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  1. The internet is full of trolls, this site is full of trolls and unfortunately fishing too, is full of trolls. Some stalk, others search for and others sift through pages of internet forums for any mention of an area that seems worth a try. Some of these areas are sensitive regarding access and these internet new comer trolls that find their way in cause nothing but problems. It's a shame the lack of discipline and effort people these days thrive on, call it a sign of the times.
  2. It is an excellent rod, its just not what your used to. Triumphs and avids are apples an oranges in terms of action, feel and weight. Price tags dont equal exactly what you need, the best way to buy a rod is in a shop handling different brands, actions and price ranges. Some people preferr stiffer blanks, others still fish old glass to great effect so it really comes down to what feels right for you. I fished lamiglas years ago and after st.croix pulled their old line up of Ben doers, their original avids were excellent too but no longer made, I now fish lami's exclusively. Get a 10M you'll love it.
  3. Gsb.... basic guide lay out, tape the reel on an find the sweet spot for you. These modern rods are a rip off in my opinion and not worth the money for a few less ounces.
  4. Real good fish have been passing through behind various larger baits, if your there when it happens your lucky because chances are it's not gonna be there tomorrow, for now..... chalk that up to fewer fish and it being a week early yet for spawned out fish but it seems finding the right mix of larger bait has been the ticket.....and their in places youd never think of waking at 3am to fish. And chances are by tomorrow, I'll be wrong.
  5. God bless, prayers sent
  6. Gorilla glue is more flexible, it will seep in and then form bubbles as it expands and cures. Apply, use a hair dryer to loosen it up then let dry. Once cured sand down the excess and you should be good to go. Super glue is brittle....I wouldnt use it.
  7. Any epoxy likely won't fully seal and bond that crack, any temperature change will effect the air pressure in the plug and expand or contract and cause the fix to crack or loose its bond from the plastic. Water intrusion will or is already occurring and change or ruin the action. Maybe try heating the plastic slightly until soft and mold it together, otherwise your better off just getting another. Theres stuff called diamond coat that requires no mixing and runs real thin....that might be good enough in multiple coats to seep in, bond and seal the plastic. Apply two thin coats to the area.
  8. I guess it all depends on what feels right to you, there are factors that play into fishing smaller reels, I'll mention a few I'm aware of. Biggest thing for me is obviously weight, a lighter reel will effect rod action imo positively in the rod will rebound quicker and handle heavier offerings. A heavier reel will slow the rod down in both response and action allowing deeper flex with less tension in the line. The next would be spool diameter, smaller coils of a smaller spooled reel will cut through the guides better an pull less drag as a result. I find theres a point of diminishing returns as longer rods will generate higher line speed out of the spool thus more friction, slowing down the outbound line. Alot of small reels today have strong drags, i had to fish a 150 on my 10L one night and found that I absolutly loved the feel, the rod fished completly different and far better than with the 250 that had suddenly lost a spool cap. Had no problem landing high teen to mid 20lb fish in Montauk. With all that said, I'll go back to the top and suggest you try different reels taking Into account spool diameter and overall weight.
  9. At no point was I "complaining" as I said my post has nothing to do with the virus or the realities behind its existence, no one is questioning that so dont manipulate the narrative to justify your angry intolerant mindset. I see and experience the affects of this virus EVERY DAY on the job and the anxiety it causes us, our families and those affected tragically by the virus. With that said and as I stated in my original post over reach has occured through unrelated closures of multiple areas that have no bearing on the virus or those affected by the virus. Using a crisis to effect control over anything is a shity way to govern and weather or not YOU agree with what I just said, the rest of my statement involves how we as fishermen should bare in mind the new reality while enjoying a thing we love in a more responsible way. Because if you've been around long enough, which I suspect you havent, you'd understand the impact crowds in any area has on access and I'd hate to see anything else get closed during this time of crisis. Once again, your personal opinion is welcome, your angry insults regarding my opinion is however nothing more than an expression of your own anger and not at all the reality of how all people feel. Check your intolerance little buddy.
  10. *
  11. Well an entire public area has been unjustifiably shut down to permit holding fishermen that have no impact on the testing site. Other beaches are limiting access to residence only, construction and closures in other areas are causing places that would otherwise be empty, now over run with everyone. With all the limited access more people are fishing fewer areas, when people start pounding an area they leave garbage, make noise, get noticed and then access in those areas are subsequently shut down as a result. It is an overreach but im not turning a fishing forum where I politely suggested people be quiet about their movements during a sensitive time involving among other things .....access, into a political argument. *
  12. That's better
  13. Probably not a good idea actually, enough idiots believing false reports can make things worse in the long run.
  14. Finding access, since the government rules our lives now.
  15. I was told patrols will be increasing come memorial day during day and overnight hours so this too, might be problematic. Considering the anticipated city folk to flood the area, it's no surprise either.