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  1. weeds also bad where Im at coastal NH....surf is still aggressive as well...good luck.
  2. casa ferandez reserva
  3. also mud hole has stuff on you tube with tons of tips like installing cork tape...etc...good luck.
  4. Dunky there is a fly tying club they have a rod building class..this is your best shot assuming this is a go with covid and such...good luck http://www.newenglandflytyers.org/index.php?id=rod-building-course
  5. are black hole blanks autoclaved?


  6. put some fresh soba noodle of the bowl and fill up with this awesomeness....crazy good job.
  7. keep both the problem is not the rod trust me....you can confirm this by buying a ugly stick you'll get backlashes....you just need to give yourself time to master...it takes a long time..hang in there.
  8. Also why would you use 6lb of mono backing? Use 30-50 if you get spooled what do you think will happen to your 6lb mono?? lol?? 20 lb braid is very small/thin as a newbie I would go 30lb at the minimum I found 50 lb forgiving but robs you of distance and braid digging in after getting a good fish on is par for the course so after landing a big fish I'll let out 20-30 yards I use a small wooden dowel for this or my water bottle in my backpack pouch. Another good tip is go to a dollar store or ocean state job lot and get a small 12x plastic magnifying glass that and a small needle can help clear out even the nastiest of bird's nests if your patient.
  9. He hit the nail on the head....just turn up your brakes and focus on thumb control....get some baitcaster practice weights at like bass pro shop and put a couple paper plates in a field and practice 1000x of times...it will take a long time once your thumb gets trained you can back off on the brakes. Newbies should start off with a reel that has both centrifugal and mag brakes so you can fine tune/back off the brakes in very small increments....keep at it.
  10. easy fix you can get bird spikes and install them under the panels they can't set up shop afterward..because they are clear the birds try to land when flying and get a nasty surpise afterwards they get the hint.
  11. Anyone have any opinions about which blank to use for a new surf rod build I can't decide on which blank to pick up.
  12. Has anyone built a rod using either blank and what are your thoughts regarding the 50/50 split on the black hole blank?
  13. Roethlis-rapist I will always wonder how much cash was in a suitcase to make her go away!
  14. broke a 10' mojo surf near the tip..fish was 30" but nothing crazy.....for a rod that the company claims is the best on earth I laugh...only paid 100$ new for it so can't complain otherwise but the build quality and epoxy work is total trash that said customer service took care of me so it could be worse. It's not totally smoked but my ultegra xtd 14000 has seen better days If I had go pro videos of what some of the fish I caught this season did to the rotor and reel stem under pressure sol'ers would laugh...it made noises i didn't think were possible.
  15. couldn't agree more spot burn I can understand but when you ask ppl based on a tide cycle or wind what did you throw and why and they have to be all secret squirrel I just don't get it.