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  1. Today was a bad day for fishing because it is a full moon. Not an issue if you are fishing a river but when fishing a lake it is almost a guarantee that you will not have a good day. I only caught one small bass today and lost one from a local pond. They just weren’t biting.
  2. I really don’t think catching a world record striped bass is going to bring many big endorsement deals to the fisherman who catches it. It’s just not that popular of a game fish outside of a relatively small geographic area of the United States. Sure, it will get you some attention and you will get some endorsements and free gear but I doubt we are talking about life changing money here…Catch the world largemouth bass, now that’s a much different story $$$$$
  3. There’s a reason why it is called “yum yum yellow”.
  4. I’m not a lawyer but I would not bet that there would actually be any consequences even if charges are filed. Because the boater did not intentionally hit the kayaker the court would most likely rule that it was an accident caused by the fact that kayaks are sometimes difficult for a boater to see. Kind of like how people who hit motorcyclists with their cars are rarely ever criminally charged. The courts are almost always sympathetic to the fact that motorcycles are difficult to see. Unfortunately this is the risk we accept when we go out on the water with a kayak or ride a motorcycle on the roadways.
  5. Maybe thinner but I doubt it’s stronger. Whenever I snag the bottom and have to pull the line until it snaps, the leader breaks but NEVER at the knot. The Red Phillips knot is stronger than the line is.
  6. I use the Red Phillips knot for all my leader to braid connections. It is the strongest and smallest of all the knots. There is no reason to use another knot.
  7. NJ sucks! No excuse why they shouldn’t be stocking brown trout again. By now someone at the hatchery should have figured out how to stop them from becoming diseased. They had more than enough time to come up with a solution to the problem.
  8. This boat was designed for barramundi fishing. It’s kind of like the largemouth bass of Australia.
  9. The Mitchell Avocets are also very good reels for the money. I have some that are old and used very hard that still operate flawlessly. I used to buy a few whenever I saw them on sale for around $20.
  10. I use 4 lb Fireline. I tie it to a Torpedo float and tie on about 4 to 5 feet of Berkeley Vanish leader to the lure side of the float. Most of my trout fishing is limited to local lakes these days so this setup allows me to make some pretty long casts and the long rod picks up a lot of slack fast which makes setting the hook easier.
  11. I have Verizon FIOS internet and TV. I pay about $165/month. I find out from someone that T Mobile offers internet and TV for a fraction of what I’m paying. It works through the wireless phone service somehow. I didn’t know much about it but since I am already a T Mobile wireless customer I decided to give them a call to find out how it works and what I need to do to subscribe to their service. To make a long story short, I call the company to learn more about this option and not one person who works for T Mobile knows anything about it. I was transferred from one representative to another like a hot potato! Finally I get a representative who promised he would find someone who can help me. He told that someone would call me back and answer all my questions about this new service. That person never called me. This was several months ago. I guess I’m not getting a call back.
  12. I give it 2 to 3 quick jerks with the rod tip so that it throws as much water as possible. Then I let it sit for a few seconds. I will vary how many jerks I give it and how many seconds I let it sit until I find out what they react to. Sometimes when the bass are really aggressive and in a feeding frenzy I will not let it sit at all, I just keep working it straight in by rapidly twitching it with the rod tip.
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