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  1. 7/28/20 update: I've been fishing Montauk and other ocean beaches with my Penn Torque II and it is performing perfectly. On a typical day it's getting dunked and slammed with waves loading it with tons of sand, after giving it a shot/ dunk of deeper clean ocean goodness it is good to go. I am a RIGHT HAND RETREIVE GUY & this is by far the easiest bailess for me to use, getting line slapped onto spool is fool proof easy. I will post a detailed report on it's ability to keep water out of internals when the reel is serviced in Dec of 2020. Stay tunes boys n girls.
  2. Lami said they were taking care of the shipping $$ costs PRIOR to sending them the rod, that's why- LIARS...I trusted the statement in the email ( mistake )I thought it would be FREE , under warranty then they do the snake oil BS once they have my rod. I had to pay or would have nodda. They lied- period. Glad you have had nothing but good experience with them.
  3. Do you own a Lamiglas rod and think it's a great warranty? ( under 1 year old) if you have issues, and there are issues! unfortunately be prepared to lay out 45-50$$$ in shipping fees. I have a Lami " Insane surf 11" love the rod as my back up 11" but, the reel seat broke free on a nice fish 1 month ago. Lami was easy to deal with and from start to finish it was seamless getting a new rod from them. I paid $29.88 USPS to ship to WA, I was lucky to be able to finagle a 7 ft thick cardboard rod tube from my local shop. Lami calls and says " Hey Ken, we are shipping you a new rod, real seats have been falling apart on those Insane series, now fess up $ 20 for the shipping". I inquired about policy for shipping prior to shipping it in and have emails with BS replies like " we will work it out bla bla bla. Bottom line- I could have installed a new seat for $12 bucks. Buddies have GSB's blowing up on 2 oz poppers so it's not just the low level models with problems. My Rod Geeks is a go to- never fail surf rod ( built myself)
  4. Rejex is a boat wax, holds up 8-10 weeks at most. Chemical Guys makes a wide range of waxes, google them, good stuff and a huge selection of products. I agree with the others undercarriage is what to watch. I spray down my undercarriage every trip when doing my reels, weather it is helping hold off the ever looming rust on brake lines and frame- not sure.
  5. update: I was treated like royalty by the Penn Rep. and Penn tackle. I am a loyal Penn guy and always have been. Customer service was outstanding ( thank you Tony ) & the reel is a beast. FYI, I fish hard and the Torque II 7500 is in Montauk and big surf most every trip. Guess what VS guys, my Penn is sealed and it will be serviced annually at my local shop, stay tuned sometime in DEC 2020 I will post the findings that will be from my shop on how watertight the reel is. I LOVE this reel!!!
  6. excellent idea ( FG knot ) going to try it out. Been using the Alberto but want a smaller profile knot. thnxx for posting
  7. Tony, I appreciate this very much- thank you. I guess I don't have the luxury of sending PM's yet, there is no option for me to do so. Here is my email, please send me a quick note so I have yours and can provide my information for the UPS label. Thanks again. Ken
  8. You may have a Van Staal for right hand retrieve by 2021, that's the rumor from the melville ( NY )show last week. In the meantime, right hand retrieve guys have a few options. Spinfisher by Penn, they make two bailess spinfishers 4500 & 6500. I own both and they are great especially since they are $140 and $168 reels! Penn Torque 5500 and 7500 bailess. I just bought a 7500 bailess and it has an issue when retrieving, it has too much friction/ holds up a bit at a certain point on rotation. Penn will make it right, that reel can be "skished" with all day long and it won't have any issues. Lastly, Tsunami saltx 600/4000 I own a saltX6000 and it's fished hard 7 months a year so far, so good. That is a fully sealed reel for $ 389 and mine is submerged all day long as I " cane walk" it in Montauk. VS are great but right now you do have some options and all range from $140 to $750. That leaves $$$ for more nice Dark Matter and Super Strike plugs, ohh baby.
  9. one of mine may fit...I make a universal smaller style, this fits Manley small pliers and others close to that. I make a Van Staal 7'5 inch plier carrier as well. Not sure what your dimensions are...the width is a most critical measurement. These don't snap into place like a gun holster must do. They fit in with a little room and don't come flying out ( I fish Montauk with other guys that use mine) and they stay put while skishing and getting knocked down. Besides they have a lanyard so they cant get lost.
  10. super lube is my go to grease. I put a lot in my Penn spinfishers, not packed but dam close. The reason is the Penn reels will allow the spool to rotate a bit while casting and putting about 75-80% capacity slows that down so it never rotates too much on a bailess set up ( line roller needs to stay down at 6 O clock etc..
  11. Boga carrier with 2' belt loop
  12. That ain't bad at all...I make these with a 2' surf belt closed belt loop as most guys that are into surfishing have a 2' belt.
  13. Hoping to hear back fro Tony on this. I bought a new in the box torque 7500 bailess on line and it has a problem at 6 days old. I can feel an additional amount ( sticking ) when retrieving . I have handle on right side of reel. The resistance is making the handle literally stop- this occurs from the 1 Oclock to 4 Oclock positions. I am sending my reel in ASAP along with proof I bought it new on Feb29th, 2020. 1. I hope this can be properly fixed & 2. It's costing me about $30-35 $$ to ship a reel that is brand new in for warranty repairs. This reel is the flagship reel for Penn and before it has been on a rod it's got issues? I feel I should not be paying a penny for anything this reel needs. Had I bought in person I would have refused this reel as the problem is glaringly obvious. TONY- HELP me here. I own 17 Penn reels and I am a loyal Penn guy. Cust service told me to ship it in and inc proof of purchase but made no promises concerning my shipping expense. Thanks and I will post when this soap opera is concluded . Captain Ken Lucano - USCG 297346 PS: as a charter skipper that's about to get busy ( Long Island-based ) I hope this is resolved swiftly ) as I intended on using it to earn money soon.
  14. Hired a guide in Montauk last week, he had a hybrid pencil of yours and it's a must-have lure. Have one and more coming, high quality & built tough with VMC hooks/Rosco split rings. Cast like a bomber! ( 3.5 oz Hybrid pencil popper ) . Great value, buy mine from Tomo's tackle online.
  15. Not giving advice just thanking you for this topic. I am in need of a "real" cooler after a few days in Montauk using my igloo 120 Qt. Looking into Pelican and RTIC Yeti too much $$$ coin. Thanks to all that posted info! Now if we can frikkin' nail keeper fish, late June and the tally on the eastern NoFo is 14 shorts, 18 to 23.