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  1. I’ve had zero trouble tying braid to leader knots on lighter line (say 20lb braid and leader) used them all, double unit, Albright, Alberto, FG, etc. Which knot do you guys like for thicker leaders? By thick I’m talking 50lb plus. Alberto and Albright have worked alright for me. Double uni is always a tough one for me to seat well with thicker leaders. I don’t bother with the FG anymore, at least not when in the field in the middle of it.
  2. I’ve never used teasers before (doing myself a disservice, I know) but want to give them a go this fall when it’s evident the stripers are keyed in on small bait. I could go the easy route and pick up some Red Gill teasers but I have a ton of 5/0-7/0 VMC 7265, 2/0-5/0 VMC 9171 (probably won’t use these), bucktail, hackle, etc that I use to tie dressed tail hooks, flags, bucktails, etc. I’m no fly tyer but wanted to ask to see if anyone had any easy patterns or recommendations I should try out. I’m sure it’ll work out fine just tying some basic bucktail and hackle to a hook but figured I’d ask first.
  3. Agreed tho I assume most manufacturers that include them (because they’re expecting a certain action on their lures) assume a majority of anglers are just going to tie some sort of clinch knot directly to their lure. Removing a manufacturer provided split ring when an angler is going to use a TA or duo lock is still going to provide a similar action due to a similar hinge point. Not sure if they still do but Rapala’s, for example, classic freshwater Floating Minnows never came with a split ring on the nose, but the packaging would always recommend to use the Rapala knot, which is just a loop knot. Similar type of hinge point. I believe they now provide split rings at least on their larger jerkbaits and no longer recommend the loop knot in the packaging.
  4. Would you say this runs true to fit or runs big/small? Also, do you know what the thickness is? Thanks.
  5. I like the JoeBaggs 1/2oz, not sure how large the hooks are on those but they are beefy. I’ve used the Zman jig heads as well, they make a 1/2oz version with 8/0 hook. Lighter wire but chemically sharpened and very easy to get a solid hook set on. For where I typically fish, relatively shallow sand beaches, you don’t need anything more than 1/2oz. I use these same jig heads on 9” GT eels as well.
  6. Those look great. Are those classic surf candy (a la epoxy/resin) or EZ body?
  7. UMass Dartmouth, if you’re already in state.
  8. Are you talking about the Kaiju’s? I’ve only used the Owner and VMC’s and haven’t been happy with them.
  9. Pretty sure I can’t link it here but if you search for Gomexus Spinfisher handle on the Rainforest e-commerce site it’s the first hit you’ll get. No drilling required, straight up handle swap. $35 compared to the $65-$70 I’ve seen for the Slammer OEM handle online.
  10. I just got a Gomexus power knob/handle assembly for my Spinfisher VI 4500, so far so good. Pretty sure they just started selling these as I had only ever seen just the power knobs in the past. The Gomexus handle is a bit longer than the stock handle. Feels well balanced. Might feel a little cheap compared to the Slammer 3 4500 handle but I don’t know for sure, only basing it off the much larger handle for my Slammer 3 6500, which is rock solid. For this smaller reel I think it’ll work out just fine.
  11. There should be a black ring at the bottom of that spool. You definitely don't want to go past it and should be able to clearly see it all the way around once spooled up.
  12. Would be curious to hear how they compare. Was looking into the AWE LT but I already have the 8’6” Trophy II and I’m very happy with it. Pairs perfect with a Spinfisher VI 4500 on it.
  13. I haven’t kept fish in ages but looking to start again, mostly Northeast saltwater species (fluke, scup, black sea bass, tog, etc). General consensus seems to be nick the gills and let ‘em bleed out in a bucket of cold water immediately then immediately put on ice. Any ill effects with not gutting a fish immediately? Safe to assume all is good if a fish is bled out and has to sit on ice for a few hours? Anyone, whether from boat or shore, gut their fish immediately? I use to trout fish with my grandfather all the time when I was younger and he’d always have us dispatch and clean them on the spot on the river. I feel like doing so, say on a public beach, might rub people some the wrong way. Wasn’t sure if there’s any “etiquette” I should be aware of or not.
  14. Not a plug but I found a Korkers Triple Threat Carbide sole in my size stuck in some muck once. My exact size too. Hopefully never need to use the sole but was able to harvest the 15 carbide studs, which is a huge score in my book.
  15. Lots of great recommendations. Never got to try a Smack It Jr but the small Hogy popper, which is a pretty close copy and works well. Pricey for what it is tho which makes me hesitant to purchase it again. Really like the 4” Yo Zuri Top Knock. Almost like a mini Doc with the knock instead of a rattle, which I prefer.
  16. That’s the one! Glad Rebel still has that pattern in the line up.
  17. Sad to hear. He had an eye for some flashy lure patterns. This Jumpin Minnow was Half Beak believe it or not. Still give them a workout from time to time.
  18. Honestly don’t stumble across plugs that often but found this guy last year washed up with no hooks. Lots of mojo. Almost felt like fate aligned because I love the SS Little Necks and had been wanting to grab one in parrot.
  19. I have the same setup in the back of my SUV. Great way to easily access my plugs. When I’m done after an outing all I have to do it rinse my used plugs and stick them back in here to air dry. Works great.
  20. Window screen spline works too. I’ve seen a lot of plug builders use it for hook protectors.
  21. I’ve been aware but very difficult to pull the trigger considering the price per strip. Never used the originals so I have nothing to compare to but can’t complain about Otter Tails, been working great and they’re durable.
  22. I miss him already. Had lots of great discussions with him last year on inexpensive surf reels and Penn 710z’s. He was a wealth of knowledge and a standup guy. He will surely be missed. Respect.
  23. Lots of great advice here guys. Not necessarily advise, but something I’d recommend trying out, if you’re worried you’re not getting solid hook sets maybe try crushing the barbs on a couple plugs and see how that works. Smashing down barbs can definitely help with deeper hook penetration. As long as you’re keeping pressure on the fish and follow the other advise in this thread you won’t drop fish. Barbless also helps with quick releasing blues. Helps too in case that blue ends up shaking the hook into your hand… Barb crushing, not just for conservation reasons. Even if you like keeping your catch try it out and see if you notice any improvement. Worth doing on any plug you can easily replace hooks, in case you later change your mind. Maybe don’t do it on your favorite well worn Rip Splitter…you get the picture.
  24. I’ve noticed a lot of older plugs in my collection (yard sales, etc) come with cut hooks instead of hooks with splits. Can’t say I’ve bought a newer plug (whether mass produced or small batch) that has come with cut hooks. Always splits. I started messing around with them and must say I’m pleased with the results. So far I’ve only tried it on plugs with swivel belly hangers. Less bulk allows me to bump up the hooks at least one size (Super Strike Darters with 4/0 and Little Necks with 3/0…yes please!) without having the hooks foul on top of the plug. I’ve also only tried this with VMC 9626 which are very easy to work with. Haven’t tried a Mustad 9430 yet. Just touching up the cuts with a dab of the Sally Hansen clear coat I use when I tie dressed siwash hooks. Anyone else using cut hooks on their plugs?
  25. I started a topic on this a couple weeks ago, check a few pages back. I haven’t had a single issue with them and have been implementing the practice more and more these days.