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  1. i would assume hook up would be more productive. like your first two photos.
  2. whats your set up? and what flies and approach work best for you. i have caught a carp on the fly but it was by accident. still a good time, but this spring i would like to target them specifically. the one i caught was fishing with olive wooly bugger for smallmouth. i have two rivers near me that are loaded with carp up to 30 pounds, maybe more. i have caught plenty of carp using noodle rods and bait.
  3. clouser minnows
  4. beautiful colors on that bottom one.
  5. wool. 100% wool gloves is what your looking for. i use and have backups. i bought the 100% ragg wool fingerless gloves from cabelas. they are the best. i use them steelheading and all winter. my gloves could be wet and my hands and fingers are perfectly fine. i will also add. they are not itchy at all. i wear a wool beanie as well when its really cold.
  6. ill be there. i go every year. its a nice show and a lot to see.
  7. yeah i have. leech patterns work well, as they always do. i do have one fly that i always used and always caught me fish. ill try to find it later and post it. if not ill tie one up.
  8. anything from simms. my last pair of simms lasted me 10 years! i just upgraded to the G3 waders last year. (and use my old pair as backup) as always these are great too. i fish at least 2 times week. so they get heavy use. however, i will say that i never used them in saltwater. i throw on my old pair of cabelas neoprene waders for salt.
  9. stone flies, steelhead candy, egg patterns, steelie dots. those all produced for me in the past.
  10. way to go! nice brookie too. i may buy my non resident pa license to go chase pa brookies
  11. my last pair of simms lasted me 10 years. so last year i bought another pair of simms. i bought the G3s.
  12. i bought the 2019 tacoma last summer. i have the trd sport. best pickup i ever owned. i went with the extended cab long bed only because i would rather have the bed space.
  13. yes i have, like i stated before a straight edge will cut better then serated edge. since when do we see hard bread while fishing?
  14. a knife that isnt serrated will cut throw anything quicker then a knife that is serrated.