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  1. I just purchased a 22' aquasport with 8' beam and was hoping to get a boat slip for the season. Would like to be in the waretown area and as cheap as possible. I was hoping to find something under 2k, is this unreasonable?
  2. The 8' 1 piece is more similar to the 9'6" version. the new UL 2 piece is more like the 10' 2 piece. for reference i have the 10', 9'6", 9' and the 8' 1 piece.
  3. funny enough thats exactly where i was.
  4. had a live one get tangled up one morning. thought it was a crab or lump of grass in the dark when i reeled it in. skeeviest feeling of my life.
  5. did they have pints or just the bags?
  6. Im seeing a RD19988 and a RD20168 online, did you guys order one of each?
  7. pretty good so far this year. lots of 20"+ being pulled off the local surf.
  8. ordered 2 5000s from the hated sporting goods store since no local shops have em. Both of them had similar issues to what yall described. they also both have a slight knock when spinning the handle. a buddy got one late last year and its still smooth and quiet. i think it might jus need grease as well but im not inclined to open a brand new reel. sent the first back and will probably send the second back.
  9. local bait shops sell captain rons which is pretty good for em.
  10. same as the regular micro id think. slow with an occasional twitch.
  11. Definitely snag anything you can find of his. He makes just about every wooden plug possible in all sorts of purty colors. My personal favorite is probably the jointed needle. Heres a few to give you an idea.
  12. He mentioned it was a Scabelly slow sinking glider 7/8oz. Heres mine which should be identical.
  13. i have the new 9' ultralight and the old 8', 9'6 and 10' suzukis. the new ultralight 9' is definitely whippier similar to the old 10' but not noodley. i would assume the new ultralight 8' is as well. where as the original 8' and 9'6 are a little bit stiffer.
  14. Although i didnt catch any fish to really test it, casting felt good.