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  1. hooked a huge ray last year that drew a crowd. after snapping it, a fellow fisherman said strumming the line when they suck bottom shakes them loose. tried it a few times after and seemed to work.
  2. captain rons insect repelleant. all natural and keeps the greenheads and most of the gnats away. all natural too. i typically where a long sleeve shirt so i just have to worry about my legs. try staying out of the water after applying, which is almost impossible fishing the surf lol.
  3. OC outfront 5-8am. Got a 30" keeper on clams. Wasnt near the rod and it pulled the rod out of the spike into the ocean. Did a full sprint in waders into the ocean to grab it. But not before faceplanting right before the wash. Well worth it. Any good recipes or spices to use? Was getting super jealous with all this bug talk. Got a couple nice ones using a minnow trap but was fishing the incoming tide so it wasnt going anywhere. Will definitely try on an outgoing. Is one split sufficient? Does anyone use a float on the rig?
  4. looking to grab a rake for sand fleas. ideally for pickup in Ocean county NJ. or if anyone knows a good spot to pick one up.
  5. 5-9pm OC outfront. tried the inlet and a couple spots on the surf but nada. artificials, bunker and clams to no avail.
  6. OC outfront 5-9am. Bunch of decent sized blues on the trusty kastmaster, got one on the talking popper n clams as well. Was hoping for some black drum after seeing reports yesterday. No bait to be seen. Few dogfish as well.
  7. bought it on a whim at grumpys and caught the fish in my profile pic on it. no bites all day until that. im no expert but its pretty versatile IMO.
  8. check out stillwater smack it senior/junior, tsunami talkin poppers and tactical anglers crossover popper.
  9. OC inlet outfront 5pm-7pm. got a nice bluefish at the inlet with a kastmaster and saw a bunch of other guys hook up. threw clams in the surf and had one good bite that didnt hook.
  10. OC outfront 10pm-8am. bunch of rays and dogfish on bait before moonrise. took a nap and missed the moonrise smh. nothing the rest of the morning. a whale was less than 100 yards off the beach which was neat.
  11. OC outfront 5-8am. 3 stripers on clams, all under 24" but they are definitely fattening up. several bluefish on the kastmaster. one shad on a teaser. tons of bunker splashing 100-150 yrds out. planning on hit the weekend hard starting tonight. hopefully the big boys come out in the dark.
  12. might be overkill but its alot of fun on small fish. if you can hold out, @ksong has 9' and 9'6" variants coming at some point.
  13. went out sunday morning with nothing to show other than packed beach by 6am. OC outfront today 5-9am, a fat 23 incher on clams. tons of bait splashing about around 100-200 yards out. saw a couple guys who hook up on plugs off the sandbar.
  14. 5am-4pm OC outfront. bluefish bit off the lucky kastmaster first cast because why use a wire leader. got one bluefish on the backup around 7am but nothing after. saw everyone on the beach hook up too. lots of bait splashing just out of reach. had bunker and clams soaking the entire time but not a tap. also lots of small crabs covered in egg sacks burrowing? probably shouldve stayed for sunset.
  15. I can tell why, they kept jumping out of the water. First had me real excited. Can i keep them for bait? Extremely popular place thats packed during the day regardless. Im sure it wont help though.