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  1. I fear you will have trouble finding one rod that meets all your needs as stated. Kind of like one gun for squirrels and moose- you're gonna be badly equipped for at least one of them. Give some serious thought to 2 outfits more tailored to your needs. they do not have to be expensive (though they sure can be).
  2. BTW Trout Magnet also markets some very fine Trout SOS line in 2,4,6 lb that is great stuff and very conservatively rated. All I use only light/ultra light anymore.
  3. Where can we get the particulars of these new blanks? Availability and price(s)?
  4. Going over some older reels that I still own and wondered if anyone else likes to fish with older tackle just for it's own sake, at least occasionally. I come by this naturally as a long time fan of cane rods and single action reels. There is a Mitchell 302 in near new condition with a fiber disc drag upgrade, a DAM Quick 4000 with (gasp) an asbestos drag, and a Quick 550. In their day- say 50yrs ago- they were considered pretty good stuff and still work perfectly. I tried the Quicks last year on local stripers and was quite pleased, they're no Stradic but quite capable. What old stuff do you still use? PS Some of the looks you get are priceless.
  5. For panfish you probably need to orient towards cover- for some reason we all seem to cast tight to the banks. Tree tops, rocky structures, weed beds all are worth a close look. I keep a 4 wt flyrod with me and a small assortment of poppers, wooly buggers, and wet flies. Many days saved and besides I'm kinda wild for brim. PS willow fly hatch started yesterday!
  6. The fiberglass rod with turned wooden handles and Pezon michel reel date from the 50's and are probably intended for light salt use. Still usable, although venerable. The 308 Mitchell is a nice little ultra light freshwater outfit suitable for smaller fish although I have caught stripers to 10 pounds or so on one (not intentionally). Both need a clean up and a little love. The rod needs guide replacement rather desperately, they are only "U" shaped because the ring of the guide is gone.. I have both of these reels and the Mitchells still see regular service, I have 5 308s & 408s. I would probably wall hang the Pezon outfit after a really good cleaning. Nice mid century tackle.
  7. Going to stay home and fire my Parrott rifles (2.9") and mortars. The 7 incher makes a hell of a boom.
  8. Hi, Are you willing to ship to continental USA 37804?
  9. Soak the joint overnight with a good penetrating lube like Liquid Wrench and try rubber grip pads to give you a really good grip on the pole. Do you have to remove the pin or is it spring loaded?
  10. Weight range and power rating please?
  11. Interesting and unique but also butt ugly. Not as bad as a sea robin though.
  12. My sympathies go out to her and her family. Even though I know it is irrational, my ocean swimming has been severely curtailed ever since seeing Jaws when it first came out. While I live in the mountains (where black bears DO in fact eat a few tourists occasionally) I'm leery of things that are further up the food chain.
  13. There is a St Croix Premier 3pc 7' travel rod on ebay now, bidding @ $70.00. Over about 4 pm.
  14. 1+ on the no, if there is any doubt release it. Besides, a fish raised on Purina Trout Chow tastes pretty much like what it ate.
  15. I guess that I'd take my 9' Scott STS 909 3 9wt, with 9 & 10wt lines. It's all I've got for salt.