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  1. I like to use 1/2oz to start and move up if I need to. Color is usually white or grey. I think messing around with color is a waste of time. If I miss a bite because red would have worked better, so be it. It's all about presentation. I like tungsten because lead is **** but that's just me.
  2. I fish from a kayak a lot on the river. It helps. If the weather holds, I'm going try an SP (maybe silver) and replace the treble hooks with a single hook. Cut down on the profile. Maybe live line a tail hooked sunny. But you're right, bait from the bank is catfish territory.
  3. Maybe I'm letting the cat out of the bag. The river holds resident fish.
  4. So the last couple years I've been snorkeling along the Delaware and have seen more than a few large fish. Stripers, cats, bass, trout, carp. Sometimes I'm in holes where I'd expect these fish, other times I'm in riffles or slower water and they surprise me. I see reports of big fish from the Delaware but I'd be interested to know if anyone is trophy fishing there? I'm gonna start targeting bigger fish and would like to swap ideas if anyone has anything. I guess naming spots is out but I've hooked some big cats on cut bait. I'm thinking of throwing a 7in Keitech on the regular for bass of all varieties, pike/musky. I think this might be better for the freshwater forum but maybe not?
  5. Out front. Ocean County. Small blues on Storms. Small blues on SPs. Small blues on bait. Small blues... but I'm not blue because I'm fishing. Saw a guy catch an Albie. I didn't even realize what he was doing until it was to late.
  6. We would catch them pretty easy in the Raritan when I was a kid. We would chum them in with a can of cat food. Used worms or liver pieces. We sold them, usually $1/eel. Sometimes we would hook up with a carp or big cat. If I were interested is fishing with eels, I'd set up a live well with a cooler and find a spot. I'd imagine getting the right size would be the hardest part.
  7. Ocean county, backwater. Sent 5 storm shad to the grave by way of blue fish. Wish the blues were a little bigger. Lost a smallish bass at the net.
  8. I've crabbed past Indigenous Peoples Day successfully. Once a big fall storm comes through it seems to shut it down in the shallows.
  9. Inside, Ocean County, last night and this morning. Plenty of blues wrecking soft plastic. Had a huge blow up on a yellow sp, but didn't hook up. Kayaking the back channels was fun, seems like plenty of bait, just need something to eat it.
  10. LBI this afternoon. Small blues in the surf, a left over keeper sized fluke and early short sea bass. All on a Keitech with a 1/2 jig head. I did see someone with a keeper tog and a few nice blues.
  11. You've insulted the godking. Anything we can do to slow down the influx of trash, plastic, ect is a step in the right direction. I don't care who put their name on the straw.
  12. I strip down my kayak for travel. I keep a fishing box and the stuff box (FF, flag, PFD, etc). I did leave my seat behind last week which ruined a trip. I can go from parking to the water in about 20/25 minutes.
  13. Yesterday, out back in OC. From the kayak. 5 short fluke. Biggest was about 15. Didn't get a hit on Gulp. They all wanted a swimming shad on a 1/4 plain jighead. Also lost a nice sized blue right at the boat, which is a perfect blue release for me.