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  1. dont know the name, but a lot of guys use the magnetic rod holders. one side goes on the hood. other on the roof. a lot of salmon/steelhead guys use it.
  2. only thing legal in NJ is illegals and pot. if your engaged in fishing or hunting, dont worry about. if you are EDC then may want to check the laws before you do so. im always carrying a syperdco delica 4. great folder and edge last forever with the VG10 steel.
  3. some already mentioned. but since your staying at a hotel or motel just rinse them off in the shower. keep them in the room with you. not your car. thats what i would do.
  4. i agree with that, but there were guys next to me catching not to far away. which brought me to the conclusion that i must be doing something wrong lol. being a newbie to surf fishing i probably was doing something wrong or using the wrong bait/lures. oh well, its a learning process. may drive back down this weekend if i dont take the kayak out.
  5. same thing happen to me. i cleaned all the grease out and havent had any problems. i take it i put to much grease on.
  6. thanks for the input. i am aware of the new regulation regaurding circle hooks. im using 10 foot surf rod with penn spinfisher. 30 lb braid. and went with 50 lb leader in case i hooked into blues.
  7. yesterday i went to the fishing beach on sandy hook. i havent been surf fishing in quite a while. i was using a fish finder rig with a 5 oz pyramid sinker. one rod had squid strip on, and the other rod had cut bunker on. saw some guys catching short fluke and one guy caught a small blue. i struck out. i was out there for about 4 hours fishing the out going tide. any tips or suggestions?
  8. hows the back bay now into june and july?
  9. love cigars. had a nub maduro tonight.
  10. higher end waders have built in gravel guards.i will pay the money just for that feature. i never have a problem with anything getting into my wading boots. IMO theres no better wader then simms. ill always pay the money for quality products. there are days you dont even feel like your in waders.
  11. dont worry about it as long as your engaged in fishing or hunting.
  12. i have many hand guns i always go back to my glock 42. its a .380. comes with a 6 round mag but i bought an 8 round mag which extends the grip. fits nicely in my hand and its small and accurate. only issue i had was a break in period. after about 300 rounds the slide wore in and the jams stopped. love my glock 19 as well as my ruger LCR in 357.
  13. i bought a new pair of simms few years ago. so now i use my old pair of simms for salt. stocking foot is much better then boot. some of the wading boots these days are as comfy as hiking boots. my old pair of simms only had a small leak on the shin. i applied aqua seal and duct tape inside the pant leg and all is good. to find my leak. i flipped the waders inside out and filled with a garden hose then took a magic marker and circled the area that was leaking.
  14. i just re apply my sun screen every hour. especially around my ankles, knees, and shins. other then that i wear crocs. i couldnt imagine wearing boots or any of the sort during the hot months.
  15. congrats!