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    Retired LA State Police Captain, retired LA State Contracts and Grants Officer, currently a federal employee with the Army Contracting Command. Moved from LA to RI to get married.
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    Fishing, hunting and shooting. Love chasing redfish in the marsh on light tackle. Trying to make the switch to Yankee fish.
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    Federal employee - Contract Specialist with the Army Contracting Command

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  1. In that situation, I would try cutting the head off plastic to match the size of the natural bait.
  2. I will call in a game violation every change I get.
  3. I’ve seen a number of friends struggle in retirement, primarily because they didn’t plan well. Not just financial, being mentally prepared is critical. Have hobbies and fun stuff to do. Volunteer, fish and hunt more or whatever you enjoy doing now, do it more when you retire. Be open to a part time job or start another career. So many choices other than just sit home. Stay physically fit, exercise everyday and eat well. As we get older, we loose friends and loved ones. Honor them, and keep moving down life’s road. I’m 63, lost my 1st wife to cancer 16 years ago. I have have 2 retirements and am working on number 3. I love to work. For me, it helps keep me grounded, though I am better with work - life balance now than in the past. I’ve seen people retire too early and just not know what to do with themselves. And some people work too long. Hard part is knowing when it’s time to leave. I’m married to a wonderful woman who shares my love of the outdoors. I will likely work another 5 or 6 years but who knows what life has in store. I think Steve McQueen said it best. “Attack life, it’s going to kill you anyway.”
  4. I’m somewhat of a gear head and enjoy using nice stuff. To me, using nice tackle, rods and reels just add to the pleasures of fishing. When I get rid of stuff it’s typically to upgrade or change focus. I’m researching stuff stuff now..... Can’t have too many rods and reels.
  5. Nice fish! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Matrix Shads are very popular on the Gulf Coast. They start making a larger bait in November. Their Dock Side TV channel on the website has some pretty decent info.
  7. Trying to grab a quick egg McMuffin at a drive through with rods in the boat’s rod holders. Setting down a large, full, tackle box by a trailer tire after getting out of the boat. Driving off and wondering WTF I ran over...... Ignoring a falling tide in a deep cut with a mud bank in front leading to the main channel for just oneeeee more redfish.
  8. Another thing to consider is the end goal. Will this be just a fishing machine or will it be used to enjoy being on the water without fishing? I love to paddle, and it’s something that the wife and I both share. I love to fish also, and rarely use the bay boat I brought up from Louisiana a couple years ago when I moved. I really enjoy the no production aspect of throwing a Tarpon 120 in the truck whenever I feel like it. I’m sure a peddle boat is the best pure fishing machine, but I find paddling enjoyable in its own right.
  9. Get better soon, and thanks for sharing.
  10. The wife and I were kayaking in the Mystic River last Sunday and dodged a harbor tour boat that was heading right for us. He didn’t slow or change course, we just got out of his way. You really have to pay attention on the water, regardless if you are in a boat or kayak. Distraction is a real thing for drivers and boaters. In a kayak, I’m assuming a boater won’t see me and I’m responsible for getting out of the way.
  11. The Gulf Coast has bacteria in salt water than will kill you if you ignore signs of infection.
  12. Outstanding, thanks for sharing
  13. When I’m on the water, I pick up trash if I see it. Pains me to see litter in the outdoors.
  14. The Rapala Skitter Walk is an excellent plug.
  15. South Louisiana primarily for decades. Some in FL and some in TX. I moved to RI 2 yrs ago. Sure miss the redfish! But I’m trying to learn my way up here.