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  1. Could some one let me know what will be the best epoxy for all weather conditions to build rod. I am from India, recently I have given my Penn rod to replace the guides to a friend of mine. Due to current weather conditions its came out sticky and brown in color in most of the guides. He needs to redo the epoxy coating in most of the guides. So please suggest a best epoxy for all time. Thanks, KK
  2. Van Staal or Shimano Aero Technium. Which one is good in terms of longevity, durability and distance ?
  3. 1.This rod is made to use both conventional and spinning reel. It looks to me you have over filled your spool. 2. Try casting the minimal weight mentioned on the rod. I think it's starts with 2 oz.
  4. Hi Flat Wing, I am planning to use mono filament line for my upcoming fishing trip in Novemeber'19. Reason being that there are many rocks on the fishing surroundings. Since I dont have much experience on monofilament lines & monofilament lines on multipliers or conventional reels. I want to use them on one my spare spool of Shimano Ultegra 14000 Ci4 spinning reel. My question here is whether I will be able to get distance using a monofilament on spinning reel. The line strength I would like to use is between 15lb - 30 Lb. What is the max distance is achievable ?. I am going to pair the reel with my Shimano Tiralejo 12 ft LC rod. And the monofilament lines which I am planning to get are Shimano Aero surf or Sakuma Awaiting your reply. Thanks - KK
  5. I would fish even on low tides where the beach formation is enough depth. You got to look and understand the various formation of beach to fish in various conditions.
  6. Hi Flatwing, May I know what is the difference in Daiwa Saltiga ballistic AU model and Daiwa Tournament ballistic available in US. In other thread you asked me to chose the US model 35- 405 or 40 - 405. I find both can be little heavy for me to cast however the 33-405 is not available at the moment in US. So I thinking of picking the AU model 33-405. Will that make any difference on perfomance of the rod. Do you think someone can achieve 656 ft (200 mtrs) with bait on this rod or atleast 500 ft I am happy. As you suggested I am practising the cast on the following sequence Brighton cast > OTG > Hatteras. Thanks, KK
  7. Hi Flatwing, Thanks for the suggestion on the LC rods. I tried the hatteras cast with slap shot rig with 65 LB braid as shock leader (not exceeding 20 ft) and 30 LB power pro as main line. Looks like I need to practice a lot to exceute a best hatteras cast to get some good distance. I was mixing both hatteras and over head thump cast to see the distance variations. Also once executing the over head thump cast using my Shimano Tiralejo 12ft the uniknot got stuck on the first guide (from bottom) and wrapped around. I had a backlash of my line. Thank god my guide didnt broke. Not sure this has happend due to some junk from the surf got stuck around the knot while executing the cast. I would like to know this will normally happen ? Secondly I would like to ask you regarding the slap shot rig, it is ok to use a spider (anchor) sinkers instead of pyramid sinkers on extreme wind conditions. Thanks, KK
  8. 1. I researched about the LC rods - Progressive blanks (ZZiplex) and Gearbox(Century) blanks. Could not locate them exactly which are the ones on the Internet. I am looking for a fully built rod not exceeding 13 ft with 6- 10 Oz sinker weight. What you think about Tommy Farmer's CPS factory rods 13 foot 6- 10 Oz. Else please suggest a good rod. Some rods are available in Universal type which I guess we can pair both spinning and multiplier reels. By doing so will there be a compromise on distance when I connect multiplier or spinning reels. Else its better option to go for a dedicated casting rod. As you said above Tommy farmer's itself able to reach 500 feet distance (maximum) with 8 oz sinker + bait ??? I am happy If I can reach 500 feet with a bait and using 8oz sinker( I know I cannot easily achieve this feet). 2. . I am planning for a Akios shuttle 651 SCM Left hand reel using 15lb Sakuma tournament lines. What is your opinion on this. However as I said before I am not still learned using the multiplier reels.(looks to be a long journey for me) 3 Using a braid as a shock leader I am little confused. for ex:- If I am making a slap shot rig. Do I have to replace both hook leader and main leader with braid as shown in above diagram with same length . Also I have another concern of using 20 - 30 LB as a main line. When casting a sinker up to 8 Oz, will that not make your braid easily fray. As some of my fishing mates told you have to increase your line strength (LB) according to your weight. What will be the best braid for Surf fishing I use Power Pro Spectra or Daiwa J braid 8x. I find Daiwa long lasted on surf and not easily frayed due to rubbing on the sand while fishing where as PP I need to cut down after 2-3 trips of fishing. 4. Last (10lb test/ounce of payload) - Does it mean I have to increase the Shock leader line strength per oz. as below. 10 LB = 1 Oz 20 LB= 2 oz 30 LB = 3 oz Sorry for too many questions And thanks for your all help....
  9. Hi Flat wing, Thanks for the reply. 1.Since you own a Shimano Tiralejo 12ft you must already knowing the action of the rod. I call it little parabolic (not fully bend as a true parabolic rods though) May be I'm wrong on my perception. 2. As you said, yes, I am executing over head thumpcast (the only cast I know)I watched some of the videos of Tommy Farmer's long distance casting already. But didn't realised about Hatteras cast or Uni-Tech cast. And thanks for making me to understand the potential of my Shimano Tiralejo rod that executing the Hatteras cast will improve my distance. I actually need to reach about 100 - 150 meters (most times) worst case 200 meters. So that I can reach exactly where the fish feeds . And that is one of the reason I purchased the Tiralejo 12ft. I will practice on the Hatteras cast or the other one and before that is there a specific way that we need to make a rig for executing the hatteras cast. ex:- distance of the shock leader, type of sinker etc., What will be the best easy rig. I normally make the rig with 3 way swivels with one end 60 LB Monofilament for 4 - 5 oz sinker and down end with a slightly (50 - 55 LB) thin monofliment for my hooks.The other end is main line - Daiwa J braid 8 strands 50 LB. (the only line I find less wear and tear on the surf) Recently I ordered an Impact leads (sinkers), Impact clips from Breakaway tackle,UK to improve the casting distance. Let me know I can make use of them to execute a best Hatteras cast. 3. My Ultegra Ci4 XTB 14000 bought in 2017 in Australia as there's only Ultegra Ci4 5500 size available in XSB model in US.during that time to pair it with my Shimano Tiralejo 12ft. And I find 10000 XSC or little heavier in weight to execute the cast. You can find the spec of my reel on the below link https://www.shimanofish.com.au/content/fish/oceania/au/en/homepage/productdetail.P-SRULTEGRACI4%2BXTB.html I hope by using an Australian model reel will not alter the Shimano long cast system suggested by Shimano USA. 4. Last I didn't understand some piece of info on l your 4th point especially Braid to Braid shock leader. Normally I use braid as a main line and is there a shock leader available on Braid ? I use a mono-filament as shock leader or Fluro carbon leaders. And mostly 4 - 5 oz sinker with 60 - 80 Lb as leader.
  10. Thanks for the explanation. I do like Akios Shuttle reels for long distance casting but didn't learn the art of using multipliers reels yet as we don't have easy access to this reels in India. We always need to import from other countries. Anyway its on my pipeline.
  11. Nice write up about a long distance casting. I am from India and I am avid surf fisher and exploring the long distance casting technique for past 2 years. Whether its a chunk of bait or a Lure I always want to cast farther 100 - 150 metres but always I could achieve is 70 - 90 meters and some times 100. I own a Penn Prevail 11ft fast action rod and Shimano Tiralejo 12ft Moderate fast action. Both paired with Shimano Ultegra 14000 XTB (Australian model). Unfortunately my Penn Prevail 11ft outcast the Shimano Tiralejo 12ft due to its fast action tip. My Shimao Tiralejo 12ft is some what parabolic and lighter in weight by fewer grams than my Penn rod. I am still wondering whether the fast action is really matters to produce the casting distance or its a technique that with any rod you can get the distance you want. I am also exploring other techniques like upgrading to other reels like Shimano Aero Technicum or Shimano Power Aero available in UK or Europe. Anybody can suggest whether the above reels can produce better casting distance compared to Shimano Ultegra ??? because I don't want to unnecessary spend my money.