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  1. Or it could be that they just aren’t that good to eat. They also spend their winters in some of the most polluted rivers in the world. No thanks. You can have my share. Enjoy.
  2. I never ate the southern variety so I can’t really answer that question. I can’t see how they would taste any different since they are pretty much the same fish. The only difference being that one migrates and one doesn’t.
  3. Monkfish is my favorite.
  4. Weakfish are the most overrated. I hear people rave about it and never understood why. I prepared it every way possible and it sucks every time! I understand why the commercial market is mostly for cat food.
  5. Depends mostly on technique and whether using spinning or casting gear. No simple answer to this question.
  6. When was that time? Lol!
  7. If it bleeds for seven days and still lives...it's a woman.
  8. At least he didn’t mock your pornstache. He could have pointed out how creepy you look. I would never do such a thing. It’s just not right.
  9. I support abortion up until the fetus is 16 years old.
  10. I can’t think of anything that would make the world a better place than more unwanted babies.
  11. The Red Phillips is a very good knot for tying leader to braid. It’s the knot that I use and has served me well. Hope this is helpful.
  12. Line wrapping around the rod tip is one of the unavoidable evils of braid. I have snapped off quite a few expensive lures because I was not careful enough to make sure the line wasn’t wrapped after unhooking a fish, changing lures or doing something else that causes slack to get in the line. It is sometimes difficult to notice when the line is wrapped around the tip which is why it’s important to tug on it before casting to make sure it’s not stuck. Manualy closing the bail and pulling on the line all becomes second nature after doing it for a while. I do this with all my reels no matter what kind of line I am using. After a while you will do this without even thinking about it.
  13. This is the most important advice. Always manually close the bail after each cast and pull the line onto the roller. This will greatly minimize loops and tangles in your spool.