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  1. Fished the SW corner of a local island Sat morn 6-10am...32 bass (29 cookie cutter 23"-26"), 2 in the slot and one approx 30 lbs. An awesome morning in the fog.
  2. Have to move around to avoid them. I'll be out there Saturday, also.
  3. They usually attack a fish from the rear, so as not to be seen coming...thus the fish facing forward in flight.
  4. Correct on all aspects, PB. Have fished that area quite a bit over the years...dug littlenecks there, also.
  5. A fillet knife is your friend...a small gaff (when legal) is also a very good deterrent.
  6. High heat, cast iron pan + butter = Nice sear!
  7. He said, "no MAN has dominion over me"....
  8. Ok.....now THAT'S just not right!!!!
  9. This is an excerpt from an article I posted (#45) from the other day... "DEM also said opening day of the trout-fishing season has been delayed,..."
  10. http://www.dem.ri.gov/programs/managementservices/licenses/fishing-licenses.php
  11. You can buy a stamp on the DEM's website.
  12. It better be because it's 10pm...otherwise, that's not even funny!!
  13. Oh, he definitely was breaking the law. I guess he figured, because it was so early in the morning, no enforcement would be out.