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    Retired LA State Police Captain, retired LA State Contracts and Grants Officer, currently a federal employee with the Army Contracting Command. Moved from LA to RI to get married.
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    Fishing, hunting and shooting. Love chasing redfish in the marsh on light tackle. Trying to make the switch to Yankee fish.
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    Federal employee - Contract Specialist with the Army Contracting Command

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  1. The wife and I were kayaking in the Mystic River last Sunday and dodged a harbor tour boat that was heading right for us. He didn’t slow or change course, we just got out of his way. You really have to pay attention on the water, regardless if you are in a boat or kayak. Distraction is a real thing for drivers and boaters. In a kayak, I’m assuming a boater won’t see me and I’m responsible for getting out of the way.
  2. The Gulf Coast has bacteria in salt water than will kill you if you ignore signs of infection.
  3. Outstanding, thanks for sharing
  4. When I’m on the water, I pick up trash if I see it. Pains me to see litter in the outdoors.
  5. The Rapala Skitter Walk is an excellent plug.
  6. South Louisiana primarily for decades. Some in FL and some in TX. I moved to RI 2 yrs ago. Sure miss the redfish! But I’m trying to learn my way up here.
  7. Norton’s Sand Shad and Sand Shad Jr have been very good for me on redfish.
  8. I prefer to fish with 2 of my closest friends. Unfortunately, one lives in Louisiana and the other in Florida. Since I moved to RI a couple years ago, I’m fishing alone unless I travel South. There is something really neat about kayak fishing alone. I just don’t do stupid stuff, stay inshore and practice self rescue.
  9. It’s OK to use a lip gripper, just support the fish’s body with your other hand or the deck. Agree it’s strange to not touch a fish, but I don’t blame the Boga for today’s problems.
  10. This. My wife and I both love paddling but she doesn’t really fish. Maybe there is some middle ground out in a boat, beach or kayak? I’m lucky. I’d actually rather be with my wife than anyone else. Or, it’s really OK if you don’t like the same things all of the time.
  11. Timely topic. I’ve read every cold weather gear thread here, am I am still undecided about what to do this fall. I get that a semi-dry suit of some flavor will likely be my best choice for the winter. The shoulder seasons are what’s got me still wondering. Still got some time, spent last Sat paddling in shorts.
  12. My rods, almost never. I’m lucky to have a close friend who builds excellent custom rods, including teaching in Mud Hole’s classes. I get new rods when I need a different capability, such as lure weight, distance, etc. That reminds me I need to pick up a surf rod for up here. Reels tend to get changed every 3 years or so. It depends on any significant changes/performance between the new models. Im going to be moving to some Stradic FLs. I’ve been using a mix of older CI4+FA, FI, and FJs and really didn’t see enough performance difference to jump to FKs. I think now there is enough performance difference to make the switch to the FLs.
  13. All of the NE States need to act in coordination. That’s what the Gulf Coast did when passing gamefish status for redfish. Steps taken by a single State will only go so far. It’s a good start, but more needs to happen. Is there an organization similar to the Gulf Coast Conservation Association (now just CCA), which led the interstate fight for redfish? The redfish action also included significant recreational bag and size limits, in addition to a commercial ban.
  14. Add me to the Casio G Shock list. I finally killed one after 15 years of fishing and snorkeling. Number two has been chugging fine for probably 5. All I do is rinse them off with fresh water and have the batteries changed when they stop.
  15. I remember in the 80s when the LA combined redfish and speckled trout limit was 50 combined. Recreational fishermen certainly played a part in that also. However, as long as a fish is allowed to be sold commercially, you will likely find people selling their catch. As least that was a problem back in LA. Again, I haven’t studied striper mortality, just saying a commercial ban, combined with strict recreational limits, and preventing “recreational” fish being sold, could be a help. That formula has worked before elsewhere. There was a large bias favoring commercial fishing for redfish, and making them a game fish wasn’t easy and took years in the Gulf Coast states. Every now and then the commercial industry tries to open up redfish due to the bans success. So far, without success. I hope we can find a solution for stripers. I’m a local now and will be for some time to come.