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  1. 10 wt sold 8wt Bass Bug is still available for best offer if anyone is interested
  2. Ah, I get it on the self promotion - thanks for the explanations. That would be no fun to deal with.
  3. I've been fishing for a long time but I've never been in a club. Curious what self promoting anglers are.
  4. Both are still for sale and I'd like to continue to thin out unused gear. If anyone can use these just make a reasonable offer and they are yours.
  5. Well, yes this part caught my eye because I might be going to the "fishing related event" in East Hartford
  6. The CT Fly Fisherman's Association meets this Wednesday night in East Hartford.
  7. frazerp - sure, that works
  8. Seems to me that with a car and 5 days with nothing to do but fish.....you'll add some new species. Good luck and enjoy!
  9. Beautiful photos, beautiful landscape
  10. I have an 8 weight Scientific Anglers Bass Bug WF Floating fly line that I used once in a local pond for about 10 minutes. It is in perfect condition. $35.00 delivered Also have a 10 weight Rio Permit WF Floating line that was only cast on the lawn. It is in perfect condition. $45.00 delivered (you will see in the picture that the line is on a different plastic spool. The fly shop loaded the line on the reel and did not give me the spool, so I used another) If anyone wants both I will sell both for $70.00 delivered. Thanks and happy fishing!
  11. I fish in Florida every year in January or February and I think you are in for a treat! The locals may think winter is slow but the amount of life (particularly in comparison to NJ) in the winter is astounding. In Orlando are you fishing fresh water or will you travel to the coast?
  12. I'm from the Hartford area and looked around years ago but didn't find anything. I'd be interested.
  13. Guess I wrote that last post before I saw the one just above......
  14. This is a lake in the middle of Texas. How does this effect the migratory stripers on the east coast?
  15. Right, I hardly ever use the 10 #, more often use 15. With wire and a good connection the 15 should be fine, but yes 20 would be better. 65# is way over the top for my application. Some great rigging suggestions here. I was looking for a quick way to switch on the fly when I run into blues, that's why I liked a pre-rigged fly with a loop. I was going to try wire tied to the fly then attached to mono with a doudle surgeons (or another) knot. I'd put a loop in the mono then that gets attached to the leader quickly if blues are around.