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  1. Sorry ZAFisher the site wasn't letting me respond to my post on my phone, so I logged in on a computer finally, I am usually practicing at the baseball field with a 6oz lead inside a tennis ball. The technique ive been trying is to rest the lead on the ground straight out from the rod tip, pull the line taunt and then let it rip.
  2. Hello, I have been fishing with a conventional reel for about a year now, and in that time I have been trying different techniques I've watched on YouTube, and seen in magazines. Currently I have a Penn squall 15, and a Daiwa Seagate 35h, (a Penn Fathom 15 is on the way). I have just finished my first custom casting rod as well. A 13 foot Extra Heavy Rod Geeks Rod, with this build I custom built it to my arm length and also placed the guides in the proper Static load position. This all being said I'm maxing out my cast right now at the local ball field right around 400 feet I think my maximum cast was 412. As far as line goes I'm using a 80 pound suffix superior shock leader with a Bimini twist into a 17lb test suffix tritanium plus mainline per a recommendation from someone on the forum. So now you know my setup my question is how can I improve what are your casting techniques your setup's and your opinion's. Also this is all for fishing for red drum down in NC. Thanks in advance to you all.
  3. Alright, im planning on fishing for red drum this season, and i plan on coming down to jennettes pier to do so. I really want to fish the tournament this year just for the fun of it, and i would also really like to fish hatteras as well. So the reason i post this is if i can get as much knowledge from you guys as i can i would really appreciate it. Ive seen so many guys hook up on them through the years and it looks like loads of fun, this year the goal is to land my first bull red. Thanks in advance
  4. sounds good
  5. Being my first build i was going to tape it on and kinda get a feel for where im gonna like it for the punch pull.
  6. How do i pm you with questions
  7. Thanks for the help i decided togo with your suggestions thank you.
  8. I got a good hit on the line and thought it got off and this guy was on the end. What is this fish.
  9. Thanks guys for your input I'm sure ill have more questions on my build when i start hopefully in two weeks. Ill be in contact.
  10. From what I've researched myself because I'm new to rod building as well, it is the distance between your first guide (the stripper guide) and the reel seat. If its to close your line will over run the guide and if its to far away it will slap the blank.
  11. Probably another penn squall 15 or a fathom 30. I use 20lb mono main line (i dont know what the diameter is) into an 80 lb fluro shock leader .80 mm . Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank will do how will i determine if its pure cork or not?
  13. Hello, i’m new to this forum and new to rod building. I was told about this forum and that there would be plenty of guys with years of north carolina (east coast) knowledge on red drum fishing. My goal is to build a heaver for fishing at hatteras and off the end of Jennettes pier. My list of rod components are as follows. Rod geeks SRF130HMF2 Fuji guides KW 30, 25, 20, 16, 12, and then 10, size 10 ring’s Fuji tip top CCMNAT 10 (10) Fuji dpsm reel seat 24 mm Batson uv resistant butt cap Fuji ultra poly thread size D Cork tape and shrink wrap to go over it. If anyone can tell me if im missing something or help me with this build, knowledge is power and im ready to learn because i would like to possibly build more. Thank you in advance!