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  1. Does anyone have experience with clamps ?
  2. Experimenting with seatless conventional and utilising a clamp assembly that came with the reel (abu 7000cs). I'm concerned with the affect a clamp may have on the blank during a cast, I tightened the screws just enough to keep the reel positioned softly on the cork and used electrical and hockey tape to tighten it all down. Are there better ways to go seatless? Should I be concerned with durability? 1361mh
  3. Metal lips suck
  4. I'm lazy...alrighty thanks
  5. Does anyone have experience building a beach cart. Looking to construct something simple with balloon tires and a tow rope.... leaning toward PVC but having a hard time finding compatible wheel assembles.....
  6. Call the park police, they are very diligent in their patrols and respond quickly to calls down there. State what your observing, intentionally keeping small fish, too many fish, too many rods making it dangerous, littering and or public alcohol consumption. Make a point to communicate that this has been on-going and that your concerned for your safety. Their jurisdiction isnt fisheries laws but they can have an impact if laws are being blatantly broken.
  7. Made some adjustments to grip and found the difference to be useful. Great info here thanks, started gripped the entire surface area of the top of the spool with my thumb laying flush over the whole thing. It dramatically increased my grip on the line and really let's me load the rod, the release is more critical as a result though. No wind helped too
  8. Dannys are finicky plug which although today appear similar to the old style dannys are in most cases different in a few ways. Old dannys were typically made of pine with some late early less known builders dabbling in mahogany. Now days so much is made from ayc that its inevitably found it's way into danny plugs, becoming the predominant wood for dannys today. And such some builders employ a higher lip and eye insertion and others stick with the traidionl setup. Lip shapes have even been altered to lefty style and even pikie style lips...although again traditional stuff is still being made out there. What all this amounts to is a different lure with different properties and as such different action. Maybe more responsive and less lazy but ends up diving a little deeper on a moderate retrieve. Which brings me to another point.....slow down that retrieve because dannys are pretty much all built to be fished slowly and crawled lazily over the surface where they'll stay if such a retrieve is adhered to. With all that said, the plug isnt restricted to surface use.....tuning the eye up or down will effect a different diving depth at different retrieve speeds and angles. A good one is as versatile as you want it to be.
  9. Similar story throughout much of long island as well as my area.... lots of littering, poaching and crowding going on...and it's only getting worse it seems.
  10. Nice story
  11. I think humble beginnings are key to building a connection with the sport to last through dry spells, moratoriums and doldrum years. Part of that is the equipment we employ in initiating what should become a life long pursuit. Be advised though, for all of you that drop 3grand on your surf caster's costume but haven't fished long enough to cast properly, respect our quarry, or the guy next to you, we see you..... we all see you and mostly chuckle quietly.
  12. Well no of course, I'm aware the impact fishing bait has on capable distance but was curious what steps I could take to improve with today's modern reels an lines.
  13. 3oz kastmaster, another notable detail is the rigging and leader utilised. Speaking to a bait savvy friend I now believe the pendulum effect and overall drag produced by the length of my rig bait to lead could also be a contributing factor. Thumb slippage as well, I was thinking more along the lines of hockey tape though.
  14. Wowwww that is very cool , they love the toads that live there in mass. Their rear fanged and carry a mild toxin but extremely cool to see there....probably displaced from all the construction going on.
  15. That's what I was thinking...regarding the squidder the casting is the same with both reels, my expectation was a modern reel would more easily achieve distance with less effort which so has been mistaken perception. Love smoothe drag an buttery casts though. I might have to go back to mono ...