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  1. Might be good spot for camera also. Maybe check the CCTVs in the area as well could catch a pickup leaving with the bags. Then interrogate the owner of the truck.
  2. Happens to the best of us NateD. I thought I did a good job easing you through it though
  3. What are we talking Snag--like an aquarium vinyl coated net?
  4. Make it yourself. You might not save money but you'll be able to figure out what you want. It's all about customization.
  5. The Flexi Stripper video you posed Herb. You can see the guy trying to readjust it but it's not very malleable due to nylon belt. Cries out for a elastic belt modification. Would allow perfect height adjustments. There's a lot of interesting ideas out there. Ideally want something that can be tailored to one's own size and use. I am inspired to try out the line tender idea that is mounted on the top of waders.
  6. Let's move on. The important point has been agreed on: this is a very serious situation and something needs to be done about it wherever possible, including handling of huge female bass. You social media like count s not more important than our striper populations.
  7. I do Ok thank you for admitting that. This is a serious situation.
  8. I went by the library. They have two of these Ultimakers. On the rolling rack with the printer they had a bin of pieces--discards maybe or something. Lots of different shapes and textures. Interesting to feel the weight of them and see how the printer honeycombs things. Also was able to observer the texture of the layering. It seems totally acceptable to me, particularly if it could be sanded but even without sanding I don't think I would mind at all. I wonder about whether these printers can make large watertight compartments that could be injected with water. Might require printing a plug in two halves and then removing the honeycombing from parts of it.
  9. I agree LIsurf did go job dealing with the adversity. I think he learned a lot too so great result all around.
  10. Yes that could be a problem. I have to do my surf immersion test on my box soon.
  11. Mike r u taking the piss?
  12. That's why you need an elastic belt Mike. Elastic belt lets rotate the strip box to your backside for easier bending-down-ability.
  13. @nateD do you agree that the striper population is in dire shape?
  14. When I was browsing a certain social media site for the line tender that hooked on the belt I came across a rattan style woven belt deal. Looked super light and that's seems like a major plus. I need to look into learn how to weave that stuff would be good to make a hip basket that you can throw long strips into. I'm realizing the dishpan style basket is just too slow much too slow. Not dynamic enough. These days fish want fast presentations even in the evening.
  15. I think I need to look into a higher rate of retrieve stripping basket. The one I currently have is ok for fishing at night I guess but day time or faster nighttime retrieves this thing cannot cut it. In fact, it is totally unsuitable.