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  1. I was trying to convey that they were hiding behind a facade. Yeah, it was an overreaction. Having said that its not just the clips, its basically half my order, and its still missing. I still need to figure out what the situation is on that.
  2. I thought typical pencil popping rods have a slower action? Yet here you're saying 1102m with a “fast tip” is good for pencil popping? Having said that. What does the OP want to use the rod for? For throwing bait or plugs?
  3. Received my order today from TD. I ordered hooks, mono leader, and 75lb Tactical Anglers clips that were not included in the package. Under my account it only has one tracking number listed. This is definitely something they should've notified me of, especially if the other stuff is not on the way. They have a fancier website then all of the other tackle shops and tackle suppliers but theyre certainly showing their incompetence
  4. For the users that have been on here for a long time... Do you recall how you found this website? I assume most of the newer users (including myself) just found it while googling things about striper fishing. I'd like to hear about how the older users found it though.
  5. There is no "relationship" involved when someone delivers your pizza, but you're still expected to give them something for their service. I agree with the other thing you said though. The guide is probably expecting at least 15%.
  6. So they arent up anymore?
  7. I placed an order with them on the 13th. The order on my account page says “pending” but I just got a shipping confirmation email. Looks like its about to ship though because the label has been created
  8. I dont mean to single out the OP but this guys posts have been terrible lately
  9. I recently downloaded an app called AyeTides. It seems to work pretty well. I cant verify the accuracy because I just got it. It cost me a few bucks but its work it because it also has many locations where the current speed is displayed as well. Only downfall is that it doesn't have a graph for the tides
  10. What do you mean by light tackle? Anything under 1 oz?
  11. Yes, although I primarily fish for stripers, I was basically talking about any type of fishing. If stripers cant see mono leaders anyways then it certainly cant hurt to have a fluoro leader (because it’ll be less visible). So having said that, my question was mostly about the action. Does fluoro have a significant negative impact the action of a topwater plug?
  12. Theres nothing racist about what Trump has said
  13. Yeah I think that'd be an interesting debate. I guess I always just suspected more people use mono than fluoro for topwater. I'm suprised this topic hasn't been hashed out on these forums before (or at least I couldn't find anything like it)
  14. This may sound like a newbie question, but does anybody use fluorocarbon leaders when throwing topwater plugs like pencil poppers or surface minnows? Or are you better off to sticking with monofilament leaders for that type of fishing(because it would float)?
  15. It cant be the gas can companies that are deciding to make the changes. It must be a government regulation dreamed up by politicians that have never used one in their life. Otherwise you'd still see at least a few companies out their still selling the old style.