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  1. Interesting, I thought it looked like a perfect seal bite on the neck. I was excited as I was walking up to the water because I was seeing a lot of commotion, thought I was seeing bait fish jumping. Ended up being schoolies jumping out of the water...then I saw the seal heads popping up all around...
  2. What do guys do when you get to a spot and see seals? Do you even bother tossing a line or just move on to the next spot? Seeing this the second you get to the edge of the water is always slightly discouraging...
  3. Had a nice bout of the red stuff this morning in the Plymouth area. Needless to say the outing didn't last too long. Any reports out of Buzzards Bay?
  4. My local antique store has a Ru Pacific that's been on the shelves for a while. Cool looking reel but it doesn't look like it'd hold a ton of line and the half bail looks like it'd destroy your knuckles eventually.
  5. There are a couple shops out there that still have old Providence stock but not many. Quality of the hardware and bucktail are great right out of the packaging. No comparison. Recently picked up a 1oz Providence blue over chrome and surprisingly all the blue came off after one wet overnight in my plug bag. Haven’t caught anything sizable with it but it’s easily been the single most productive lure this season in my day bag.
  6. I had one hell of a time trying to get split rings onto a CG J7, ended up having to go with a size 8 which seems insane but there was no way to open a smaller ring enough to get it over the thick front end. I got them onto Hopkins no problem but then again I was able to clip direct to those with a TA clip so probably not necessary.
  7. I just picked up a 712Z yesterday at the local antique store. Being sold as is because the anti reserve didn’t work. $15!! Took it home and found that all the pieces were inside, the little screw that holds the dog and spring in place had just come undone so it had just fallen apart. A little beat up on the outside but the inside was spotless, no corrosion or hardened grease. Drag was in great shape too. Only took 20 minutes to tare down and relube. Whoever originally owned this must’ve known what they were doing before it ended up in some dealers hands then here. I have a 704Z so to see that these are more or less identical internally was great to see. Anyone can service these reels and they'll last forever. Too bad the parts for the 712Z aren’t has readily available as the 704Z. The bail wire on it is wonky and I’m having a doozy trying to get it bent back correctly. Mine has the elongated end, if it came with the blunt end version I would’ve cut it off entirely and gone bailess.
  8. Question for the group, do you guys like tying direct to your metals or use some sort of quick clip/snap? Yay or nay to split rings up front? I use TA clips for just about everything but I noticed a couple of newer metals I've picked up are quite difficult to use a TA clip on and they don't come with split rings.
  9. Fantastic news! I heard they were working on reopening a few weeks ago. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. I didn't mention pork rinds or curly tailed grubs but the suggestion definitely got the wheels turning. Definitely love using them on bucktail jigs but this has got me thinking. I might even go as far as trying a Gulp on a bare O'Shaughnessy or siwash on the back of a spoon. What's the worst that can happen? I don't catch anything? I'm use to that more often than not anyway
  11. Thanks for the insight wrboz, very interesting to hear how varied the old US made ones were too. I still haven't compared the new Chinese ones against the newish US ones I have in the water but I have a feeling the difference will be negligible. The biggest thing that got me is the garbage hardware with exact same price tag. Unfortunately seems to be common practice these days and most of us are use to immediately replacing the cheap hardware on what many consider great plugs (SP Minnow anyone?) before the thing ever hits the water.
  12. Honestly if you dunk it here and there I wouldn’t bother with packing it with grease. My 704Z is my main surf reel and I went down that road, nothing but a headache. Grease will just end up oozing out of it and making a mess. As others have stated this reel is so easy to disassemble and maintain. Just lightly grease the gears and pop the cover off every once and a while to see if there’s any water inside and clean/apply fresh grease as needed. I think drilling some holes in the rotor cup to drain water is a more important mod to consider.
  13. Finally read through this entire thread, what a read! Thank you to everyone who has contributed. I set a goal for myself to throw more metal this year and this thread definitely help solidify that in my brain. I've really only been throwing Kastmasters in the surf since I grew up primarily freshwater throwing lots of Kastmasters, Phoebes, Ruff Riders, etc for trout, seemed the obvious choice for me. Picked up a couple Hogy Epoxy jigs last season and while for some reason in my head I never thought of them as a metal (I know they're metal, metal to me has always=spoon) I had great success with them during the fall. Especially the 7/8oz olive pattern that surprisingly worked great during blitzs', reeling fast and skipping along the surface. Got so banged up that all the epoxy had fallen off by the end of the season. Still caught fish without it and plan on keeping at it until I lose it. This one was a winner for me. Just picked up a Charlie Graves J7 and Hopkins 1.5oz Shorty, really looking forward to putting these through their paces. I have a ton of questions but for now, I'm curious, dressed siwash hooks, do you guys prefer bucktail or feather (marabou?)? Most of my Kastmasters have the bucktail but the J7 and Shorty I just got have feather--yellow on the Shorty too which I kinda like.
  14. I’m with you on that one—going to have to hit up Tinman soon. I just ordered a couple Charlie Graves online and all my local B&T carry Hopkins which all appear to still be USA made. I’m also about half way through the “Metal, from Tins to Jigs to Casting Spoons...” thread as well. A wealth of knowledge from some fine folks. Really want to get more metals into my arsenal! I’m still amused that I started this thread to ask about switching over to trebles and the more I’ve read and researched on here the more I’m not only thinking about sticking with dressed siwash hooks but I’m even pulling out my old fly tying vise to start tying my own. Go figure!
  15. Could be legit, what’s the country of origin? I recently picked up a 1/2oz that still had Providence, RI listed on the packaging. Treble was OK and had this separate flag on the split ring, very soft fine material. Is this what you have? Does the front lip have the bevel like shown in my earlier post? Upgraded the hook to a 2/0 VMC 4x that I pulled off a Hogy Epoxy Jig. Works great. I also recently picked up a Providence 3/4oz chrome and it just came with an undressed treble. Looks like most of the reputable B&T shops in the area (especially those that put up big numbers daily) all have Chinese made Kastmasters on their shelves now. I have a feeling production has completely moved over seas now and anyone lucky enough to find a USA made one is just grabbing old stock. Blame it all on Uncle Josh!