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  1. Just say NO!
  2. I'm going to Hazard a guess....
  3. I've actually done very well with lighter colored eels on dark, moonless nights.
  4. I was hit head on by a guy w/o headlights on...they sent the rear bulbs to a lab, to see if they were illuminated at impact...they were not. Yes, he died on impact.
  5. Yes. Smallish fillets, for the size of the fish...a piece of foil, butter and add whatever you enjoy with other fish...peppers, onions, tomatoes, salsa, etc, etc. White, flaky flesh and not bad at all.
  6. It looked like it was feeding on a bluefish.
  7. A good name for a 9.6.
  8. They got that from the movie Jaws.
  9. No injuries...that's good. Hope they got the fishing gear out.
  10. Let's go Celtics!
  11. There are...as well as at Gillette Stadium.
  12. My son and I will be at the state house today, hoping to make a difference.
  13. I live alone and I have a 12 ga pump next to my bed, without a shell in the chamber, but with 4 behind it, for that very reason...I want that racking sound to be the first and last sound they hear!
  14. ...and they are... "10% State cannibas excise / 7% RI sales / 3% local municipality where the sale takes place."