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  1. Thanks. I should have some time to get out there later this week I'll try not to catch them all.
  2. I've had no luck finding flounder inshore so I tried giving sheepshead a shot. I tried targeting them on bridges from my kayak and between 2 morning sessions I landed a few tog with one 16.5" keeper, a 23" black drum and a couple 16"-20" sheepshead. Lots of fun pulling these guys out of structure on relatively light tackle. These were the first sheepshead and drum I've caught.
  3. I haven't tried it and after seeing scooby's review I don't think I'm going to
  4. 5" zman diezel minnowz mulletron color have worked for me at night for bigger schoolies and lower slot fish.
  5. I like glacier gloves
  6. You shouldn't need to use a sinker. Tie a swivel to your mainline, cut off a few feet or mono or flouro leader and tie one end to your swivel the other to the spoon.
  7. I think that's a diamondback terrapin. Pretty cool species, adapted to live in brackish environments they have characteristics of freshwater turtles and sea turtles.
  8. I'm in
  9. I'm sure there's some around already. Whether we'll get a strong run like past years remains to be seen. Seems like 2017 was the last really good run we had and that was the year I started fishing so I missed out on it. I spent a few hours yesterday kayak trolling around the bay and watching for signs of feeding blues/stripers but I never saw anything worth chasing. If they arrive in number this year they should start showing any day.
  10. There's really no simple answer, it changes by the spot, season, day, tide, etc. Sometimes they'll be right at your feet feeding on mussel beds that are only under water at high tide, other times they'll be holding on drop offs further off shore, sometimes they'll be in the middle of an inlet holding on deep water structure that you can only fish for 30 minutes at slack. Pick a spot you want to fish and start learning, watch the guys who are catching and do what they do. I'll typically stay at a spot until I'm convinced there's no fish there but I'm constantly moving around within the spot to find the biting fish. When searching for fish I won't let my bait sit for longer than a minute or two before at least moving it some.
  11. I just bundle it up and zip tie it. Sure you could do something cleaner but for the inside of the kayak who cares?
  12. I support catch and release
  13. I will pay it forward