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  1. congrats. kayak fishing is great. mobility, drop in anywhere and fish. no crowded boat ramps or launching fees. enjoy. be safe out there.
  2. nope
  3. i have been doing some research the last month or so, and will be trying this out in the next month. probably first few weeks of july. hoping to land one.
  4. oh great. i just bought the spinfisher VI today. #30 powerpro on it. havent casted it yet.
  5. what surf bag do you use, and whats in it?
  6. i was out today and had 50 on. and im burnt. but not like you
  7. i was gonna say the same thing .
  8. plenty of places to pull over for a 30 min nap. its amazing what 30 min will do for you.
  9. i will be there too! where about will you be launching? keep me posted, ill tag along
  10. im looking for a common sense approach to hauling rods too. with my extended cab tacoma, it makes no room inside for rods. then kayak in truck bed, makes my problem worse. i was thinking rod holders on my bed up along the cab window but then again i dont know if i want rods flapping in the breeze while doing 70, 75 mph up and down the parkway.
  11. was included when i purchased. they were sitting inside the hatch.
  12. some great photos. cant wait to head out this weekend. its looking like a winner.
  13. yeah ill end up doing that. its already sitting on an old piece of carpet.