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  1. He’s willing to work with me but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Thanks again HH, you pointed it out or else I would’ve never known until later down the line. I appreciate it man
  2. He was a Century rep but I think he stopped a few years ago. I contacted him and didn’t really get a real response. Just recommendations on Micro guides from a local supplier I should check out. This wasn’t a custom rod so I’m not sure if he’s willing to do anything, seems like he’s just dodging me edit: if I can get a definitive answer that this is a conventional rod then I’ll probably ask him to trade back. I don’t think it’s fair to tell someone it’s a spinning rod that fits their reel and it turns out to not even be a spinning rod at all.
  3. Recently met up with a reputable rod builder/Century rep in Florida and he sold me what I believe is a conventional rod. I'm totally new to surf rods so I was hoping to get more information from someone who was local and I think I ended up getting scammed. The rod is a 11' century "prototype" of some sort and I think it's a sling shot blank 2-5 oz. The butt end is a bit long at 26.5" and the guides are fairly small so there's a lot of line slap when paired with my 10k stella. I paid roughly $400 in trades + cash for this and now I'm not sure what I can do with this rod, I would like it rebuilt but I've never done this before so I don't even know where to begin - is it even possible? I got ripped off big time and I think I learned my lesson, I just wish it wasn't a $400 lesson and now I'm trying to figure out what I should do. Would love some recommendations on how I can make this rod work for the least amount of money possible. Should I just sell this thing?
  4. I suspected it was this rod. Thank you for clearing it up that it’s a conventional rod. Going to see if I could trade back or get a different one because this is a bit disappointing
  5. Yeah he did, apparently had the same reel as me on it as well. He’s a well known local rod builder and was the century rep for my area so I trusted him. The guides are small now that I look at it, the first guide is same size as my 7’ gloomis E6x so I’m kinda worried now
  6. Definitely some marks of use here and there, nothing serious and will probably come off if I clean it. Sorry but I’m not sure what a winch rod is, is that a casting rod? This is a spinning surf rod
  7. I’ve never handled a rod over 9’ before so everything feels super long. The butt is 26.5”. The rod was used for roosterfish apparently but I’m using it for tarpon. Seller valued it at $400 so I’m not sure I got a good deal lol, I didn’t have that kind of cash so I traded stuff for it
  8. Just bought this prototype rod from someone who received it to test for Century many years ago. I don’t know too much about surf rods/rod building yet so I’m curious if anyone has any guesses on what blank this is or what it developed into. Just trying to make sure I didn’t overpay so trying to get a feel for the value It’s 11’, apparently throws 3 oz really well so it’s either 1-4 or 2-5. It weighs 12.34 oz.
  9. How does the 10' compare to the 10'6? Is it significantly faster or stiffer?
  10. How much are you asking? Could you send some pictures?
  11. I absolutely considered you guy's suggestions, I even messaged Local66 to ask him a bunch of other questions. Like I mentioned before, it was just a good deal on the reel so I went for it. I spent a good amount of time searching through tons of marketplaces, auction sites, and locally for a Torque but it didn't really come up. So I went with the Stella that was 60% off MSRP; comparing numbers it weighs about 5 oz more and probably a little less durable. Maybe I'll consider selling the Stella if I find that it absolutely can't do the job but for now I want to give it a try
  12. I couldn’t fit 300 yards of 30# braid on a 6000 saragosa so that’s why I got rid of it. A slammer 6500 weighs about the same as the Stella so I can’t save any weight there. I would love a smaller sized reel but anything that has as much line capacity as I’m looking for will weigh at least 20 oz I’ll check out ODM though! Edit: Van Staals might weigh less and give me like capacity but that’s about it. Haven’t found a good deal on a used one recently though
  13. Thanks for the suggestion Mike! How is the action on the surf machine? I haven’t really looked into it since the retail is out of my price range but I’ll keep an eye out for a used one