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  1. Meet me at $35 and I'll PayPal you rn
  2. $30 shipped for the depth charge?
  3. Can you do $85 shipped for the bradford? I can send payment asap if so
  4. Ah sorry, I should close this up, it's sold.
  5. I'm interested in the Lamson Velocity spare spool, willing to part it?
  6. Wow this is some geeky stuff no doubt! I can confirm from my completely non-scientific method that KastKing sucks (don't ask me why I bought it...), took a spool off after 1 months use and changed over to Daiwa J Braid, never looking back.
  7. $30 shipped? Not to low-ball, but it doesn't seem like people are busting down the door to bid on this.
  8. Yes sir, 17x9s
  9. Ok, sounds good to me. PM me paypal info?
  10. Any interest in fly reels for trade? I have a Lamson Waterworks Guru II for trade (4-6wt reel). Otherwise, $150 shipped for the one without braid?
  11. came here to post this, as bad as it is
  12. Cool skiff!!
  13. Oooh, very nice!! My mistake.
  14. nj, I'm in ct, but close to the border of ct/ny
  15. Haven't been back on SOL since I replied to this... is it still available at my offer?