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  1. Y’all are fishing there at the wrong time. I’ve seen huge bait balls of adult bunker and seven foot surf there.
  2. unless there’s a fence, you’re good to go. Cutting through a fence may count as destruction of property.
  3. A kayak and the cover of darkness. If Karen’s awake at 2AM just watching her beach, her problems aren’t with you lmao
  4. WE2

    Thank you everyone, for your responses. It seems there’s a lot of salt thrown around about this location, as it seems its glory days are long behind it. I remember coming to this spot, about three years ago. It was November. Plenty of people on the beach, guys shoulder to shoulder, casting soft plastics I won’t say what lure, but everyone had the same **** tied on. Nobody caught anything despite large amounts of bait activity. Just some food for thought: its easy for the salt and bitterness about the way NY protects access to rise up and have me write off the spot. I don’t think this is the mark of a good fisherman. If every time you go out there and the spot is blown out and nobody is catching anything, then logic dictates the bite is when there’s nobody there. You have to look for a window. Honestly, you can’t handle a few good skunkings (read:several) you don’t belong doing this. Every single time I’ve caught a fluke, a striped bass, or a bluefish, I’ve been completely alone. The spots I’ve caught at are common access. Areas people have long written off. Yet, they produce for me time and time again because I’ve found the window.
  5. WE2

    Are they still enforcing the no rocks rule? That dumb sign still there? can you get into it with the night pass or do they close it because it’s “too dangerous”. on the permit page it says WE2 but y’all know how access can be around here. I haven’t had a chance to head down this season and when i do head down I don’t want to waste a 45 min drive.
  6. My grandfather (passed away back in 2001) left my father a 302 and I’m looking to have a local tackle shop restore it. I’m told it’s a prized reel for its ruggedness. I want to paint it myself but don’t know what exactly I’d need. Boat paint? Do I need to sand the reel down first? How would I go about this?
  7. General question. So they say you should throw lures that work well in the water you’re fishing, but they also say the profile needs to match the hatch. Which one is more important and why? This is something I’ve asked myself. I seem to have success more often when I straight match it. Can I increase my ratio by more matching current? For example, let’s say there are lots of bunker around. Also, heavy current. Is the solution an appropriately weighted bunker 1:1 swim bait from live target, or a darter/metal lip? Personal preference?
  8. My guy, I would...if they didn’t close the beaches every time during these conditions. Near me it’s a constant access ****how.
  9. The craziest surf I’ve ever seen was sometime in fall over there. 3 separate bait balls of huge bunker, 6 foot rolling, breaking swells up to 200 meters off the beach. Jumping bass. Looked like a day at the end.
  10. Exactly. I am frequently perplexed at why you’d want to make this stuff harder. Terrible access, $300 fishing permits for a town the size of my backyard, pounding surf and wind and rain. Not to mention the constant threat of death on the rocks. Yet they want to take a piece of unreliable equipment with them into these conditions?
  11. Quick, tell me why that matters. this reminds me of a debate I had with the leader of a video gaming group. We used to play this high tech military simulation game. Complicated stuff. When someone is shot in game you have to give them morphine and all that. That level of realism. I was a helicopter pilot. The leader says I need to purchase a piece of $300 hardware, says it’ll make me from a good pilot into a great one. My argument was that a great pilot gets the guys in, provides cover, gets them out. Safely, without taking fire, and as quietly as possible. I routinely made about 250 drops. All textbook execution. Five days later, I am still taken off of the pilot role because I didn’t have this $300 piece of crap hardware. do you see my point? If I can catch fish consistently, predict the weather accurately, and cast accurately, what does it matter? I don’t have the time to learn a bait caster like I didn’t want to shell out $300 for a head tracking software that only works half the time.
  12. It’s mostly a time thing. Casting is the most basic of things to master, and with a spinning reel you can master trajectory and placement. Some of us focus our efforts on interpreting the weather or reading the beach. I’m a better weatherman than my meteorologist friend. Probably wouldn’t be now if I had to pause to learn casting for 6 months.
  13. Enough to keep contact with your plug, lure, or sinker. Enough to feel action. I drag trolling sinkers with gulp on a hook across the bottom for robins and fluke. Painfully slow.
  14. I caught my first ever Striper many Aprils ago, so I know what you mean. It’s just always felt to me like the start of the season.
  15. I thought this past snap would be that but it’s hot again today. Seeing a cold wind coming from the south last night had me jumping.