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  1. Used to do the same in a 1969 14' Starcraft, when eels were less than a $1 apiece, around the rockpiles / ledges of Jamestown, RI.
  2. I believe it was Frank Sinatra that coined that phrase.
  3. Very good tasting fish. Had them as Sashimi this past summer...can't believe it took this long to realize.
  4. Yes...there's a place in Woonsocket, RI called Ye Olde English, that wrapped in local newspaper.
  5. Awesome hook! Use it for ice fishing w/ shiners, as well. Needle sharp!
  6. I'd rather be told that, than that I act like an old man.
  7. Many truck chasers back in the day (early 80's) in the Douglas / Uxbridge area...one was a well known outdoor article writer for the Worcester Telegram,.
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