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  1. Hey for the time being I left home for a couple weeks so I won’t be able to ship anything until I get back
  2. Hey darters fell through the seven lures you want are yours for $55
  3. I thought so...below are the retail prices of the chosen lures...$50 shipped -Tactical Angler Sub darter: 17.99x2= 35.98 -Sebile swim Shad: 12.00 -Yo Zuri darter:17.99 Total: $65.97
  4. No problem man. Seems like the the cycle of life continues...im retiring XD. Its an exhilarating, frustrating, addictive, meditative thing, use it wisely!
  5. I assume your talking about the blue mini popper at the top right? if so thats been taken and like the darter you were interested in before, someone was interested in that as well if that falls through as well its yours. will likely receive a response in the morning. if the 2 darters you want fall through ill add them onto the 5 you already want for a total of $55 shipped so 7 total
  6. You got it! let me know when you've made a final decision
  7. Yes $40 shipped someone else was interested in the darter so if that falls through its yours, but i think 40 is fair for the 5 they're like $11-$15 each
  8. The 5 plugs from the white pencil to the yellow tsunami talkin popper? $40
  9. Sorry which one is the twitch bait?
  10. Ahhh i understand. When i said "when items are picked" i meant like when people choose which items they want they can offer a price here in the thread, sorry for the confusion.
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