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  1. Any chance its worth trying sand fleas?
  2. Was about to pick up shrimp when we lost the car keys... Its a rental and were here from Maryland so thats great. I might make a 2 mile walk down to a bait store.
  3. Ill have to pick up some mullet. I tried a sand crab for a few minutes before lighting came and it stayed on.
  4. Was out for a little over an hour when storms started rolling in. Didnt get a single bite on bloodworms, and i was throwing right in a deep pocket between sand bar and beach. There was a few other people fishing and no one else caught anything either. I was out at 5:30 to like 6:45 AM. Also, i couldnt get the bloodworm to stay on the hook no matter how hard i tried. It would be fine when i casted out but when i reeled in it was empty, every time.
  5. Yep thats it! Just pulled out 2 chunks from it over an hour, probably between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds each. There is a lot of coontail right on the edges with a ton of fry hidding in. It was very tricky to get too, but it was worth it. I asked one of the workers what was working this week at a bait store up in Duck, and he gave me two different sized baitholders and some bloodworms. I think the smaller ones were size 5, and the larger ones were 1/0. He also said bloodworms were working well so i got a bag of 10 as well.
  6. I was fishing a trebled jerkbait for trout and made a stupid cast, ended up getting two treble hooks stuck in my head with no pliers or anything. Took a good 20 minutes of circling the hook around around, trying to make the hole bigger. At least i have a high pain tolerance....
  7. Thanks everyone! Im going to be picking up some 12 pound mono when i get there + some smaller hooks. I want to stick with my high low rights, at least at first. I confirmed with the property owner ( were renting a house out) that there is a big pond with bass in it, so at least ill have a little reminder of home.
  8. There is a few ponds right near laughing gull in Waves, near where im staying. Anyone have experience?
  9. might have to send you a message to see what youre using if im not catching
  10. Thanks for all the advice! I wasnt aware salt water fishing was so much different then freshwater. Im going to start in surf probably the first and second day with some sand fleas and shrimp, then go to piers the other days.
  11. So I would prefer to go surf fishing. Is there really a difference in the amount of fish i catch? What pound line and leader should i look for? Im thing 30 pound line for main line. Whats should i use for leader? Do you think i should get a different type of hook? Im looking to really catch just anything.
  12. Hey everyone! This is my first post on this forum! on 7/6/19 im heading down to Waves, OBX for a week. I have a few questions for all you experienced fishermen out there. I usually only bass fish in lakes and large ponds, so im completely new to saltwater fishing. I got a something 3000 salt water reel, a 12 foot surf rod (probably overkill but too late now), some 4/0 circle hooks, 10- 3 oz pyramid weights, and i picked up some high low rigs (honestly just knew i was going to lose a few and was too lazy to tie all them myself). So today i realized, I could go pier fishing if i wanted. I had previously planned to go surf fishing, (not targeting anything specific, just something i could eat) and now i have the option to go to a pier. Do you think id have better luck surf fishing or piet fishing? I still need some 30 pound line and probably a shock leader. Im thinking some mullet for bait. Do you think i should look for something else instead? When throwing a high low rig, do you just throw it, tighten the line, then wait? any other advice will be much appreciated!!