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  1. No, not at all. But I will say, that I have a totally different viewpoint of the saltwater "pesks".
  2. Yes, last year down at a friends beach house in Pt. Judith, caught a couple and decided to fillet and grill them...just butter, salt, pepper and garlic powder, wrapped in foil...delicious! (I can hear all the groans). Lol
  3. The chasing is mostly a male/female thing. Take a look at the coloring differences, the next time you see it happening. The males (brighter colored) are usually chasing the females. Go figure.
  4. Lmao!!
  5. Yes, they are Atlantic Chub Mackerel...friends have been catching them this past week near SoCo beaches.
  6. Very true. Know your rights and stand by them.
  7. Was at a SoCo outflow yesterday morning around 10am with an incoming tide and there were numerous schools of mixed bass and blues pushing bait up along the sandbar. Blues were up to 10lbs and Stripers were 20-25". Lots of fun on light tackle.
  8. Join the majority! It sucks!!
  9. It's a sunken barge...don't know the specifics, as to when and how it got there.
  10. Why, is that when they bite the best?
  11. Hey all, I'm new to the group, but would like to hear the details on this.
  12. Yeah, right now the does are pushing last years young ones away, so they can can deliver the new fawns. That's why there are a lot of young deer running around, crossing roads and getting hit. June is the second highest car/deer collision month, second to November, when the rut is on.