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  1. In surfcasting, you don’t have the luxury of a boat where you can bring all of your lures with you. You have to pick and choose based on the conditions. How many lures do you typically bring on a single trip that are quickly accessible? Also, how many in the vehicle?
  2. You can usually tell a shore fisherman from a boat fisherman based on how sensitive they are to spot burning. The boat fisherman does well enough that they typically fear people who dont even have a boat, will suddenly be at their spot the very next day.
  3. Hello all, I bought a variety of swimbaits (Fin-S-Fish and Diesel Minnowz) in the 5 to 7 inch range. For the life of me, I cant seem to rig them on a jig head. I mustve wasted about 10 of them, and I still cant get it right. Does anybody else struggle with this?
  4. It sounds like most of you just rig it the traditional way. Some of you have suggested a easier method which may not be quite as sturdy (in terms of keeping the hook in place). I have not fished it but I did find it quite a bit easier. I found a YouTube video to visualize it.
  5. Sir Defyable’s post is pretty useful in that thread even though he’s not using a jig head there. It’s still tedious, but that technique seems a bit easier with the bigger soft plastics (5+ inches) than the typical way of doing it.
  6. Have you used the Owner Beast hooks with Sluggos?
  7. Theyre the V-lock jig heads by Fish Head. At first I thought my problems may be due to the V-lock but when I trimmed it down I still had issues
  8. Who else was fishing in the CT River today? I didnt see any signs of life.
  9. Since I have both, I just compared the Gamakatsu Octopus Circle 4X in 9/0 and the Mustad Demon Perfect Circle in 9/0. They have basically the same amount of gap. They're different styles though...and have completely different price points (per hook).
  10. Sorry to hear that. Beach associations own way too much of the waterfront property in CT. Often times they’ll have handicap parking, but the rest of the accommodations that they need (ramp, etc.) are non-existant.
  11. Is this THE Afterhours?! Didnt even know you were on here (I’m new). Looking to get some of your plugs in the near future.
  12. The public beach access in CT is so limited that unfortunately they would never allow that. Forces you to bring more than you need unless you don't mind a 5 minute walk to your car.
  13. Hello. Has anyone tried the new Triumph Inshore rods by St.Croix? Ive been thinking about buying one to use for when I’m fishing in rivers or bays. If you have used it, what has been your experience? Also, which model(s) did you use.
  14. Ive seen some reviews that said the MH Triumph Inshore is a little stiff. Is that something you have noticed? How has that rod worked for you so far.
  15. Yeah the Stratic Fl 4000 is a pretty light reel. From the info on their website it appears to be 9.9 oz. Thats less than the Diawa BG 3000 (at 10.8 oz)
  16. I have a BG 4000 on my 9’ mojo surf. It’s pretty balanced. So naturally I would probably go with a BG 3000 or BTLIII3000 if I decide to get the Triumph.
  17. Good luck. Did you get the M or MH?
  18. Thanks for your input! To tell you the truth, I thought the Triumph Inshore was just a black rod. I’m color blind lol. I dig the aqua color of the Mojo Inshore though!
  19. Thanks I would appreciate that!
  20. Ive done some research on this topic. A 7’ - 7’ 6” fast action rod seems to be the most popular setup for bay fishing. Where most people will differ here is whether to choose medium or medium-heavy power.
  21. I was trying to convey that they were hiding behind a facade. Yeah, it was an overreaction. Having said that its not just the clips, its basically half my order, and its still missing. I still need to figure out what the situation is on that.
  22. I thought typical pencil popping rods have a slower action? Yet here you're saying 1102m with a “fast tip” is good for pencil popping? Having said that. What does the OP want to use the rod for? For throwing bait or plugs?
  23. Received my order today from TD. I ordered hooks, mono leader, and 75lb Tactical Anglers clips that were not included in the package. Under my account it only has one tracking number listed. This is definitely something they should've notified me of, especially if the other stuff is not on the way. They have a fancier website then all of the other tackle shops and tackle suppliers but theyre certainly showing their incompetence
  24. For the users that have been on here for a long time... Do you recall how you found this website? I assume most of the newer users (including myself) just found it while googling things about striper fishing. I'd like to hear about how the older users found it though.
  25. There is no "relationship" involved when someone delivers your pizza, but you're still expected to give them something for their service. I agree with the other thing you said though. The guide is probably expecting at least 15%.