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  1. Re fishing a cane rod, if it is in good condition you can fish it without fear. I regularly fish rods older than 100yrs in freshwater, for trout, bass, and panfish. Just keep in mind that a rod like yours is almost certainly a trout rod 5~6 wt. Look it over carefully or have a knowledgeable friend do so. Nice rod whoever made it.
  2. Try Fin Addict out of Isle of Palms, Chris Wilson @ 843 224 7462. He has a nice website too. I have fished with Chris a number of times and never been disappointed, nice guy.
  3. The 'Founding fish' is the American Shad , very tasty. The Hickory is very oily and makes great striper bait.
  4. There are still half a dozen here, mostly females. Since temps have dipped into the 40's the last couple of nights I suspect they will be moving on South shortly. They have provided hours of entertainment all summer and I'll miss them.
  5. Hi, I know Edisto is a little south of this group's range but I wonder if anyone can shine a little light on the fishing here during October. I have done a lot of fishing for Reds in Bulls Bay and Grays Bay north of Charleston and the Edisto State Park via flyrod. What might be present during this period and are there areas you would recommend? Have adequate spinning gear for light salt. Threw in a SM pic from the backyard.
  6. I have found that any scent of oils or fuel on you hands is death to todays fishing. Started carrying half a bar of soap in a baggy and washing thoroughly. It'll get the stank off ya.
  7. Fishing is great for them here in East TN right now. Took a buddy out on FT Loudon 2 days ago and he took 7 large carp, 3 bass, a 3lb channel cat and dozens of big bream on a ugly black popper in about 2 hours. Have found that it pays to find a new hatch with lots of fliers, fish early cause they will get full & picky, fish under the overhanging trees. A local guide had a 40+ day with 2 sports although they managed to break 2 8wt rods for him.
  8. 1494 or 1945 will work fine, been using them for 50 years now, no issues at all.
  9. Now put a tarp over it to discourage critters , leaves, and dirt. Nice boat!
  10. Another thumbs up for Interstate. Last year I had to replace both my starting and trolling batteries that had been in the boat since I bought it 4 years ago. Got to looking and noticed the tags said 13 years on the motor and 11 years on the trolling. Went straight to the Interstate warehouse and reloaded.
  11. Own both the 5.5' UL and 7' ML St. Croix. The ML is the more useful of the pair. The 5.5' UL is undergunned for much of anything over a couple pounds.
  12. Something to keep in mind is that their sense of smell is acute, any odor from you hands (gas, lunch, cigarettes etc) will cause them to shun a bait. I keep a small bar of Ivory in the boat and wash thoroughly before handling bait and terminal tackle.
  13. Something everyone needs to keep in mind is that the 1st vaccine lots will be going to front line health care workers, not the general public. It will be mid 2021 before enough has been manufactured to allow any significant portion of the population in this country to begin receiving the vaccines. Reality bites.
  14. Probably because there was a couple of feet of dick hanging down the side.
  15. If nobody has suggested this, take your wallet out of your back pocket. If you've got one with any thickness, sitting on it can and will cause sciatic nerve pain. Stick it in your front pocket and impress people.