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  1. Looking to purchase a saltwater fly vise, I am looking for a vise that can handle 4/0 sized hooks. Thanks, Dylan
  2. I am looking to get into tying for salt water fly's. From what I have gathered I will want to get a rotary vise. My next question is what size vise should I get, should I invest into a vise that will be able to hold 8/0 sized hooks, are could i settle for a vise that is rated to 4/0. I am looking for any and all input that will help me save money as well as possible tips that people wish someone told them before getting into it. Cheers, Dylan
  3. Still available? If so i'll take it.
  4. Yes I got the cortez for around 100$ They were the 580g blue mirror.
  5. Think Ive worked out a deal to get a g loomis NRX 8wt. Does anybody have any input on these rods?
  6. Interested in the reel. What year did You buy it? Thanks!!
  7. If anyone needs to pick up a cheap pair of costa del mars, Backcountry runs a sale every black friday with great deals.
  8. Yes I would think that the b 7040c would be an all around great striped bass/tog setup. It has great backbone as with a softer tip. Probably geared a bit more towards stripers but will still be a good rod for tog.
  9. It really all Depends, are you trolling the mojos with a three way tandem rig? Or are you fishing them single? But In either case, I recommend tying your braid to a swivle then to a 40-60lb leader depending on how many your trolling (you would use a three way if pulling two). But the knot i like to tie to swivles from braid would be a palomar, and if i was going straight from braid to a leader I would tie a improved albright.
  10. I dont know if that would make much sense. They way they rig marlin bait(at least sails and white marlin) is they take thin wire and rap it around an O-ring and punch the wire through the nose of the bait. Then they take the rest of the wire and rap it through behind the gill plate and then use it to attach a small egg sinker under the gill plate. So essentially the main reason behind the rigging of the bait is to make sure you can effectively switch your bait out quickly all while keeping the natural swimming motion of said bait(a majority of strikes also occur at the head of the bait).
  11. You have a number options. If you want a cheaper budget rod I would take a look a couple of rods. I am going to make you a good list. 1.sloopster xh- Would be a good all round striped bass chunking rod that you could easily fish any live bait with. This is the best bang for your buck imo. Also has a good warranty if that is a concern of yours. I believe this rods blank is the same as the trevala, so essentially you are getting the same rod listed below but at a different price point and a slightly different model. * 2. Shimano Trevala xh- This rod is a bit more expenisve but you can do just about any type of conventional striped bass fishing with this rod. This rod is also the best on this list for Dimond jigging. You could get a ligther rod but the nice part of the XH imo is that you can flip just about any sub 35lb fish with this rod. 3. Laminglass TFX 7040 CT- you are going to spend more money on this rod than any of the others, but in this is the best rod that is on the list. This is the best striped bass rod I have owned and will proably be the last one I buy as well. Not only does it have alot of backbone, but it is soft in the tip which gives you the ability to fell your bait moving. Like i said it is a bit expesive but well worth it if you end up fishing from a boat alot. Good luck this season, and many of the rods that were listed above are great choices as well, I just have personal experience with the rods that I have listed.
  12. I've done this a few times striper fishing when the fish takes me under the boat and I am worried of swing around the engines(Ive broken off a few times that way) sometimes it turns the fish in your favor.
  13. Thanks guys i've been checking out all of these great recommendations and deciding now if I want to buy a used higher end rod or a newer cheaper option or a discontinued or on sale rod such as the trade winds or a sage motive. I really appreciate all of the replies.
  14. I am certainly not just choosing the two rods I referenced in my first post, they were just the ones that I was narrowing down. I think I am going to get ride of the line I am using right now and switch to a 300 gr line. I am Upgrading my rod because I intend on using the st.croix right now as my Second set up. I moved from Long Island to New London. I just want to get my setups perfect. So any and all Input is appreciated and welcomed.