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  1. Not a tyer yet and hate any store bought grass shrimp patterns i have so if anyone has any extras I'd love to give them a try. Not looking for large amounts just a handful. Thanks
  2. May be long shot but curious to see if anyone has a 9ft 10wt echo boost salt thats not being used.
  3. Seconds for asking price of shipping if bomber falls through.
  4. How often was it used? $38?
  5. Respectfully offer $30 shipped to long Island
  6. I'd do the 30 for the camp shirt. If you don't want to split i understand
  7. At all interested in splitting? I'd be willing to buy the white one if it's a short sleeve.
  8. If not I'll take for asking shipped
  9. Hey night any chance you're on long Island for $80 picked up?
  10. I'll take for asking. just hope they fit but worth a shot. Does paypal work?
  11. I'll take for asking. Pming info
  12. Try this in the fly fishing BST
  13. If you'd be willing to ship I'll pay for shipping. I work in a state park where we have programs to teach kids to fish and we have Fisherman donate gear and things to help keep it going. States budget can only take you so far lol. Keep me posted, either way nice gesture.
  14. 3.5 slightly too small for a 9wt you think? I have the konic 4.0 on my 9 and love it. Asking for another.
  15. Please close