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  1. First I first I just want to thank everyone for their help. I dont anticipate doing any boat fishing maybe once in a blue moon (for now Atleast), and I plan to do most of my fishing at the barnegat lighthouse. My dad lives 15 minutes from there. I think right now im leaning towards the Tica dolphin in either medium or medium heavy. Will likely pair it with the BG or the Ballistic in the 4000 range. A buddy of mine recommended it as well, he fishes for most of the things I’m targeting and has really liked the pole. My my dad picked up a penn battalion and a tsunami shield, I just can’t bring myself to buying the same stuff, and on paper the Tica pole appears to have better guides etc.
  2. Good to know, I think I am more concerned with the amount of line on the Saltist Back Bay, than the Drag. If I went with a BG its only a slight difference in drag, but I would lose a lot line capacity. As for the pole, I think I've decided on the Tica Dolphin. I'd rather spend the money on the reel vs the rod at this stage. Just want to make sure im considering all of my options. A Spheros is another option.
  3. Good to know, I have a buddy who has one and likes it a lot. Hearing more positive feedback certainly makes me feel better. And it is one of few that meet my criteria.
  4. Thanks. I'm thinking the Ballistic 4000 and the Mojo. The few videos out there on the Saltist back bay look really promising, I like that it is an aluminum body vs the Zaoin material. But the drag being only 15.4 and less line capacity has me thinking otherwise.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am pretty new to all of this and looking to put together a rod/reel for mainly jetty fishing and some occasional surf fishing in NJ. I am mainly going for fluke, blues and striped bass. Ideally I'm looking for something that will allow me to accomplish that for now, before I spend all my money on different outfits. I'd like to spend a decent amount on a setup, I feel like spending a little more now will help me save money in the future. For reels I was looking at the Daiwa BG, Ballistic lt, Saltist, and Saltist Back Bay. I hear great things about the BG but worry it may be a little heavy for fishing for fluke. The saltist BackBay seems to have really favorable reviews but the Drag seems a little low (not sure I would even exceed 15.4# fishing on the beach for any of the above-mentioned species), and only takes 240 yds of 20# braid. I was looking at 4-4500 sizes. 4500 seems to be a bit larger, could I get away with a 4000? As for rods there are a million options was thinking something around 8 foot medium fast surf rod, or 8ft heavy fast inshore rod, and looking for 2 pieces. I was interested in the St Croix Mojo and Tidemaster. Tsunami Airwave, Daiwa Coastal salt pro, Tica TC3 Dolphin, Star Stellar Lite, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!