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  1. since when? so every time someone posts a picture you will squash it correct.. must be nice being the internet nazi..
  2. Please pass along his name and address please, your name would help as well. I may be fishing in CT early Monday morning and could possible stop by. I am building some lure prototypes.. Thanks, Tommy
  3. In middlesex or Union county that does small prototype work. Thanks, Tommy
  4. (*edited - Tom, you are not allowed to advertise or promote your products here. It's considered commercial use of these forums. Please see our guidelines: TimS)
  5. Used engine about $700.00 with between 100K and 150K miles . 1999 or 2000 suburban can be had for around $3000 with about 120K miles..
  6. Anyone know a shop that sells it in NJ? Thanks, Tommy
  7. Has anyone had success installing these on clear flylines with good results?
  8. Stop the search and purchase the Colton..
  9. (*Edited - that's now how the BST Forums work Tom - if you want to use the BST Forums here, read the rules and shoot me a PM when you have. TimS)
  10. (*Edited - Tom, if you make them or even offer to sell them to someone here, you'll be violating the rules - we do NOT allow anyone to sell items they make in these forums. We never have, not in all the nearly 12 years you've been a member here. TimS)
  11. Hi Guys, have a new sand eel jig project that I am working on and need advice on split rings. So who makes the best, strongest, cheapest split ring these days? Thanks,,
  12. Try tieing them Buffy style.
  13. Look at Colton !!
  14. I expect no support from anyone ever in NC...You don't have a very good track record when it comes to conservation..
  15. For not showing up last night in Toms River NJ in support of the bill to reduce the taking of bunker.. The commercial guys showed up and out numbered us 10 to 1.. So no more whining from any of you when the reduction boats move in this Spring and whip out all of them..