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  1. I have the 8'6" medium power Trophy II exactly for what OP is looking to throw. It's rated for 1/2oz-1.5oz. I've caught plenty of striper, blues and fluke from shore with it. Would probably be a great funny fish rod too if I could ever find them.
  2. Hi Dave. I’m curious how you’ve made out so far with the new lines. I still prefer mono or copolymer on most of my freshwater setups and was thinking it’s about time I set up one of my light tackle outfits I use on the boat with mono and test it out. I already have some 12lb Big Game and Fluoroclear on hand, will probably start there.
  3. iwantmypie


    I mostly stick to shorts during the summer but wear a pair of neoprene dive socks with the boots. Much more comfortable than straight boot or regular socks.
  4. I'm going to the game Friday night with my cousin from out of town who's a lifer Mets fan so it should be a good time. Fingers crossed the rain holds off, I can deal with the humidity and crammed seats...usually.
  5. Was there Sunday and amazed by the number of bird people on patrol as well as Duxbury Beach operations patrol. Never seen it this bad before. They were parked in almost every pull off spot. I don’t remember the exact date last year but it definitely was mid-August when they finally opened those spots back up. I’m sure we’re in for the same thing again this season. Ridiculous.
  6. Hi Dan, I’d like to order some of these jig heads please: (6) 1/2oz (6) 3/4oz (6) 1oz Thank you
  7. For the 9” I usually like a weightless with an 8/0 Owner Beast or something similar. Weighted usually just a 1/2oz jig head. Don’t usually need a ton of weight if we’re talking in the surf, at least where I fish.
  8. I had Wayne at Guppy once tell me to try out something similar with his 2oz pencil. They come stock with two 2/0 trebles but mentioned taking off the tail hook completely and bumping the belly hook to a 3/0. It’s the only way I fish them now and I would assume a similar practice would work just fine for most pencils.
  9. I like to bump up the belly treble from a 2/0 to a cut 3/0 with just a tail flag made of hackle. I’ve never had luck using inlines on plugs with swivel hangers on the belly.
  10. I have the Combat (could’ve sworn they were wood) and have no issues with casting it. Has a really nice swaying swim to it. Just keep the rod tip down and steady reel. Don’t need to twitch it at all.
  11. Not sure if this qualifies but a #12 olive wooly bigger. Let’s just say Striped Bass was not the targeted species that day but i much welcomed bycatch!
  12. I have the 30 and love it. Like others, I don’t use it for weighing fish. Easier to operate than the plastic lip gripper and I like that the head spins freely. Especially useful for thrashing blues.
  13. Up to you, I think I went with 1/4” (6mm) since it was the most common with assorted colors at my local store. Just keep in mind you’ll need to match the hog rings and heat shrink to the shock cord. You’ll probably have to eyeball it.
  14. I’ve made these for myself and friends in the past. Super simple. Can get everything you need at your local marine/boating store. You’re looking for marine shock cord, stainless hog rings and heat shrink (doesn’t need to be marine grade). Not much to it. I like to splurge and get the stainless carabiners and stainless split rings too. Nice to be able to custom build to whatever lengths work best for you.
  15. Exactly what I do. Most of the local plug builders around here use Wolverines so I stick with them when changing hooks on their plugs. They’re super easy to work with and don’t bend out easily. Pretty much buy bulk Spro and use those for everything else.
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