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  1. Interested in purchasing as well. Lmk if the deal falls through.
  2. You should definitely report it, or have your buddy do it if you don't want your information out there. I'm a big fan of Joe Rogan's podcasts and he's had on the pilot for the nimitz tic tac video, I fully believe every word he's said. What's especially convincing is that the video confirms the functionality that Bob Lazar explained in his documentary on Netflix, both events occurred on a completely different timeline, Bob's was an observation he made while working for S4 and stated on news and media broadcasts decades before Commander Fravor's experience/video. https://www.history.com/videos/uss-nimitz-tic-tac-ufo-declassified-video?playlist_slug=ufo-fighter-pilots-video-playlist
  3. I've been itching to try this too over the winter. I was thinking of tying the glass tube to thick mono or heat shrinking it to the hook bend. Cool idea but interested to see how much it would impact action and buoyancy, might only work on large bucktail type of flies that have enough inherent motion
  4. NSFW - Image is rather disturbing but figured it is imperative to share and spread the word of these atrocities occurring in our modern era. https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/dsylqp/picture_of_a_political_prisoner_in_one_of_chinas/ Picture of a political prisoner in one of China's internment camps, taken secretly by a family member.
  5. That'll catch!
  6. Sure, I’d be interested to take a look! That’s a tough sell, I feel that it depends a lot on pricing and what they’re offering. If you’re selling just the digital image, it doesn’t feel worth it, but if you package it with a frame and it’s ready to hang after delivery, might be more enticing.
  7. 2nd and 3rd remind me of little squid! I think you're on to something XD
  8. Anyone know of any renowned nautical/boat photographers? I'm thinking, as a side gig, of setting up shop for boat/fishing pictures in my local waters but I'm looking for inspiration. Idea came to mind since I would love some photos of me cruising around and fishing, and figured others would feel the same! Sine I practice photography as a hobby, why not earn some cash and do something that would give me some extra time on the boat Seems like a win-win to me!
  9. I felt the same until I watched some videos by Tom Mason and other pro wildlife photographers that supported auto iso IF you have a good low light camera (D500, D850 are pretty spectacular for Nikon). I gave it a try and found it much more forgiving than I originally thought it would be, as long as you've been shooting for a while and can generally gauge proper shutter and aperture settings you can get in the ballpark of sub-3500 iso, which is my breakpoint on nature images. To each his own!
  10. Generally I do the same and agree with you, UNLESS you're shooting wildlife and the lack of light is pushing your ISO out of your comfort zone (and you don't want to drop shutter or aperture much). In that case I'll err on the side of overexposure as to not get too much grain (assuming you DON'T want any grain, sometimes grain is good). I've found sharpening and working with an overexposed wildlife photo produces better end results than an underexposed one. This almost never applies with landscapes or people... or if you have a low-light-beast like the D500. But everyone has their own style and intended outcome, and that's what makes this all so much fun!
  11. Hmu if you ever want a fishing buddy! I used to hit the housy a lot, but haven't been in a year or two, never fished the farmington but have hit the beaverkill twice. I'm in SW CT.
  12. All good, it is quite a lot. I've done a lot of cosmetic work, but need to get that taken care of and then she's good for another 40 years! Will definitely take a look at your thread! Bummer ClassicMako is down, haven't been able to access it in months.
  13. LOVEE the old makos, amazing hulls. I likely need to do my tank in the next year or so... can I hire you??! I'd do the tank but I have nowhere to do it.