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  1. hope im not causing grief if the url was blocked out...maybe over copy right issues...regardless go to google and search for ri carp fishing and the full web address will appear you'll figure it out...
  2. go to the website and check out the web page....I love the tough guy photo in front of the fish in the about section...classic...the only thing that would make it better is a harley in the background and hells angels cut(vest) in the background.to boot....all joking aside the reels look unreal.....if the fishing quality matches the looks VS better watch out...hopefully it will lead to price reduction as I'm not will to pay 600-800 for a reel....nor 3k for a foot pedal kayak...this sport is too pricey..
  3. home depot has one for 20$ it's extendable and works great...get one
  4. Bill wetzel says if the radio plays billy joel the fishing will suck....lol..the post above is classic....good video on eeling
  5. that wasn't my point...the point was I was just making a joke about spot burn paranoia and about ppl being secretive about giving high level details that will not nor ever has contributed to spot burning. I have gone out but haven't had any catches since nov so again no idea why ppl are assuming i haven't been out or trying every now and then hence asking forum members(and for the record I used a 3/8 kalin jig with a berkley gulp nuclear chicken jerk shad...under the bridge at cape cod(borne....3rd light post...it has red hot chili pepper graffiti and a gang symbol of a dead mouse..come spot burn me...I dare you!!!!).... if they had any luck to provide a brief post if they choose. I also have no idea why mark is making assumptions on what lures I have and have not used in the past...I had inquired on that 007 lure and just asked about it....if ppl on SOL just want to bash other posters on this forum constantly that is on them.
  6. island surf gets..it... even though my odds are slim I'll have to setup my bait caster and the bubble gum teaser with a mullet jerk shad..maybe I'll have some luck as well...they have to eat some time and I know they are resident....otherwise I may just have to settle for some carp...I have never used a 007 can you explain why you recommended it? it looks like a great lure and the idea of a teaser in front...please tell me more about this setup as my topwater skills are non-existent.
  7. lol the idea that anyone would be concerned about spot burning this time of year is beyond silly...and if anyone is fishing and catching and has to keep it a BIG secret has mental issues. I always laugh at the idea of spot burning anyways as lets say for example you post to this forum that your fishing the north shore of long island...since long island's linear shoreline distance is 1600 miles....divide that by half for just the north shore(800 miles for the less math inclined) ...so I say i caught a striper on the north shore with such and such a lure as this time of day/time of tide...it's not like I have posted an exact gps dump of the fishing location and even if I did...fish swim so chances they may not be around anymore...but despite all of this...ppl are super paranoid about providing high level info on fishing...all i was asking was if anyone along the east coast has had any luck catching the last week or so just out of curiosity I am not "chasing" reports...no offense.... its when ppl make silly comments like that I wonder why I even bothered to post to SOL. So again I ask...I promise I won't stalk your site...I promise....has anyone lately(last 2-3 weeks) had any luck catching stripers from the shoreline...again do not disclose your spot...or 50000 SOL readers might descend on it within minutes....if you have been catching fish and need to keep this a lifelong guarded secret...you too should not comment or respond as the 50000+ plus SOL readers will by pass your alum foil helmet your wearing and will read your mind and burn your spot....so you too should not even think about this...let alone respond...(ok hopefully this rant weeds out the crazies....) so all joking aside if you can provide a brief report it would be appreciated...
  8. is anyone catching striped bass right now...I live mins from the ocean and I'll give it a shot if anyone is catching bass on the back bays/ocean front this time of year...the water is mid 40's where i am at...
  9. it's sad to see what they have done to themselves....if i was a father to them I would make them learn sign lang. as i would never speak to them again
  10. belicheck takes away what a team does best...he'll have a plan to stop him...trust me... it's tannerhill im worried about....hopefully he doesn't pull a nick foles on us...
  11. got to admit the starter kit meme is genius
  12. plum has the same issues Im having...it really gets crazy once you have 1000+ computers
  13. the photo shows it's just a tp link "dumb" switch....as hobobob stated....i would make sure you configured the cable modem to act in bridge mode......then connect just one computer hard wired to one port of the switch and troubleshoot first.....then once done i would configure the rest of the network....i would go static on the hard wired computers on the network...static on the cisco wireless acess point....then use the built in dhcp on the cisco wireless for on demand wireless connections.....change your access point passwords often...and good luck...
  14. im not aware of this type of stuff....explain how some would do this and how do they profit it....how can someone just steal 100,000 oysters....wouldn't it take years...not a day? im not fully aware of how this work....so excuse my ignorance...i hope the env cops get the bad guys....i get pissy on under sized fish let alone 100,000
  15. build a concrete form....and pour concrete....apply a sealant coat every few years and your all set for 2 lifetimes....and it's cheap.