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  1. So for best luck, any where on the south fork seems to be the best bet? Thanks OutdoorLover
  2. Hey Guys! Does anyone know anything about surf fishing for sharks on the North Fork? We are in Southold, NY and willing to travel up to an hour to accomplish this, even if it means traveling to the south fork. This is meant to be completely sport fishing and no sharks will be harmed. Our intentions are also to catch larger sharks, not the occasional baby sand shark caught in the peconics. I have caught sharks in the surf in the Bahamas, but never tried to do so up north. Any information will be helpful! Thanks! OutdoorLover
  3. Hell yeah we’re eating frogs. Also any sea robbins I get I take and eat.
  4. Well Gentlemen, I just had my first experience frog gigging and it was quite the experience. So much fun and major adrenaline rush. Got a good amount, but made sure that they were of size before gigging them. Going to use a Franks Hot Sauce wash and then dredge in flour and deep fry. Can’t wait for them. I clearly am not an expert on this, but this is something anyone can do and can have a lot of fun with. With young kids or being an adult. Lots of fun and hopefully great tasting! Thanks for for all the help!
  5. I appreciate that insight, don’t notice many frogs, but also even when I’m out of state (normally PA) I don’t even notice the frogs until the sun goes down.
  6. In fact, I have almost run out of everything new to try. So I thought it would be cool to get in to something new. I’ve fished in and out of the LIS, fished freshwater ponds all around the North Fork. Hunted and trapped all over LI as well.
  7. Thanks CWitek! I appreciate the useful information, I’ll post catch if everything works out...
  8. Thank you for that info, definitely helpful and geographically it works out perfect. I am going to use google maps to look for these ponds and then scout them out in person, unless you have another suggestion???? Thanks!
  9. New on the forum here, not sure if this has been addressed or if anyone even has answers for me. Wondering if anyone knows any ponds/lakes to go frog gigging at in Suffolk County, preferably the North Fork of LI? Thank you in advance for anyone giving info!