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  1. A two piece rod isn’t a bad idea, I had friends who did that but I preferred a one piece. I just graduated a few semesters ago and I used a ML 7’ Star Stellar paired with a 3k Stradic and 10# braid. That rod caught me everything from bass to overslot reds. I would definitely get a 7’ or under rod though because it’s just easier to manage. I left mine in the car 90% of the time and just took my reel off. If you’re looking to spend less then I’ve heard a lot of people recommending the Hurricane Calico Jack, I think it runs around $50-60 and some people swear by them. If you want to spend more then the St. Croix Avid Inshore is really nice. But I recommend getting a 3k Stradic FL 100% or the new Spheros 3k. It’s a lot more fun than a 4-5k and it’ll be way more enjoyable to fish when you only have one combo with you, I think the FL can be found on e bay for well under retail edit: I recommend buying used too, I definitely got to fish gear that was way above my budget by just searching for gear on forums and stuff. Rods tend to not hold value very well so you can score nice stuff for cheap
  2. Down here, it’s usually towards the end of the tide. They seem to love current but not when it’s ripping out, if I am fishing a fast current I usually look for points where it slows. Another question I have though is how to target them in deeper water with lures? I’ve caught a ton of trout this year but mostly using a slip float and live bait. I set my float any where from 8-14’ deep and letting my float move with the current. A lot of people here catch them in shallow waters so suspending jerkbaits are popular but I’m curious if I can get to the deeper ones on lures
  3. I’m waiting on news about this too. Really want a 6k size reel
  4. I’ll have to get my hands on one and try it out. The weight is definitely a huge plus. What lb line do you have on yours? I’m hoping we see more info on the new gosa soon
  5. How is the balance on that set up and do you think the Certate can handle throwing 2 oz jigs for snook at the inlet? I have a 1-4 9’ legend and I’m debating if I should get a 5k Certate or just go with a 5/6k saragosa
  6. I’ll definitely take it!
  7. I understand. Just let me know if you change your mind!
  8. Would you be willing to ship the legend if I shipped you a tube and maybe a return label?
  9. How well does it throw the upper end of its rating? Is the action moderate or moderate-fast? I’m looking for something rated up to 4oz or can throw 2-3oz well
  10. bump
  11. I’m looking for a 9 ft rod to pair with a 4-5k size reel (equivalent to vs150). I’m particularly looking for these rods: - 9’ St Croix Legend 1-4 oz (preferably 2016 version with ti torzites). - 9’ FSC 1087 - 9’ ODM nex1 or 9’6 frontier x im located in Florida so I’ll cover or split shipping fees. Thanks!
  12. Do you have pictures of this rod?
  13. Bump
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  15. It depends on the condition of the rod. Ideal is <$200 but I’m flexible