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  1. What lines do you have available? While I'm not a charity I do give lines to local kids just getting started.
  2. Bought some acreage on Tennessee's Little River years ago and the wife and I drew up a site maintenance plan to address our individual concerns. The acre and a half immediately around the house is maintained in a state that does not encourage wildfire or snakes while the remainder and river corridor are designated as "two steps above a howling wilderness". Suits us.
  3. I've got some enormous Decievers that were tied for salt use, I'll try them next time I'm there. We have caught stripers here with some regularity in the 15~30 lb range, love it when they are smashing poppers on top.
  4. Friday evening 2 friends and I were fishing the tailrace below FT Loudon dam with spinning tackle for whatever was interested. Noticed two guys with fly rods that were really whacking the river herring, aka Tennessee Tarpon. Tail walking, leaping, nice runs- looked like a blast. They were using 250 grain sink tips and white Clousers. Going back tomorrow and see if they still want to play, they can weigh up to 5 or 6 lbs. PS the stripers eat them like candy.
  5. Took the boat below Ft. Loudon dam Friday evening with very mixed results. Caught a keeper walleye, 2 channel cats, 20+ white bass, and at least a dozen large (15+lb) drum- all on the same Bomber 8A plug. Hooked and ultimately lost a very large fish just before dark, never saw him so it MUST have been a 20 lb striper! I'm gonna miss that plug.
  6. nice one sir!
  7. I can't really address your stuck ferrule, I can suggest that in the future you keep a paraffin candle stub and wax the male lightly before assembly. Prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  8. Regular @ $1.28 yesterday, filled everything up. No ethanol high test $2.01.
  9. For what it's worth the Tennessee legislature has legalized the consumption of roadkill. Hopefully something you hit yourself.
  10. I will keep fish for a specific purpose, like dinner or a fish fry, but not just to fill the freezer or give away. About twice a year I get overcome by a low desire for trout and sneak into a high back country stream and whack a couple of brookies. Cleaned and eaten on the spot. 98% C&R
  11. Sounds suspiciously like me, does it seem like only yesterday? Fifty years ago an elderly patient told me that first thing when he'd look in the mirror he'd think, "What the hell happened?" What goes around comes around.
  12. Doubt the fishing is involved but if you keep a death grip on the rod, lighten up a little. Too tight a grip will cause problems with muscles of the hand and forearm. Me, I'm old and everything hurts after a good day's fishing. 2 Aleve and a hot soak can work wonders.
  13. Well thank God, you had me worried too.
  14. Went last week here in ET and took 16 smallies from 12 to 22", a huge shell cracker, and a channel cat all on a #2 black crawdad. Beat cutting the grass.
  15. Glad you liked ET fishing, it can be good. I know Gary and Josh well from TU and have floated with them occasionally. The swinging bridge pool in Townsend has long been known as a smallie hole with lg browns if you can get through the tube hatch (none at the moment). If you get the notion to head south give me a shout and we will get into something.