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  1. Kayak fished 11/15, caught 8 schoolies to 26" jigging a 4" paddletail plus a few white perch for dinner on a small gotcha jig. Bite was slower than my last trip which I'll attribute to the drop in temperature but there's some fish around.
  2. 2 keepers (released) and a dozen 16"-26" shorts today. Air temps in the high 60s and clear blue skies made for a beautiful fall day of striper fishing. I was cooking in my dry gear but with my transducer reading water temps in the high 40s I'm glad I was wearing it. Biggest fish were caught jigging a 4" diezel minnow near steep drop offs. This was my first time trying zmans soft plastics and I'm impressed, one paddle tail held up to all the fish and looked good at the end of the day.
  3. Pics of the 31"
  4. Kayak fished in southern DE today (11/11) from 9am-3pm. Took a break from targeting tog to try for stripers, with the hope that I might find some reds or specks too. Now, I'm no striper fisherman, if I do manage to catch them it's usually by accident. When I try to target them I usually end up throwing the whole bag with nothing to show for it, so this time I wanted to pick one lure and stick with it until I was catching fish. I used the same 1/2 kalins jighead and 4" zman diezal minnow all day, it caught fish trolled, casted ,and jigged and looked good as new at the end of the day. I was fishing a new area so I wasn't expecting much, but I thought I'd at least have a nice paddle and enjoy what might be the last warm day of fall. The morning started off promising when I picked up a rat striper on the troll near the mouth of a creek. I trolled around the same creek mouth a couple more times and caught 2 more 12-16" stripers. Since the area was producing I anchored up and started casting around and caught a few more fish in the 20-24" range. I pulled anchor and tried trolling further up the creek against the outgoing tide without any luck, so I turned around and relocated. I found a steep drop off and was able to jig up multiple nice stripers including a 29" and 31", both released. Called it a day after that, having caught 15 stripers 2 of which were keepers. Overall an amazing day to remember.
  5. Anyone who wants a sticker can find the link to their store on the hook shots facebook page.
  6. I got on a good tog bite in my kayak yesterday. Only one keeper but plenty of 14/15" shorts that were still a lot of fun on light tackle. Action was drop and reel until the tide changed and the bite died. Prodding around until I felt my rig fall into a hole was key. If I just cast out and let it sit it wasn't getting hit.
  7. Targeted tog on DE bay in my kayak this morning. Anchored up near a jetty and after some prodding found a productive hole, I was either losing bait or hooking up every drop. Caught a lot of 14"-16" shorts and one barely legal keeper. All fish were caught on a single hook rig with asian or green crab. I tried using a jig but it wasn't getting hit so I switched back to the rig. Even though the fish were mostly shorts they still put up a great fight on 10# braid and light tackle. Hopefully I get a few more shots at em this fall, and the colder water brings in bigger fish.
  8. Tog action is heating up here in DE. Caught a lot of 14" and 15" inch shorts with one barely legal keeper in the mix
  9. Went to pick up some crabs for my kayak outing friday and made an impromptu stop at the local inlet on the way home. I got there about 2 1/2 hours after low tide and fished for 2 hours. I caught a couple shorts and lost what looked like my first keeper of the season at the rocks. I went to grab the leader and it came off the hook right at my feet. Shoulda just swung it . Used a single hook rig with cut green crab.
  10. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind when I need to resupply.
  11. Oh man is that a joe baggs jig? I just got an order of 10 in and now I'm worried.
  12. I have a striker 4 that definitely helped, and I scouted the area with google maps and navionics. Much better than going at it blind.
  13. Thanks Mike, I've got Friday off and already have another outing planned. Will report back.
  14. I tried togging by kayak for the first time on 10/19. Went out on DE bay and ended up catching a few shorts to 14" and some toadfish. I fished 2 hours before high tide to 2 hours after, but all of my fish were caught within 30 minutes on either side of slack. Would've liked more fish or a keeper (or 4) but for my first time doing this type of fishing in a new area I'll take it. Most of my togging is done from shore with a daiwa lexa-cc 400 spooled with 60lb braid on a 10' penn battalion so it was fun catching them on my light kayak fluke setup. I was using a single hook rig and cut green crab, but I want to give jigs a try the next time I go out. In the area I was fishing I also saw one other guy in a kayak catch a keeper and some guys in a boat catch a bunch of shorts.
  15. Penn battalion inshore. I have the 10-17lb 1/4oz-1oz version and it's perfect for working jigs or plugs while sitting without fouling the butt on my pfd or seat.