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  1. Luckily I’ve never had issues with light leaders not properly catching but I have had FG knot problems when using Fireline. Haven’t tried it in a while but the Fireline just wouldn’t dig into the mono/fluoro properly and slip. Zero issue braid—several different brands too. If I’m using Fireline I go with the Alberto, zero issues.
  2. Just $150 worth of Bill Hurley jig heads. NBD
  3. I can do that. Thank you for the counteroffer.
  4. I’ll take the Slammer 3 for asking price. Thanks.
  5. I picked up the 8’6” model at the beginning of the season and used it all spring. Absolutely love it. Paired with a couple different 4000 sized Penns with 20lb braid and it absolutely launches 3/8, 1/2, 3/4oz soft plastics and jig heads. Handles 1oz Mag Darters no problem too. Never took it out front (honestly probably won’t) but it excels in back bays, inlets, estuaries, etc. Can’t say I threw anything over the 1 1/2oz upper limit but it can still launch small lures just fine under the 1/2oz lower limit. Did try 30lb braid in it last trip and noticed a significant drop in casting distance. Was more for experimental purposes and went back to the 20lb. Sweet rod for the price.
  6. Great idea, God knows I have enough extra Plano box inserts laying around.
  7. Wanted to dig this one back up to see what others might recommend. I just started throwing the 9" Doc regularly on the boat and I hate to admit it but it really works--attracts big fish seemingly out of nowhere. Unfortunately my go to boat rod (7' MH Ugly Stik, sweet spot around 1oz for soft plastics, swimmers, jig heads, etc) is really not up to the task. Definitely looking for something that can cast a Doc without feeling like it's going to snap the rod but still be sensitive enough for the ~1oz offerings.
  8. Figured I’d dig this one back up instead of starting a new thread. Steve, confirmed the one on the left is indeed a sinker (S40?). Ended up stripping it completely down to the bone plastic and it worked great in rough water during the fall. I haven’t touched it once this season but looking at it now the lip somehow shrank noticeably and is now hard/brittle. Assuming my own fault from poor storage in a hot car but then again these were in a hot attic for over 30 years so I’m not really sure. (same two original plugs for reference) Curious if this was a common issue with the old Rebels. I haven’t had a chance to throw the S40 yet since discovering this but I know it’s going to dive and (potentially swim?) differently. Would a lip swap be an easy fix for these? I ended up inheriting even more F40’s since the original post and plan on refinishing most of them—might try pulling a lip from one of these just hoping not to overdue it with the heat gun. If memory serves me correct I think @DZ had mentioned fashioning makeshift lips for the old Rebels from plastic bottles? Curious now to possibly even experiment with different lip sizes.
  9. I might’ve missed it in the video but you’re talking about those Inshore Minnows right?
  10. Ask and you shall receive, CG delivers!
  11. Respectfully offer $25 for #24
  12. Digging this one back up. Jumpin Minnow and Hydro Pencil are still my Top 2 but they don’t seem to work well when the water gets rougher. Finally picked up a 9” Doc and the hype is really. I feel stupid tossing on one the boat with my severely under powered rods but I have never seen bass attack any other too water plug like they do this. Violet and jumping clear out of the water! Works great with large Owner inlines. Obviously it’s twice the size of the two aforementioned spooks but this thing glides perfectly on top of the water, even when the water is rough. Consensus seems to be the 7” isn’t nearly as effective as the 9” but I still might pick one up since it has the profile and should be a bit easier on my boat rods. Question to the group, what’s your favorite spook when you’re out on the boat?
  13. @codfish just curious, are these the 7.5” mouse tails with a couple inches trimmed off?
  14. Love Kream N Kone, been eating here for over 20 years. While seafood is their specialty their onion rings (which come with every fried platter regardless) are downright awesome.