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  1. Cool pics. A new set of bridges would offer a pretty cool opportunity to watch the building process.
  2. Wow. I guess running made sense to him. That bail wouldn't touch the cost of what it must of been for that helicopter to search for him.
  3. Regardless of the opinions here, the new bridges and the cost associated will be reality. The only input from the community at this time will be related to the design phase. I would encourage all those who may be effected to attend the community meetings related to the design.
  4. I bet, if given a choice to relocate to another country, residents of the other 37 nations would overwhelmingly choose the US as their first preference. And yeah, back to the bridges...
  5. That idea is not on the table though it was suggested by one guy that attended the hearing. He also gave a good explanation as to how/why it could work by connecting gas/power lines with existing roadways.
  6. I would argue a bridge is needed infrastructure. It is needed for residents to travel to and from the Cape. In an emergency a new bridge would better allow residents to leave the Cape. The current bridge is obsolete. I'm not thrilled with how it will impact the areas nearby but it is necessary. School trips and sports are offered at the cost of the parent. Along with bus passes. Public school is still an expense for parents beyond what the tax payer provides for.
  7. I thought that was a pretty interesting photo.
  8. Looks like there was a pretty serious accident nearby the old schoolhouse.
  9. BPD and Mass State Police are scanning the area. Helicopter also involved. Anyone know why?
  10. Exact plans were not set. There will be a design phase and during that phase the plan on how to move forward will be determined. The hearing the other night was really to explain how and why the plan for new bridges was made. They presented a couple ideas in the bridge design. As for as Bourne Scenic park goes, I'm not sure how their campground in its entirety will be effected but it will become a much different place. The plans indicate a bridge will be placed on one of the sides of the existing bridge. The media had earlier indicated it would be on the East side of the Bourne bridge but that was not said the other night. As far as compensation for homeowners. The amounts were not revealed. Obviously business owners will also be impacted.
  11. They put up the numbers over 20 years and new bridges were suggested to be cost efficient. I was concerned that the room was pretty empty. Seems there wasn't much notice and this project will have a pretty big impact on the town. Bourne Scenic Park will no longer exist as it does today.
  12. Anyone else attend the hearing at BHS last night? I completely understand the need for the bridge but I will say I feel for those who will lose their homes as the project unfolds.
  13. Best vibe out of all the shops. Place is perfect for canal basics. Too bad he couldnt open up across the street in that empty store front. Wouldnt be the same. Hope he's good financially