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  1. 250 is the same body as the 200, just a wider spool/rotor with a slightly quicker retrieve. I almost always prefer my 250 over my 200 when it comes to big tarpon or throwing plugs for jacks. That deeper spool certainly helps when you have a triple digit fish in heavy current..
  2. How long will you be in the palm beach area? end of March is peak time for migrating jacks. You don’t need a guide to catch those… you just need a 3 oz gt ice cream and some patience waiting for the giant schools to come through at the juno pier or palm beach inlet
  3. Yep! Basically all of the black ones after they began Chinese production have the ability to bronze to my knowledge. I’ve seen it on tons of x and non x series alike. I live in south Florida it’s very common.
  4. Is that one of your stocked options?
  5. How legit are these? Having a hard time finding any solid info from people using them for bigger fish. Are they supposed to be comparable to a torzite?
  6. I am in south Florida. Trying to find a factory built KNE but they seem to be virtually nonexistent right now. Plans to use it include lots of rocky jetty fishing and usage of the entire 1-5 rating.
  7. Hey guys I tried searching but couldn’t find the answers I was needing. I’m looking into getting a nor’easter or Kevlar nor Easter but I’m not sure about the tip section differences. Are both made with a glass? Are they both equally durable? What types of guides come on them from the factory? thanks in advance!!