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  1. Thanks again, folks. So both RVs in the layout should be mounted reverse, with the two splayed legs toward the tip. That is how I mounted them, but then I second guessed myself.
  2. OK. Finally working on this! Question. Is RV16 mounted in reverse like RV20?
  3. Got it! Thanks again.
  4. Thanks pbadad! To further add to the madness. I have also have a GSB 108 1L. Would you still use the same RV layouts as the 1M? Either of these? 1. RV25, RV16, KL12 to KT8's 2. RV25 RV16 KW10M to KT8's Or would down size the stripper to the RV 20?
  5. Thank you both for your expertise! Super helpful!
  6. Thanks again. So to recap 1) RV with single foot runners would be: RV25 - RV16 - KT10 , then 3-4 KT8 runners ? 2) RV with double footed runners would be: RV 25 - RV 16 - KW10, 3-4 KW8 runners 3) KW - KW30L - KW 20 - KW12 - 3-4 KW 8 runners or I could swap the KW runners for KT8? Does that make sense?
  7. Thanks SurfisherMike! Are there any downsides to using single-foot KT runners over the double foot KWs? What if I I wanted to use the standard KW Stripper instead of the RV set up? Would you go KW 30, 20 , 12/16 then 3-4 KW or KT 8 runners? Thanks for your insight!
  8. Hi All, I'm new to this forum and in need of some help. I've built a few light tackle saltwater rods and a couple of fly rods years ago, but I'm new to surf rod building, and I'm about to start a 9' GSB 1M. From my research the Fuji RV is the way to go. I'm hard pressed to find any solid resources specifically for surf rods. All the materials I've found are not designed for surf rods. (i.e Anglers Resources KR GPS). I have been using Dale Clemens book as a guide but the book is outdated on guide tech. I'm not clear on three things for surf rods: 1) Distance from spool tip to the first stripper/butt guide: some factory rods range from 30-36" is this all trial and error? 2) Ring size: for KR do I go 20 or 25 for surf rods? The rod will be paired with a Van Staal VR 125/150 and 30 # braid. It seems that 25 is the best bet. 3) Choke guides after the RV butt? Do you go with KWs and use KTs as runners? Are single foots runners acceptable? Most factory rods I see go with double foot KWs for the entire rod including the runners. Is it all preference? Thanks for your help!