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  1. Sure but just in pockets and stuff like where the water is imparting a lot of action. I don't think it would worked great out in open water. The streamer would just sink wouldn't it?
  2. Following etiquette sometimes means following common sense rather than doing what everyone else is doing. For example, at the Cape Cod Canal(CCC) don't scream in the middle of the night. Screaming is frowned upon by local anglers and residents residing along the CCC.
  3. I think what ScoobyDude is talking about is the Eastern cougar subspecies which was declared extinct a while back and taken off ESA. Do you think that could be what he meant when he was saying extinct?
  4. The tawny top part o the coat does look sort of mountain lionish but looks at all those spots and the ears look tufted which are bobcat characteristics. Mountain lion in CT would be pretty amazing tho.
  5. Yup
  6. LL Bean sells a 250 pair. The TEK bootfoot. The website doesn't say anything about breathable for these. For 300 bucks you can get the Emerger bootfoot and that one advertises breathable uppers. Either way going to be a bit damp in the pants no matter what.
  7. I like anchovies in pasta sauce. Paste or fillets out of a jar. I'm talking like maybe 1tsbp of paste or a couple fillets per 28oz. can of san marzanos. They add a lot of SALT to the sauce so have to be aware of that if adding to a recipe you wouldn't normally use them in.
  8. That's nice but for the regular consumer the most important thing is: can I get the parts I need readily? Daiwa cannot advertise this...notable shortages. Shimano?
  9. I put a thick coated nylon almost like a cordura on the front ankle portion of my boot. Slathered the whole thing in aquaseal. On the other boot same area I put a nylon ripstop much thinner fabric. The cordura stuff is too stiff I think. Makes boot uncomfortable somehow. Ankle doesn't bend maybe...kind of presses on ankle, like if your pants are bunched up or something. Just a note.
  10. Well I should have said lips. When using shooting head on steelhead rivers they'd do that.
  11. You can hold line in teeth but not sanitary really there are places you don't want to hold line in your teeth you know.
  12. Could be good for walls of the device. I'm wondering how to maintain shape. Possible make like an articulated basket out of something and then have the net go over that and maybe attach any teeth to the skeleton.
  13. Really expensive due to fuel costs. We left from the ferry on the northeast point of island and went to Middle Caicos. The boat ride was something I hope to never repeat. Very small boat. Had to sit on the very low deck by the motor, ass next to my ankles basically. No way to cushion the many many shocks. Felt like I could get bounced out of the boat at any minute! Other guy got the cooler infront of the console and got soaked and said the shocks were still pretty bad.
  14. Can we see closeup of the line lay?