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  1. Although i didnt catch any fish to really test it, casting felt good.
  2. i just tried the vr50 on the 9ft and it seems to fit. a little tighter than the spinfisher vi 4500 that i was using. ill try actually fishing over the next few days and see.
  3. @ksong just a heads up, the 9' suzuki ultralight came but my vsx100 doesnt fit the reel seat. Maybe i misunderstood your previous posts but wanted to mention in case someone was looking to specifically pair it with that.
  4. whats the lowest you would go picked up?
  5. from one of kils earlier posts 8' Suzuki UL 1/4 oz - 1 1/2 oz 8 lb - 16 lb lines 8'6" Suzuki UL 1/4 oz - 1 1/2 oz 8 lb - 16 lb lines 9' Suzuki UL 3/8 oz - 2 oz 8 lb - 20 lb lines 9'6" Suzuki UL 3/8 oz - 2 oz 8 lb - 20 lb lines
  6. any idea when theyll be on the site? itching to get one in my hands.
  7. Been trying kettle creeks with .5 to 1oz jig heads which alot of guys have success with in the spring. No luck yet but got a keeper fluke last year on one. Also gliders are awesome but on the expensive side.
  8. interested in the 9' so thats good to hear. any idea when theyll be on the site?
  9. if i remember correctly you said there was some issues with van staals and the reel seats not fitting? is this still the case?
  10. ive seen this mentioned a few times and always wondered whats different about the VSB handle/knob? i think ive seen people also swap out the foot for a VSB foot?
  11. im in! happy festivus
  12. are they any good raw? ill never forget i saw a family in the bay with a seine net scooping em. theyd take a bunch of em out of the bucket, put em on bread and eat em right there.
  13. reached out to montauk rocks to see about purchasing a dvd. they told me they plan to upload it to youtube in the next couple months. just thought id pass it along.
  14. They commented on fbook that an organization manages it and is aware. Just broke and needs to be fixed.