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  1. just for future reference
  2. where can I find the number or an email for customer service if I encounter any problems.
  3. I respectfully offer 300
  4. I'm finally upgrading to a Van Staal and I'm hoping someone on SOL has a used one they would like to let go for a fair price. As long as the reel is functioning properly I don't really care about the cosmetic condition.
  5. I know there a couple threads out here regarding this reel but I wanted an updated version of everyone's experience with it so far...
  6. Well I'm definitely open to offers.
  7. Asking $240 Pay Pal shipping included.
  8. penn slammer 3.pdf
  9. Sure, i'll post some pics later today. Comes with original box and everything.
  10. I have a Penn Slammer 3 in that size fully spooled with 40lb Power Pro. Has only seen 1 outing. What's your budget?
  11. wait sorry I cannot buy the reel at this moment.
  12. can you do respectfully do 320?
  13. Hey guys. Looking for a SaltX 6000 size. Best case scenario, I would trade one for a Penn Slammer 3 5500 along with some cash too...if the slammer 3 is unwanted, give me your best prices.
  14. Oh ok thank you for clarifying
  15. Im looking to sell my VS250(Black)if you're interested...comes with 40lb Power Pro, power knob and extra gold spool. Condition is 9/10 and, functionally 10/10.