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  1. I'll take the five cowboys on the bottom and the five from the right on the top row dannys.
  2. Where in MD are you located?
  3. Is that spinning? What reel would you recommend? Or conventional.
  4. So a gosa 6000 at 16 oz might not balance well? What would be better? Stradic 5000 might not be strong enough.
  5. Would an 8’ Weapon handle a good sized cobia while pitching eels or 2-3oz bucktails? How about jigging or live baiting bull reds? All from a boat. 6000 sized reel.
  6. Fishing has been so-so in the mid bay. Mainly focusing on shallow water fishery in the early/late hours with the heat. Was a lot better earlier this month before the storms/rain late last week. Small blues have moved in. No Spanish north of poplar. They don’t seem to move up this year. Plenty of bait for them.
  7. Is this a different rod than the earlier post? How’s the condition of the cork? Tip?
  8. I will take lot 2 please.
  9. 15 and 18 please.
  10. I’ll take the BM.
  11. I will take the needle.
  12. I’d do $55 shipped.
  13. All good suggestions above. I'd do a few things before you go if I were you. First, I'd go watch a few John Skinner vids on fluking, he demonstrates his philosophy on rigging, drifting, technique etc. It can help. He has a unique jigging technique that lends itself to bucktails and gulp, but you don't have to use it if you're going with minnows. You can see how he works his drift and what he looks for. Second, I'd look at the tide charts and see what current directions you'll be seeing when you get out there. Third, I would poke around the Navionics webapp for potential spots. As what was said before, channel edges are a good spot to look at. Having a list of a few spots before you go out helps. You can judge the depths you'll be dealing with. This also ties in with number 2 on which direction the drift will be. Hope that helps.
  14. How do the Yo-Zuri Twitchbaits compare to a Sebile Stick Shadd? Walk the dog sub surface? Reel, twitch, reel, twitch...? Or more of a straight reel with twitches here and there?
  15. Not really sure if one does anything better, just different at this point. I will be fishing both of them this spring. The 5" Topknocker is new, so I can't really attest to how it can compare in catching fish yet to the great HP, but I'm optimistic.