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  1. I have a brand new 2021 Twin Power SW 4000xg for trade. Havent had the chance to fish it yet and wanting a van staal so I’m looking to trade it for a VR75. Preferably silver and in same/similar condition. Reel is spooled with 20lb sufix 832 and comes with all original packaging, brand new. Thanks
  2. I have a couple that needs to be sent in but haven’t gotten to it. I noticed the platinum service form that used to be online is now gone too
  3. I know this is a really long shot but anyone looking to part with their 2022 Stella FK 3000?? Don’t mind if it’s used, just seeing if anything’s out there while I wait for jdm shops. Thanks
  4. What’s your guide layout like and size of slammer? I may be looking at a similar setup but with 11’ 2-5 rod for surf fishing!
  5. Are those cast pro blanks worth it? I’m thinking about the 11’ one. I don’t want to splurge on a blank, trying to keep it <$300 but pomps are coming and I’m trying to join the fun lol
  6. What do you guys think of the Breakaway LDX for pompano?
  7. The last sentence is pretty spot on. I fish FL piers and see them a lot but idk why. I’ve taken it on the piers a few times and hated it, just so many other reels that can get the job done. Imo a 4k Stella SW or 4k TP SW weighs about the same as a vs100-150 and feels way more powerful, drag is smoother. Only advantage is you get more line cap. I think it’s just a pier culture thing at this point. People see someone doing it and then everyone hops on. I have a vsx 150 but it collects dust if I’m not fishing from the beach. I’m also comfortable dunking my stella sw so it’s obsolete most the time
  8. Any trades, i have a vsx 150
  9. Would you trade for a vsx 150 (plus cash)?
  10. Definitely love the Nex1, I have the 9’. Only thing is it’s a little tip heavy since the blank walls are so thick, I have it built with a shorter grip. An 8’ nex1 would be amazing though
  11. Hey y’all, does anyone have an ODM Evolution 8’? Looking at buying one and heard it weighs 2.8 oz which is crazy light. I’m looking to build one for fishing down here in FL. Curious about its backbone for stopping big fish
  12. Looking for a 2021 TP sw 4000xg. I have a brand new Shimano Vanquish 3000 and Daiwa Saltist MQ 3000 that I can trade and maybe add for one.
  13. Easiest way to tell is by looking at side plates. Look at your reel from the front or the bottom if both side plates are the same size, you have a gen 1. If one side plate (I believe the handle side) is bigger to house the bigger gear, you have a gen 2.
  14. Yes, released in 2020