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    I like to fish Indian River Inlet and Island Beach State Park.
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    High School Wrestling, College Wrestling, Iowa. Saltwater fishing. Surf, jetty inlets.
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    county arborist

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  1. Well I’ll say this. I live along the Delaware River in Claymont, DE. there is a place right upstream of the port of Wilmington that I consistently get keeper Bass in mid March. The Commodore Barry Bridge is about 5 miles north of there so you might figure out a timeline from this. No one is ever fishing and usually they shut down the fishery north of the C&D Canal in April. Some other sharpies that might not be on this site fish there also. After reading his reports years ago I got enough clues to figure it out as I only live about 5-7 miles from there.
  2. It started out like this. Blow up the top picture and you will see how I cut it off. Had a 4 inch maybe 6 inch c clamp welded to it. Any garage or shop would help you out with that.
  3. Dan is correct, old brace and bit, well no bit, lol. Cost $10 total and holds from 8/0 smiling bills or 2/0 teasers no problem. The top picture shows how I cut it off and welded on a 4 inch,I think, C clamp. It rotates to tie and look at all side and can spin it for sally Hansen or epoxy, although I don’t use epoxy,
  4. Here’s the brace and bit I’ve been using for years, mentioned above by Stryper Snyper. About $10 invested and is rotary both ways to see what you are tying and can hold the biggest of saltwater hooks. rotary helps also with applying Sally Hansen hard as nails to the threads, rotate it so it does not goop off while it soaks in and lightly dries.
  5. Some of mine I tie up at the beach place while drinking coffee,
  6. Maine guide is right, Baileys is the go to place. You could also call them to ensure you get the right part for that old saw. the counter staff is very knowledgeable, good luck
  7. I’ll take it for $27. Do you take pay pal? If so can I have the wife pay you tomorrow? If not how would you like paid? Thank you,
  8. Any interest in just selling the leader wallet? Thanks, John
  9. No rod builder here but you have not provided enough info for people to respond. Conventional? Spinning? What reel will you be using? What is the spacing of the reel seat? Concept guide system? All of these things matter. Then get to the basic design and tape on the guides and test cast. The first guide location is most important to gather the line. Hard to believe you can't find info out there, look harder. There is plenty of info online or books at the library if you don't want to purchase them. Go to the Fugi site. Since this will be your "custom" rod it needs built to your size. Good luck,
  10. As I mentioned I eventually cut off the drill and welded to a small "C" clamp. Yes the chuck rotates freely one way once the hook is snugged in the jaws tightly. It can easily handle 5 oz smiling Bills. Most vises have a problem handling hooks and weight of this size. It also holds 1/0 great. I mostly tie Teasers on 3/0 to 5/0. Smiling Bills up to 5 oz. There is a clicker that can be position for forward or reverse. I just put on Sally Hanson or 2 ton once wraped and spin the chuck head by hand until set up. Easy peasy on the cheap, John
  11. I do, let's try posting a pic. And the Stripers in my avatar fall for the teaser 95% of the time except when I get doubles or using just a plug.
  12. The best rotating vise for cheap is the old brace and bit drill. The jaws can hold any hook tight. Even the largest hooks, They can be found for $1-$5 at any yard sale or flea market. I started by putting it in a bench vise. Then I eventuality cut it off and welded it to a "C" clamp. This way I could mount it to my workbench. The beauty of the brace and bit drill is it rotates to apply Sally Hansen or 2 ton epoxy. Works perfectly, John
  13. Just wanted everyone to know that Mitchell Nj. Is a stand up guy. I'm sure a lot of you know this already. I sent him a reel handle for a Mitchell 306 that he asked for in a BST forum. I have a lot of parts laying around and sent him out one, no cost just helping another fisherman out. Today I received a gift back from him! It was a welcome sight when I opened the mailbox this afternoon. Stripers online has a great community of people here have a great night, John
  14. Bubbles are a sign as mentioned. Also you will see a vee wake that there noses make as the water receedes. The larger one seem to be around course sand and light gravel more than very fine sand. I don't think it packs as tough as very find sand. Down at asateague this is where we have the best luck. In the spring they make great bait for stripers there when we get tired of spending cash on peelers and clams.