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  1. Pickup is Monmouth County, NJ
  2. Selling Penn Battle III LE 10' 2 piece Rod. Heavy, Mod-Fast. Only used once. Condition: like new $90 + shipping: Paypal
  3. .
  4. Exactly. No reason to complain about it online and "ask for the manager" to get free shipping. Especially if the main priority receiving the braid in the next couple days. Cancel and go somewhere else. I think Gen Z has a word (or name) for people like that.
  5. MoCo: decent bluefish bite on top water this AM, didn't last long.
  6. Tried fluking early this morning but local beach has been invaded. Doubled up twice on these guys before I switched to metals, and they took them too. Also saw some rays in the surf.
  7. Bucktail with gulp and gulp teaser.
  8. This is due to advancements in medicine. Not because of soda syrup and other bull**** that people treat as part of a standard diet. Life expectancy should be even higher than it is.
  9. did you read the article, or just the headline?
  10. uh-oh, Mods are getting political. Fishing must be non-existent.
  11. Moco this morning. Smooth seas, calm wind. Was able to get out for an hour around the sunrise before work. 3 fish 24-26". 2 on Bone SP and 1 on olive sand eel teaser. Cormorants and ducks everywhere.
  12. 1. "There are a million other ways to generate income from Seasonal Tourists" Really? Who is bringing their entire family down to the shore for a week if there is no beach? 2. The sand is being pumped there to protect the towns. It is supposed to get washed away. Guess what gets washed away if the sand isn't there? The boardwalks/towns. But enlighten us, since you followed the money. Where is it going?
  13. Simple answer to why they continue to invest in replenishment projects. Jersey Shore tourists spent $7.4B in Monmouth, Ocean this past year (generated over $5B in local and state taxes) In comparison, beach replenishment for the Long Branch, MB, Sea Bright project is $52M They could do 96 replenishment projects of this scale in 1 year and it sill wouldn't equal the $5B in taxes generated by shore tourism. They will keep investing in coast lines, so long as shore towns and state taxes are being supported by tourism. I know some people love nothing more than crying about government with their tin foil hats on. But this really isn't that difficult to understand.
  14. Weekend Report. MoCo out front around noon, Saturday BLITZ. Clouds of birds and bait, stripes on them. Party Boats were basically sitting in the surf getting in on the action. Unfortunately I was a little late to the party and the fish moved further out within 15 minutes of my arrival. Pulled in one short, but there were definitely bigger fish in there. Saw a familiar face out there and said he caught 5 fish in the previous hour, a couple around 30". Tried my luck again yesterday and only managed this Hickory Shad (I think). Water was much cleaner yesterday than previous days. Waiting for this storm to pass and hopefully get back out Wednesday or Thursday.
  15. That was actually my first thought, but I convinced myself that it couldn't be. Always go with the gut I suppose. First Weakfish ever to avoid skunk, I'll take it!