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  1. Thank you, been doing lots of research so I’ll just pick out a few simple, versatile flies and get the materials for them.
  2. Hello All, Looking to get in to fly tying as all this time is available to me now. I am not a huge fly fisherman and have only really targeted trout, smallmouth bass, and striper. I have all the tools necessary to tie flies as my dad was once a fly tier himself. I am wondering if anyone can compile a list of materials for a beginner fly tier. Thanks OutdoorLover
  3. New Jersey state parks are closed officially by police, which includes the Delaware River Canal and Towpath. I’m hoping the same doesn’t happen with PA state parks
  4. Hoping PA doesnt soon follow suit
  5. Was fishing the Delaware River Canal on the Jersey side yesterday when police came and shut everything down. Kind of depressing as the fishing is really starting to pick up and there are some awesome spots just over the bridge
  6. I appreciate the responses and understand the situation. Breezy, I fished in NJ this morning, caught an American shad, there were plenty of people out and about keeping their distance. Very calm, but they dont seem to be enforcing "Driving only"
  7. Hey all, Has anyone had any luck trout fishing in Suffolk County? Specifically further out towards the North Fork. Not asking for any spots or anything, but with all this time on our hands I figured I would try to dabble in some new stuff. Thanks OutdoorLover
  8. I'll have to experiment, I usually am not in the area this time of year, but due to all thats going on now I am so I will have some time to do some stuff I've never really done much of. Very excited to get in to it. Thanks for the response!
  9. Bloodworms work even all the way up to Trenton? Thanks in advance!
  10. How far north do they do in the Delaware? Do they get up to Stockton? Easton? Never really fished for them in the river only in Long Island, but now with so much time I'd like to get in to a few other things I've never really done before. Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks for the update, will be interesting to see how they handle this if the situation gets worse.
  12. Weather forecast looks poor for the next week or so, hopefully that changes and we can get some nice days to get out on the water. One plus is perhaps there will be less people on the water in the future if the Shad Fest in New Hope gets cancelled due to the Wuhan Virus. Perhaps it already has, Im not sure.
  13. LOL, I would agree that it is most likely whale tail, but who knows
  14. Sea robins taste unbelievable when cooked properly
  15. If you aint catching fish in one spot, you might as well try another spot. People have a lot of success there