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  1. “Inexpensive” in saltwater terms ? I like Penn Battles for the money. I use them hard and I’m not heart broken if something gets dinged up. For an 8ft rod I would go with the 3000 size or maybe the 4000 size.
  2. Well I mostly enjoy doing videos of my trout trips in the fall for the big browns and steelhead of upstate NY. I decided to break out the old Go Pro for a little local jetty action for summer stripers. Overall it’s been a great year for me where I fish for numbers, however finding fish of size has been few and far between. Anyhow it’s still fun to get out and enjoy my limited time on jetty (quick trips before or after work!) Looking forward to October stripers then it’s November and up to NY and the big browns! Good luck this fall for whatever your “hunting”! Small video of the action!
  3. I’m definitely in for a 4000, black, when they arrive! I have Tsunami, Penn and Shimano...everybody gets a dud once in while. I have had zero issue with all makes...but I try and take care of reels. Looking forward to the 4000!