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  1. As you can see 2x main seal O rings left, all others included, $70 pickup or add shipping charge.
  2. I have a whole service kit for VS 250 (minus 1 main seal O ring, gave to a friend) in my basement some way since I sold my VS250 a few years back, was going to do a service myself but never get a chance, let me see if I can dig it up.
  3. I got a P-229F with no clamp and box because wife throw it away think I have no used, I was pissed. I'll take couple pics later.
  4. Thanks, but he really wants a power wrapper.
  5. Any one has rod wrapper not use anymore and want to sale? I'm try to help a friend who start wrapping but can spend on a new unit, lets see what you have, thanks!
  6. Are you interesting in P229?
  7. PM sent, reel sold.
  8. Ok, I'll cover the different in shipping cost.
  9. You would have pickup the fee if is PayPal, as long as I receive $400, or send me the money order or ckeck, I will send you the reel once check been cleared.
  10. Final reduced price to $400 cash pickup or plus shipping cost, the reason I'm selling is I don't surf fishing anymore, this reel is 9/10 and sitting on my desk collecting dust.