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  1. same for the 8'6 n 9' suzuki?
  2. i think the slammer 3 handle will fit the clash if im not mistaken.
  3. did you by chance check out the 8'6 n 9' suzuki? he only had prototypes right?
  4. im not sure which i actually enjoy more, fishing or reading SOL.
  5. what specifically is wrong? will you still bring them to the shows?
  6. OC. 7-9:30am. Fished a good stretch of beach n nada. Did see 2 different guys hook up though.
  7. was wondering whats out there. not too concerned with cosmetic flaws. looking for something mechanically sound and/or recently serviced.
  8. OC. went out for a lil around sunset. calm as can be and water pretty clear. no taps. gonna try again saturday morning.
  9. When was last service?
  10. i would definitely check out the blackhole suzuki rods in either 9'6 or 10 for $200. solid rods and super light. me n my pops both ran spinfisher vi 4500 all year. good reels but definitely has it issues. one was replaced because the main n pinnion gear got chewed up and wouldnt shim properly even when gears were replaced. the other definitely has a subtle knock that can be very annoying.
  11. do you have these in stock at englewood cliffs? if so i might have to make a trip.
  12. when was last service? what issues mechanically a 7/8?
  13. have the 10' and use a spinfisher vi 4500. was thinking about getting the vr50 for it as well so interested to see if anyone has that pairing.
  14. OC since sunrise. 3 schoolies all on the scabelly. 2 of them in the wash. Happy new year!
  15. Yup, fire mountain. Gorgeous. Grabbed another shortie after the initial post. 6 in 2 days is awesome for me. Only 1 on the actual scabelly and the rest on teaser but its gotta be the way it moves.