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  1. 1, scaled sardine or "herring" in the Florida panhandle. 2. Is a goggle eye 3. round eyed scad or "cigar minnow" in the Florida panhandle. 4. Is a "speedo".
  2. It has been very very difficult to find quality spoons in recent years. I believe Krocodile only makes up to a 3oz anymore and it is pushing $18 a piece. I have noticed cheaper options with awful hard-wear which isn't a big deal because it can be swapped, but my main gripe with this is that they're pretty well on-and-done because corrosion usually sets in immediately after use. my question is this; has anyone found a decent way to take these cheaper blanks and make them corrosion resistant like the old super-Krocs?.
  3. 99 degree heat index on Key Biscayne today, were melting away.
  4. large snook and redfish are the main staples of the inlet, a lot of guys throw live mullet with an ounce or 2 or flairhawk jigs. the key is to hit it on a moving tide, especially the outgoing. Prepare for combat fishing at its finest and definitely keep track of your belongings!
  5. I believe the black ones are known as "blackjacks" and are typically found in the south atlantic
  6. hello all, first post here, I am Florida native and have fished nearly every region in the state. This beautiful male was taken in the canals near the abandoned Aero-jet facility in the deep glades. I encourage you all to do some research on this as it is a pretty interesting sorry with a lot of space race history. Today many of the buildings are abandoned and have become a catch-all for Satanists, druggies and peaky teenagers but the old canals remain and are bountiful.