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  1. bump
  2. Looking to buy a gloomis pro 4x SS in 9/10
  3. Im gonna pass thanks
  4. I have a black 9+ that I am interested in trading for a Nautilus nvg 8/9 or a hatch 7+. I am interested in spare spools as well.
  5. March 12th to the 19th.
  6. I need help guys. I was on a planned trip to Puerto Rico(Payed for by my school). The funding was cut to the trip with recent developments regarding coronavirus. We are now scrambling to make plans. We are college student's so we are on a budget(there were paying for air bnb and car rental), our flights can be changed with no coast. We are trying to go somewhere, that we dont have to pay for a guide. I have come up with a list of possibilities. Any input would be appreciated guys. It seems like we may be FUBAR'D but there may be hope. The trip will be from march 12-19th 1. Islamorada(We can rent a flats boat for a few days at 215 a day) 2. Charleston South Carolina 3. Theres another trip by my school going to the OBX(Is there any good fly fishing there this time of year?
  7. The shinnecock inlet in the fall can be remarkable, you can catch albies right from the jetty as well as stripers. It sounds like you have fished montauk, but I would put the striped bass fishire there against any in the North East.
  8. Ive seen a school of bigger class fish at the butterfish hole(18 miles from MTK point) there were feeding on a big school of bait. So it wasnt too far offshore, but further than expected.
  9. Are you being a troll, or just that stupid.
  10. It sounds like he wants to make a SE CT fly club.
  11. I am Interested as well.
  12. I ended up getting a Renzetti salt water traveler. Thanks for all of the feedback guys.
  13. Thanks for the help guys, I took your advice and went with something that could hold up to 8/0 hooks.