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  1. Spring time is shrimp time!!! We have huge numbers of mantis shrimp in the Peconics and the bass devour them......Look for lighted docks, jetties, boat slips etc at night. All those black/orange "sea robin" plugs are more likely mantis shrimp imitations.
  2. Yes....I still have it. Just got back from vacation so a little delinquent on reply.
  3. squids....?
  4. You got it. Closed. Thanks
  5. You got it. PM you the details. Thanks, closed
  6. Im sure you have already bought what you are looking for, but I will say that I have never bought anything second hand except the last three outboards I have. I have 2 Zukis and 1 Honda all 4 stroke and all have at least 3000 hours on them after purchase and they all work beautifully. Like anything you buy second hand, the owner got rid of it for a reason; either it didn't work right, money got tight or there were other personal unrelated issues ( all which you already understand ). If the numbers add up I wouldn't hesitate to buy a used 4 stroke outboard. All that said....... I am selling my last and favorite Webbers Cove. So...................
  7. Very good condition 706Z - $115 shipped FIRM
  8. Very good condition 704 - $100 shipped FIRM
  9. $30 shipped