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  1. I’m thinking about upgrading my jigging /heavy plug rod for canal I want to pair a twin power shimano with odm frontier10’6 3-8oz .... thoughts??
  2. I have had a lot of issue with my slammer 6500 this is second time had to send in because the screw on gear plate backs out and the gears start slipping... anyone else have this issue? I got the slammer 3500 on Amazon when they had cheap deals over the winter to chase albies with hope it doesn’t start happening on this one also
  3. 3 days tops
  4. went to Narragansett area after work on a whim ran into small blitz of stripers and blues had a blast
  5. Does any one know what a fair asking price is for both of these plugs ? I’m debating selling or trading
  6. Yea my buddy has odm bag he’s only had this season and running into small issues like that don’t get my wrong I love odm own 2 of there rods also I’m leaning towards 2 tube bag witch I don’t think they make yet
  7. Yea if you can share photo that would be great .I’m pretty much looking for exactly what you have . I really want a 2 tube so can travel light but would be huge to have 3rd tube on certain trips with that buddy lock system . I went on there fb page and started a form the amount of stuff you can customize is overwhelming .
  8. Thanks guys for all info I was looking at the flat lander bags I like that I can customize it how I like trying to find that happy medium where it’s big enough for good amount of plugs and not to heavy to wear on my belt .....have not heard about the ebb point bags going to look into them .... odm also on my radar
  9. I want to upgrade my plug bag looking for recommendations?
  10. Thank man for the input man ... i need to got to block island now haha
  11. I just got custom frontier 9’6 paired with vs150 it’s my favorite reel/rod combo
  12. Can anyone tell me more about these plugs I just won them looking for info