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  1. For flounder at IRI I like to replace the bucktail on the bottom of a skinner rig with a bank sinker. It gets snagged a lot less and when you do lose one it's not as expensive as a bucktail. I also like fishing light jigheads (1/2oz) with gulp but you have to find areas of slow moving water to get it down effectively. Live-lined spot or mullet (when they show up) can also be really effective.
  2. I'll second the recommendation for Cape Henlopen. Much less boat traffic and most boats out there will be fishing. The inland bays are inundated with pleasure boaters this time of year so any serious fishing, especially from a kayak, is difficult. To launch you can park your car near the fishing pier and drag your kayak down to the bayside beach. Keep in mind it's about 100 yards to the water with some of it through soft sand so a cart with beach wheels helps a lot. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, I kayak fish the area a lot.
  3. Were you fishing near artificial lights? I've heard that draws them in and can get them biting at night. Cool catch either way.
  4. Kayak fished a DE inland bay today and caught a 16.5" bluefish on a live mud minnow, a few 15"-18" weakfish and a barely short flounder on pink gulp and my first keeper flounder of the season at 17" on a 1/2oz jigging spoon. Bluefish was caught in 1-2 feet of water on a sandbar and the rest of the fish were caught jigging deeper water near shore structure.
  5. Sorry it's 6" should have mentioned that. It's on a measuring board in the pic and is well short of the 8" minimum mark.
  6. I was going off the assumption it hatched in the spring of 2019 and I caught it in the fall. Unless stripers are known to spawn in the fall? This chart says 1 year old fish would be 12" or 13".
  7. My smallest striper, from last october. It hit a panfish popper I was working along some spatterdock in the freshwater portion of a tidal river that's a tributary of the Chesapeake. Unwanted catch as I was fishing for catfish bait but kinda cool nonetheless. Probably only 5-6 months old when I caught it.
  8. I fished the Delaware Bay on my kayak this morning to try to get on the black drum bite. I anchored up about a quarter mile off the beach chummed sand fleas and dropped down a big circle hook loaded with 3-4 fleas. I got a ton of taps from little fish but after 2 hours hadn't hooked up so I dropped down a small circle hook baited with a single flea tipped with fishbites to see what was stealing my bait. That turned into a steady pick of 8"-11" whiting but I still got no hookups on the drum rod and no drum for the day. I tried chunking bunker for stripers or blues with no luck and gulp produced nothing but endless 9" weakfish.
  9. Fished from shore of a tidal creek from 10AM-3PM. Incoming tide through to beginning of outgoing. Bloodworms produced about 20 7"-10" white perch and a few little stripers. Bucktail w/ gulp and a spoon didn't produce anything, no flounder for me yet and aside from one snapper last week no bluefish either. Hopefully once we get a few 70 degree days in a row things start to pick up.
  10. Marsh shots Also saw this guy chowing down on a seagull. Didn't seem scared of me at all, he let me watch for a minute before walking off.
  11. Apparently fishing, boating, and kayaking are all allowed under certain circumstances. From Can I go fishing? Limited fishing is allowed if you are seeking food for you or your family, but the social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed. Can I go boating? Recreational boating is prohibited until the governor lifts the executive order or until the State of Emergency has ended. However, if an individual is boating to seek food for them or their family, boating is permitted. Boats used to transport essential employees or goods as defined in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce are also permitted. Does kayaking or paddle boarding count as recreational boating? Since kayaking and paddle boarding are a form of exercise, they are permitted under the executive order. Guidance on social distancing and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed.
  12. I'd add some 4" or 5" soft plastics paddletail on jigheads. I like the Zman deizel minnows. Maybe a smaller profile topwater like a smackit or talkin popper too.
  13. Clam Fin-essence
  14. What lures/baits work best for early season flounder, live bloodworms or minnows? Will they hit jig/gulp combo in cold water?
  15. Last season I read reports of flounder caught in the inland bays in march. I tried for them without any luck but I think my mistake was targeting deeper channels like you would later in the season. I'll be looking for an early season bite this year on the sand bars and flats and with the warm weather we've had I've got more confidence in finding them early. This is good info. I'll be watching the water temps closely.