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  1. I'm all for this law if it eliminates Dunkin Donuts iced coffee containers that we see wedged into rocks. Kidding aside, yep, what you say also allows some people to feel like they are actually doing their part to help the environment without much effort. I'll bet many of those who are in favor are the same groups who buy a diet coke to go along with their single use beverage containers for their weekly lunch meetup. They buy plastic party red cups for cookouts for the summer along with plastic utensils. And i'm sure all that leftover food gets donated to homeless shelters and not tossed into the gar-bage. But whatever makes you feel better...
  2. Agreed. Thank you.
  3. Looks like NY, NJ, and CT will be eliminating many of the indoor business capacity limits (from 50% to 100%), restaurants for example, and outdoor gatherings, starting May 19th. Indoor parties/gatherings capacity lifting by 50%. State officials there citing improved covid cases numbers, and vaccination increases. This will be approximately a month after allowing 16+ year olds the vaccine. Social distancing and mask requirements will still be in effect. For those with concerns lifting these restrictions here, what are you thoughts about our neighbors 200 miles away doing this? And thoughts about some adults from Mass going to NYC after being cooped up, going on a hedonistic bender, and potentially returning infected? I'm on record, hoping Massachusetts will similarly follow suit sooner than the Aug 1 target. I was thinking the end of May/first week of June in a previous post, which is 2 weeks after the second shot for 16+ in MA. But if our neighbors to the south have announced opening up, what are we waiting for? As many have proudly pointed out, Massachusetts and New England, in general, are among the leaders in vaccinations in the country. What does the science recommend to policy makers 200 miles away that's different for policy makers here in Massachusetts. An announcement lifting the mask requirements outdoors may be a good start...
  4. You can't use the media or social media to convince others. Just because there's so much media disinformation. I guess that was my point. It's a lost cause, at least right now, in my opinion. If you think it's your obligation to convince people, I think you would have to try and persuade friends or family on a personal level, to answer your question directly. For people online? How do I know if they're trolling, or simply misinformed, I wouldn't waste my time and get worked up about it. But that's just me. How do you get people to stop listening to BS as you say, is like trying to get people to reject flat earth theory, or space is fake. 25 years ago, if you told me the world was flat you'd get laughed at. Say that on Twitter or Facebook now and you'd probably get a thousand likes and directed to a list of websites and youtube channels with like-minded folk. That's the reality of today's media and social media. In short, I think the best bet is to tackle your concerns on a personal level with people. Online, I don't think its possible, in general, unless the conversation is genuine. But, I don't have time for that I have fish i'm not catching.
  5. I would argue there's a consumption of bad information on both sides. It's not a mistake that the US National Media reported that nearly 90% of media in this country is negative/bad news. Politicians lie all the time, covering their ass when things go badly. So, given our media sources of medical information is there to SPIN us into thinking one way, why do we wonder why we end up with a misinformed population? So, people of the left many times mock the people on the right. Which is at times laughable and frightening, as you pointed out in the above past posts. Consider this: A gallup poll by the New York Times. source: Franklin Templeton-Gallup Economics of Recovery Study. They asked Democrats and Republicans, "What are the chances of somebody with Covid must be hospitalized?" The answer was 1-5%. 10% of Democrats got that right, and 26% of Republicans got that right. People who answered 20-49% and 50% combined added up to 69% of pollsters for Democrats and 51% for Republicans. It should be closer to 100% for each group that answered 1-5%... So, whats the point? For me it's not about which side is full of ****. It's that yes Freedom is great, but I don't want the media and politics mixed in with my medical decisions. Just give me the damn facts, and not this media spin, so we can all make an informed decision for ourselves...
  6. I can't explain the blood clots issue so maybe that's something in addition to consider when deciding to vaccinate. However, we've seen strokes and heart attacks as a complication from the flu. Not 100% surprising because both viruses are respiratory illnesses. 2018 CDC study: "Studies have shown that flu illness is associated with an increase of heart attacks and stroke. A 2018 study found that the risk of heart attack was 6 times higher within a week of confirmed flu infection." 2020 CDC study: "Additionally, a 2020 study that looked at more than 80,000 U.S. adults hospitalized with flu over eight flu seasons (2010-11 through 2017-18) found that sudden, serious heart complications were common and occurred in one out of every eight patients (~12% of patients)." So, like you said there's a lot we know and a lot we don't know about covid, and the flu apparently, because flu complications like strokes and heart attacks is news to me. But maybe you already knew this from past observations working at a hospital. So, if your point is to implore people to vaccinate for covid (and the flu?) because they work, then that should be the point, like you said. I got my covid shot, and sounds like you got yours. But ultimately it's a choice for the individual. Thank god we have the vaccines, but just as important, we are allowed the freedoms to assess the risks and make the choice for ourselves whether to vaccinate. The info is there. If they want the jab get it, if not, don't. Pretty simple. And I think you probably wouldn't disagree with that.
  7. I believe your observations are right for the last month. However, I would also like to add that in addition to that age group people that are obese/morbidly obese, are more likely to be hospitalized with covid than healthier indivduals. I just wish the same fierceness people implore about wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, getting vaccinated etc, would also be discussed hand and hand with: 1) healthier diet 2) exercise 3) getting enough Vitamin D. It wouldn't negate covid cases, but as the CDC has told us: "A J-shaped (nonlinear) relationship was observed between continuous BMI and risk for three outcomes. Risk for hospitalization, ICU admission, and death were lowest at BMIs of 24.2 kg/m2, 25.9 kg/m2, and 23.7 kg/m2, respectively, and then increased sharply with higher BMIs" Now that vaccine availability for individuals 18+ is here, i'm led to believe those hospitalizations that you witnessed in the 20-50 age range last month would be less next month, like the older folks you mentioned who got vaccinated.
  8. It didn't contribute to a drop in infections. But to clarify my point, i'll just say there was a precipitous drop in cases since the mask mandate removal, and 100% reopening. So, perhaps, we can agree that the number of covid cases REPORTED have dropped since the flip. They certainly didn't rise. Not even close. That should be an easy stat to look up. Unless you believe the numbers the Texas State Government is providing the public to be wildly false, then we can agree to disagree on that point. As far as a vaccine for kids. I hope you're right, and they get an opportunity for the jab soon. At least before school starts again in the fall.
  9. I can understand the danger for Iarger, older children, and your concerns there. I agree the risk isn't zero percent. Heck, it's not zero if you're an adult. And If a child is larger and potentially at risk, i'd consider making sure the adult hanging around my child is vaccinated. And as a parent, you, in general, have a say who they interact with. However, mask wearing guidelines for your child, social distancing etc. while not required will still be recommended for both children and adults. Like Governor Abbott (TX) and DeSantis (FL) recommended. Not a ban, but not having the government tell you what to do, while still recommending social distancing, mask wearing etc. What followed was a precipitous drop in cases since March 2. Opening the economy up and removing a mask mandate saw a reduction in covid cases and deaths in both Texas and Florida. Both states have done a good job of vaccinating their elderly when the jab was available early on. Not so much in terms of vaccinating eligible people, in general, since then. Mass has done an excellent job of both vaccinating its elderly and adults, in general, for the most part. By the end of May, the first couple weeks of June, like I pointed out in a previous post, is a good starting point to transition to reopening the economy. If someone has a child in a risk group, i'd assume the parent would do all they can not to expose them to risky situations. I wouldn't recommend sending them to a Bruins game at full capacity. Fully vaccinated adults...go for it! And if they choose to wear a mask, great.
  10. Indeed, that is insane. That timetable doesn't make much sense to me. Also, I figured they were going to wait til the fall since it's nearly May already...
  11. I can't wait til they finally lift the mask mandates in Massachusetts, like they did in Florida and Texas. Open restaurants, beaches and sports venues to 100% capacity. And escape totalitarian government control that was 2020. I got my vaccine shot. 18+were allowed the shot last week. End of May, first week of June looks like a good time to reopen everything to what is was pre-pandemic. That'll be 2 weeks after the second shot so people are fully vaccinated. There should be no excuse NOT to be back to business as usual. And to enjoy life. Those who choose not to get vaccinated assume the risk, and it's their choice.
  12. Husky Jerks are good lures. I like Lucky Craft pointers 78sp. 65sp if you can find them. Since you have silversides i'd consider the lures mentioned above in a metallic finish. g'luck.
  13. I'm partial to Korkers. If you plan on going a lot, get a heavy duty boot. Regular wading boots will deteriorate over the course of the year. Like others have said make sure you have some large studs on the bottom of those boots. Don't be ashamed to get on your hands and crawl around in certain spots. Also, everyone falls at the canal at some point. The rocks don't care what brand of boots you own.
  14. My catch rate is about 50/50, browns + brookies to bows this year as well. For me that's not out of the ordinary. I wade and tend to use a variety of stick baits and spoons 80% of the time I fish for trout. The other 20% I use powerbait for bows to take home, I don't see a noticeable decrease in numbers caught compared to years past. But that's just me. I've noticed the amount of fishermen out there the last couple of springs, on the other hand, has ballooned for obvious reasons. Consider, perhaps more people using the power stuff and taking home more bows than in years past? I've also noticed more cormorants in ponds diving and coming up with trout this year, to the dismay of many of the fishermen. I fish the kettle ponds for the most part, and occasionally the local brooks.
  15. Unfortunately there are a lot of slobs and lazy people out there, that's nothing new. At a local state park, there were pizza boxes, juice bottles, and DD cups feet from a trash bin. Inexcusable, but common to see. Restricting areas once used for recreational and fishing purposes isn't just a recent phenomenon either. I remember 30+ years ago at a herring dam in Massachusetts, people were allowed to get on the rocks and get herring. The area was adjacent to a private club. They didn't mind you there as long as you were quiet and respectful. Then one year tons of immigrants/refugees showed up. Nothing against them personally; however there were diapers and trash everywhere, poaching...and after years of abuse the access was shut down permanently. In short people need to be educated about the environment when coming to this country. Also, the many people already here just need to stop being friggin slobs. What's the solution? Fines? I've never seen them. Ever. At least not on the spot. Ultimately, it's the environment and animals that suffer. And more important to some, it's the eventual loss of access we once enjoyed that will never be returned.