the reds,
  4. Was at Assateague today. Several small blues. Bait stealers taking the ends off last years mullet I netted. Nice day to be out and the wife got to see 6 Ponies.
  5. That’s the problem with old inlet, great location, hours suck big time. They have the best location in the State. The bi-weekly fishing reports are terrible as well. But I know what’s going on between Lewis and the inlet, so that’s not a deal breaker. Just wish I could get bait early or late, bankers hours just do not work for me!
  6. Here’s the rod holder that goes with my truck below.
  7. Hook through the bottom jaw out an eye socket
  8. Any night at the end of the jetty at Indian River Inlet,
  9. Here’s mine, homemade by me. Aluminum fence posts and connectors for modular railings. I think I got them at Lab Safety Supply, not sure it was over 18 years ago. Angle welded at work for the crossbar. keeps the rods up high in the bed and just over the tailgate about a foot.
  10. Fish happy, if you’d care to enlighten everyone I’m sure it would help some people out there like the original poster. Or is this a guessing game?
  11. Honestly it happens so fast the juice doesn’t go anywhere really. One whack and a quick flip, hand off to a friend to clean out the shell. Off to the next on. Production line, you can move through them like butter. There is never a need to buy clam juice, you get more than you’ll ever need for your recipe, but I use it all and reduce it to the consistency we like, more flavor!
  12. Bigfoot said it above a few posts ago, Mitchell 306, My Grandfathers go to reel along with a Crack or Loxor 200 reel. Never saw him with a 300. I have his reels and surf rods,
  13. Yuengling for me, Heineken for the wife. Its the easiest way I’ve found to open a lot of clams. It’s best with 2 people one to slice and one to scrape out, it can easily be done by one though. The best thing is the amount of juice I’m able to retain. Never have to buy clam juice and always have more than needed for a recipe, actually way more. Hardest part of making it was drilling through the cheap yard sale stainless steel knife, the heavy laminate beam was also a plus. I have a recreational clam permit that allows more clams than your fishing license allowance. We hang our clams in a sack at the dock so they spit out Sand and purge themselves, John
  14. A good long handle rake I like best, can rest it on your shoulder and walk backwards. This allows down pressure for when they are deep and alleviates getting tire by using only a arm raking motion. The pool noodle on the handle helps with it resting on your shoulder and also floats the handle if you want to let it go for a minute. Then you also need a clam board to open them up for some fine Linguini and clam sauce. I love clamming,