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  1. Yep I did that online the other day. I got both my fresh and salt taken care of. May try the quabbing reservoir soon.
  2. Any recommendations? Still getting my bearings around the area?
  3. New the area and to this forum as well as pretty new to saltwater fishing in general. Just moved to Boston from Arizona and looking to get out and do a little fishing. I’d like to see about going out to try pulling in a striped bass or two. I have have been reading through the forums and have seen a lot of recommendations for places that require you have access to a boat. Unfortunately I don’t have access to a boat but do have access to a car. Are there any good spots for land/shore fishing for stripers in or around Boston (for during the week at night) or even a little bit farther out (for the weekends) where you can catch decent fish form the land? Thanks in advance for the help.