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  1. Sorry I’ve thought it over and I might hold onto the reel a little longer…
  2. I’m starting college in August and unfortunately I won’t have the time like I did last year to grind it out and I need some money for the year
  3. Queens NY but willing to drive somewhere within reason
  4. Used the rod about 3 new. $480 in person pick up (If shipping is desired buyer pays)
  5. Barely Used Frogg Toggs Hellbender Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Wader Size XL (I'm 6'1 and fits very nicely) $100 PayPal Shipped Like New Guy Cotten Dremtech+ Surf Top Size XL- $220 PayPal Shipped Barely Used Korker Buckskin Boots Size 13 with 2 soles (Not the studded ones)- $120 PayPal Used Carbide Spikes- $40 Brand New Carbide Spikes- $60
  6. Those are the couple scratches that I mentioned that are only on the cup and not the spool
  7. I bought this reel in January and ended up using it once in Montauk. Comes with Power Knob and original handle, Silver Drag Knob and original black drag knob, Full and Fresh Spool of 40lb PP. One tiny scratch on the cup but that's it. $700 PayPal shipped to your door.
  8. Will do
  9. Thanks for the input, I heard their warranty is very good so if anything happens I might have to take that route
  10. Hey guys. I bought a pair of the Omin-trax undersole spikes and right out of the box, I was able to unscrew and apply locitie to all the threads on the left sole, but on the right one, I was not able to unscrew 2 spikes, as I felt that if I applied anymore pressure, I would have unseated the female part of the thread. As well as this, the left sole was much more rigid and stiff compared to the right sole...anyone experience something similar?
  11. Hmmmm one of them looks very "released" XD
  12. I’m pretty sure it has a 15 year warranty, no questions asked type deal
  13. Perfect, this comment is now the reason i'm -622 XD
  14. Totally agree, customer service is what’s gonna be the deciding factor for my final choice to be honest. Also staying true to its reccomended lure weight rating. The mojo was definitely generous with the 3/4-4oz rating. I was wondering if it was the same for the legend.
  15. Do you know how accurate the weight rating is?