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  1. I'm thinking about buying the Ugly Stik Striper Casting Rod (Medium Light) for freshwater fishing (mostly smallmouth bass & chain pickerel) and i'm wondering if anyone has any experience with these rods since i'm having difficulty finding the information I need anywhere. Some Questions: 1) Is this exclusively a trolling/boat rod or can it be used for casting from the shore, if so does it have comparable casting distance to "regular" rods that people may use for bass fishing and such? 2) How's the rod with the following types of lures? Popper, Spinnerbait, Jigs, Jerkbait, Buzzbait, Softplastic Texas Rigs 3) Would the handle/gimbal be an issue for someone who would rarely use it, the rod would be used for casting 95% of the time
  2. I am wondering if anyone knows of a good fishing rod that can handle striped bass (big ones without breaking) while also not being too heavy duty to enjoy some chain pickerel fishing? I've mostly been looking at the ugly stik rods while scratching my head but i'm not having luck finding something suitable for me. It's pretty hard to find the rod, let alone one with a budget of $100cad or somewhere around that area (less is better though lol). - My reel is an Abu Garcia 4600c3 (conventional baitcaster) and I would probably throw 1-2oz jigs and 1/4 to 3/8oz spinnerbaits most of the time. - My local lake is known for having large chain pickerel as the lake is completely filled with these fish. Casting distance is a great bonus for this lake. - A local river (freshwater but not too far from saltwater) has striped bass though i'm not sure how often the jumbo sized 40"+ stripers go to my local spot. Casting distance doesn't matter much for my favorite spot. - I would like to have a single fishing rod that can handle both of the above, as light as possible to enjoy the fight of pickerel, but sturdy enough to not break if a monster striper bites it. - Casting distance greatly improves the pickerel fishing, was looking into surf rods previously but hard to find 9-12" medium or lighter surf rods and i'm unsure if they'd survive a rare 30-40lb striped bass. Most surf rods seem to be quite expensive.
  3. I've been considering two rods and switching the reel between them but it's a hard decision, it's worth trying though. A little bit out of my current budget but it's good to know that it exists in case the budget increases, thanks. Good to know about it at least. Hmm I don't have any 2oz jigs right now and the range of those would be between 1-2oz, which jigs I get would depend on the rod that I buy. Can use a jig as low as 1oz if needed, but the large striped bass is simply in case I hook one that I can try to catch it without the rod snapping even if it takes half an hour to reel it in with 150 yards of 15-30lb line. I have been looking at the ugly stik salmon/steelhead rod but aside from it being a long rod that holds light lures, I don't know enough about it to know if it's the right kind of rod for both jigs and spinnerbaits while being light enough for pickerel and strong enough for the rare monster striper (ugly stik are suppose to be durable i suppose).