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  1. On my vsx 200 the Anti reverse won’t work randomly 90% it’s ok but just wondering if it’s ok to still fish it for fall ru. until I send it in over winter ... I’m sure other people have had this issue what am I looking at for repair cost?
  2. Top of spool got dinged up when I fell on rocks so now catches the line when casting .... can I sand this down so it’s smooth agian or try to get new spool??
  3. Dinged up the top of my spool on slammer 3500 line comes off it like **** now anyone have an extra laying around?
  4. Grs

    Short cast there yours my paypal is I can send out today if get paid early enough...
  5. Grs

    I want to sell them both as unit
  6. I need
  7. Grs

    Grs medium and deep diver 230$
  8. I recently sent a Brocken older st Croix mojo I had for kicking around from years ago that had a 5 year warranty on it which is great for 250 $ rod .... the upgrade was offered was thinking getting same specs 3-8 oz 11 foot but they didn’t have new ones in stock I can’t justify it still I was offered 220 for mojo to go towards legend so would have to come out of pocket 380 why do that when can get a odm jigster or forntier for not much more ... the warranty on legend is awesome but in my opinion doesn’t hold up against a odm , Lami, black hole ....
  9. My first set up for canal was slammer 6500 on a mojo 3-8 was on cheaper end and worked perfectly for me cpl seasons until my slammer started having issues with gear casing coming loose
  10. They need lock them or strip them of their licenses ... I hate seeing this ****
  11. I like the new pp super slick v2 it’s been working good for me definitely need casting glove got that wire feel to it ... put ion month ago holding up good no wind knots and flys of my reel
  12. I’m thinking about upgrading my jigging /heavy plug rod for canal I want to pair a twin power shimano with odm frontier10’6 3-8oz .... thoughts??
  13. I have had a lot of issue with my slammer 6500 this is second time had to send in because the screw on gear plate backs out and the gears start slipping... anyone else have this issue? I got the slammer 3500 on Amazon when they had cheap deals over the winter to chase albies with hope it doesn’t start happening on this one also
  14. 3 days tops
  15. went to Narragansett area after work on a whim ran into small blitz of stripers and blues had a blast