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  1. Reel is brand functionally and cosmetically brand new. Purchased 2 weeks ago and used for an hour near my local beach. As for "selling" I'm more interested in trading it for a Van Staal X- series and throwing in cash in the trade as well
  2. yuuuuur
  3. Thanks, now I'm having buyers remorse XD
  4. How are you loading your rod on the back cast? Are you whipping it out or letting it dangle before you actually drive it forward?
  5. Well, I may not "look" like a vet on this site but have 20+ yrs of experience. To start what are you fishing for?
  6. I am just starting out (2 seasons) but I have a VSX200 with a 1-6oz st croix legend. I am just afraid I spent all this money on an unrecoverable fishery. :'(
  7. How accurate are the line ratings for both reels? Wanted to know how much 40lb PowerPro I can use on both reels.
  8. If you're soaking bait it's a leisure activity but if you're surfcasting on the rocks of Montauk then I would consider it a sport.
  9. Shimano Torium 16 spooled with 500 yards of 40lb power pro. Used once on party boat but caught no fish. I found myself fishing 10x more from the surf than boat so that is the reason I am selling. $200 local meet-up, $220 PayPal to your door. Negotiable
  10. Asking for $300. The rod is a Shimano Trevala TVC66MH with a Shimano Torium 16HG spooled with 500yards of 40lb braid. The rod and reel have been used once for striper fishing so basically brand new. Just thought I could use the money towards a VSX200 as I surf fish much more than on a boat. If someone has a Van Staal to trade, even better and I will throw in some money into the trade as well. Live in New York City (Queens) and can meet up 45 minutes outside of my area. $320 PayPal to your door.
  11. DAMN that sucks. I bought it for 245
  12. Is there a tremendous difference between the VS and VSX? I know about the oscillation system and drag improvements but is it really a deal breaker when choosing one? And if anyone has one to sell (preferably vsx200) I can trade a penn slammer 3 with 40lb braid and add cash on the side as well
  13. Looking to "aquire" a VSX200 and can trade a Penn Slammer 3 5500 with 40lb braid with money too.
  14. True XD
  15. Do you guys fish the old gen or new gen staals?