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  1. Yea I'm a 34 waist and would be using it to wetsuit. Makes me a little nervous. I appreciate the effort and the info you gave very helpful.
  2. I could do it for 20 and ill choose friends and family so theres no fees.. where do you live?
  3. Good stuff granite thank you..
  4. Possibly. What would u be willing to sell for? Do you Like the tiderunner that much better? Just curious never had one and my first go at an upgraded belt.
  5. I've seen lines go for 15 bucks shipped. I have a higher end intermediate. Didn't want to break the bank for a floating line So seeing what's out there
  6. Nothing too expensive anything. Looking to see what's out there
  7. What's left here
  8. Ty I will keep this in mind. Going to keep pressing for a tiderunner for now but will get back asap
  9. If hes got any pics and the name brand that'd be great. Thanks bac
  10. Thanks sbc but im using for wetsuit so trying to stay away from the buckle type belts. Appreciate the offer
  11. Closed
  12. Size Large... tiderunner preferred but show me what ya got. Thanks
  13. Sounds good. I'll pm you. PayPal is ok?