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  1. Sold closed
  2. Ok sending pm
  3. Sold closed
  4. 55 shipped
  5. Sry racepointcorey since Dennisjude showed interest first on thread I have to offer him opportunity to buy I should not have said ok or accept offer until recieved confirmation with inquiry ahead of yours I apologize I don't want to break any selling/ buying/trading guidelines
  6. Ok will send pm
  7. No would ask you to pick up shipping cost So estimate shipping be around 15 or so so 615$ shipped
  8. Exactly 1 year old I purchased it last may has not been serviced. I took it out with me less than ten times since then
  9. I purchased it new
  10. Okuma celilo is 9,6 1/8 - 3/8 hmx is 10,6 1/16 -3/4 asking 100$ shipped for both
  11. Final bump 600$ obo
  12. Bump 75$ shipped