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  1. Lol no pancakes stay. Dont have too much in that category as i fly fish mostly for trout but I'll show u what I have.
  2. Any interest?
  3. No I found sorry about that. Thanks though! Please close
  4. Recieved. Thanks chuck
  5. I hear ya, can u meet me at $360 paypal?
  6. Morning, if you dont mind me asking any specific reason for the sell?
  7. Any interest in an nice spinsfisher VI 5500 as your backup plus cash on my end? Im in Bohemia.. I bought the reel on here never used it but sent it in to be serviced as I normally do If I buy things second hand.. it's still at saltwaters but I'll call them tmr if interested to see if it's ready. I have both the regular and long cast version. -Matt
  8. How heavy do the jig heads range from
  9. Close
  10. Ok I'll take it. I'll PM you
  11. How used was the line? Are you able to post up a picture. Thanks, Matt
  12. Hey sorry, completley forgot about this thread. You dont still happen to have the line available do you?? Thanks, Matt
  13. Thanks for reaching out trying to get a straight floating line all the way through
  14. Looking for a halfway decent floating line for around $20 bucks. Seeing if anyone has any laying around not being used anymore
  15. I work for the state parks I'm working until 830 tn so probably not...I am off tomorrow and monday though