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  1. Send me any you would like to sell Would put those to use real quick here! Tons of saltwater fly rodders here in ct
  2. It's more that Orvis wouldn't setup shop in a poor community and risk profitability... interesting how you viewed that.
  3. I think this goes to show that if enforcement is understaffed and unable to do their jobs then fishermen need to keep each other honest . And if that means utilizing social media/forums to publicly “shame” or “expose” bad actors, so be it! Maybe some flyers with incriminating photos in local tackle shops, almost like a wall-of-shame, would serve well.
  4. Well, with regards to the original video in the topic… I was informed that NY DEC is being contacted by a well-connected individual. He assures something will come of it.
  5. Love seeing some enforcement, but definitely need some actual punishments issued for not following the law. What’s the point of having all of these discussions about regulations if no one is going to follow them because they know nothing will happen when they’re caught (if they ever are). I wonder why aren’t boat ramps monitored more often. In my experience, I have NEVER been “checked” or had an encon officer approach me in my decade of fishing from boat. Makes me wonder how much poaching from Rec has impacted this fishery that no one has a real gauge on.
  6. Is this not equivalent to poaching? Don't people in FL get charged for acts like this... animal cruelty? Saw a video of a kid throwing a baby alligator into a pond, he got picked up and charged a week later. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/florida-keys/article262292062.html
  7. Curious as to how DEC would investigate and possibly punish this... is it provable that they were over their limit? Isn't it illegal to give someone else fish while on the water like that? These guys have some some horrendous C&R videos. Overslot bass sitting on the deck, dorsal fin flat, barely moving, and throwing them over the side like its nothing.
  8. Offering $450 + shipping to CT. Offer is lower simply because Scott is very strict about warranty and it not transferring between owners.
  9. zero rush
  10. Reel is sold. Closing, thanks SOL!
  11. Closing this down, sorry.... ended up getting a setup secondhand from a friend.
  12. I’ll take it but will wait to see pics.
  13. That’s just backing on the reel my man, I could include a line for an extra $50. I have a wulff ambush triangle taper intermediate ($95 retail) that would fit this nicely, would cast well with a fast action rod. Slightly used with some red discoloration from some ugly red backing I used to have… line is good for another two years+ depending on how much you fish. I’m down for a meet up but I am never in NJ, sorry. Shipping is probably the best way to go here.