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  1. Winch Pikie for $35?
  2. 90 is a deal.
  3. Offer $85 shipped
  4. I'll take the parrot and the yellow (top one).
  5. Looking to buy a Century SS1327 Spinning rod or something similar. Will have to be shipped most likely.
  6. $300 shipped, and you got a deal. PP?
  7. Hows the condition? Custom or factory? What are you asking for it?
  8. Looks like a good rod at a good price. But, it's not quite what I am looking for right now.
  9. I saw it the other day, a little long.
  10. Maryland. I'm flexible to meet in S NJ or Philly Area.
  11. Nice Bull Red. They come in well into Tangier in the Spring time. The past week here mid bay has been still the same as June. The only consistency is that the fish are sparse. Topwater hasn't been good, going subsurface in order to compensate for the lack of fish. Now that it's been getting warmer, I'm now turning away from Rockfish and towards other quarry or going nocturnal.
  12. $450 shipped?
  13. A kayak opens so much opportunity. And the Ocean can be good at certain times, have to pick the dates wisely. I've learned to be flexible and capitalize on the opportunities presented. Fishing hard when the best chance of catching good fish and pressure is low, basically the spring. In the summer and fall, it's trips up north. Around here, I switch to different targets other than stripers when it gets hot. As the quality of fishery for stripers in the Bay have declined, others have increased.
  14. How'd you read my mind? You hit the nail on the head. Which leads me to believe its a common sentiment around here. A club based location is interesting. A kayak is probably in the future.
  15. I'll take it for $300 shipped.
  16. I agree, AACO has been already affected. The parks are all swamped and most closed by 10am on nicer days. If you follow the Maryland State Parks statuses. Most, if not all of the parks that have beaches are closing due to full capacity, even weekdays. Much more common so far this summer. In the past this has been reserved for select weekends and holidays. Lots of the people seem to be from "out-of-town." MoCo, HoCo, NOVA etc. If you have been out fishing at from any public access spots, this is no surprise to you. The overcrowding has been present all spring and summer. Local tackle shops are crazy, all are running out of bloodworms and other popular things. One of the many signs of the increase of people fishing. I've abandoned all spots that have any public notoriety. They've been ruined by pressure and litter. Makes me a little sad to see. Finding tucked away and neglected spots has been the key. Going at off times helps too. Another thing that is evident now is the lack of public spaces in the area. The DMV area has too high of a population for the public resources present at the time. I hope officials take notice and start planning for more opportunities, which I'm dubious of.
  17. Oh i gotcha. There's a couple restaurants right off 213 when you cross the Sassafras. In the the marina area. One is the Grainary and it's a good spot
  18. Looks like they're used for mainly for Carp. Interesting stuff. Now if only to get people to switch over. Can be a little odd and wonky at first glance. But, I can see it used like a net. The fish would be swung into the sling in the water (big fish sort of give up at the boat anyway), lifted onto the boat with the handles, weighed, pictures, and released with it. For the safety of the fish, that's definitely the best thing going.
  19. Lots of options down there, I like Harris Crabhouse on the Narrows.
  20. Looks good. I haven't tried the T-wing, but have heard good things. I might pick one up, it can be a better option for casting larger plugs.
  21. Very true. There is some technique that has to go with it, supporting the body etc. Seeing a big fish held up by just their lower lip to weigh it makes me cringe a little. However, the fish is going to be released versus weighed at the dock or the tackle shop. That's worth something. Until they make a good device that's a net with a scale in it or something of the sorts. We'll have to make due with what we have.
  22. Looks like an awesome trip. I'm sure that top fish made that Mako work.
  23. Korkers at the canal is good insurance. Not needed, but I like to have as sure footing as I can. I originally used hiking boots. For damp mornings or lower tides, I like to have korkers on. Afternoons and night, boots work ok. It only takes a hot sec to fall.
  24. I've seen charters now using bogas. They will weigh the fish on a boga, which gives the customers the fish's weight, since they can't keep them to weigh later. Then use the boga to flip the fish over the gunnel into the water. They then can easily hold the fish in the water and revive it. Not too much more work. Win-Win.
  25. x4 is good for the price, can find it cheap. Only used 15 and 20lb. You can tell its rougher and stiffer than x8. Have had no problems with it. I like it sometimes for light tackle jigging around structure where I get rubbed a lot and don't mind cutting off longer lengths of braid. The x8 along with the x8 grand has been my go to for 80% of the rest of my stuff.