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  1. Hey everyone im in Durham and its my goal to bag a striper on the fly before the season is over. I would really appreciate any recommendations on where, when, what and how to fish! I caught a few on my spinning rod at Peirce Island in Portsmouth, but have had no luck on the fly. Anything helps!
  2. Hey all! I am new to fly fishing for stripers. I have experience in fly fishing in freshwater, and recently made the jump to saltwater after a push from a buddy of mine. He told me that stripers are fun to catch, and don't require as much finesse (like casting accuracy, attention to detail) as other fish. I am located in New Hampshire, and do most of my fishing in NH and Maine. I don't cast from the beach, I fish in bodies of water like the Portsmouth Harbor, mainly for schoolies. I would love to know what everyone likes to throw. I have been told that Surf Candy is a good option, as well as Clouser Minnows in white/olive and chartreuse/white. I am not sure what colors and sizes work well, so please tell me what you have/do not have success with.