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  1. 6" koenig german stainless pliers, cuts everything and no rust yet this season. 100 bucks after shipping and tax on the bay. Deeper hooks always end up requiring a dehooking tool regardless but for everything else these are great. Wish I found these years ago before I speant hundreds on the vs. Their also easily self serviceable, unscrew the bolts, clean, grease and back together.
  2. Mr. Witek thanks as always for the detailed update....not able to listen in currently and hoping we get this win to help secure a future recovery.
  3. give you tube a rest an go fishing for your self instead of selling your soul to an internet machine an using fish and places people spent their lives respecting ..... further your interests. But good for them, happy they experienced that kind of catch.
  4. You know when I bought the thing it was listed as a lordship, the lip, wire tie, grommets and dimensions were all different from a bm. The finish is different too though the body is similar. Came rigged with what I bellieve is an owner, this was a show grab from 10 years ago.
  5. I always felt they were the best of the best juniors around with great action and durability. I have one on a shelf for reference on future builds....havent had the itch for juniors though.
  6. God bless Larry
  7. Shocked this fish wasn't caught on one of a half dozen teasers tied above a tin.
  8. Surf fishing really has changed so much in the tackle and lures available. 30 years ago pre-braid, Pre-long cast swimmers an pre popularity..... surf fishing required a real salt-of-the-earth approach not only because it was the only way to do things but because innovation was in the eye of the builder and the fisherman who's constant search for a better plug design might bare the fruit of a more effective fish catching tool. So much of that is lost today, modern plug builders do little more than copy already proven and hard earned designs while the plastic swimmer industry has overshadowed almost entirely, the niche of the metal lip. It's sad because a large portion of building's creative necessity has been boxed up and thrown in the attic for over the counter plastic things with absolutly no soul, style or hard work. They catch fish as well or vastly better than any of the afoermentioned concepts, in-fact maybe too easily and sadly, the modern wave of fishermen feed right into it. ....Theres zero skill or learning required in robiticly casting and retrieving a computer designed and shaped piece of plastic..... If you ask me, there's no better way to target striped bass than with a builder-designed metal lip or other swimmer in wood and in a way that makes the effort challenging and still incredibly productive. My vote goes to the Lordship Junior and the Beachmaster Eely
  9. Plugs meant to be fished.....throw one in the bag, put some rash on it an catch fish with it.
  10. Nice reference and very true..... especially in the case of the mag darters which I too bellieve are best in their originally designed size. I recall the larger size becoming available and the excitement was palpable, ended up not a fan of how they cast or fish most conditions when other options do the job better side by side. Contrast that to the original mag darter's size and anything its able to do, it does great and is very often my go-to, fished in various ways.
  11. PennMag Power 970, 50-65lb braid on a gsb 1321mh
  12. Bomber 16A is my choice.... I hated s.p's since day one but I can't deny their incredible productivity. They flat out catch for me personally but I find getting caught in. -- s.p tunnel vision -- as I call it, gets in the way of fishing other productive offerings that on some nights, put the s.p to shame. Spending a night hauling casts for a slow pick of schoolies when some guy shows up with a chicken scratch bomber, casts 10 feet on a painfully slow reteieve an beaches a 35 will teach you quick about avoiding the dreaded, --s.p tunnel vision--.....
  13. They do more servicing than any other shop on the island. It's one guy busting his ass to get the work done with a supply chain that's inconsistent an unpredictable at best. Van Staal is placing good technicians, good shops and all their customers in a bad spot with the direction things have taken and shops like Saltwaters with the volume they have to deal with can only do so much....with that said mine is also there waiting on a no parts cleaning.
  14. A surface swimmer in the 1oz range, by definition has hundreds of options throughout the spectrum of fresh water and saltwater lures throughout fishing. Anything from a 3/4 oz floating rapala or rebel style swimmer to a 1.5 oz wake bait. The big misconception is the only variable in a surface swimmer is it's size but in all honesty, it is a more complex subject. Some swim under the surface film, others in the film and then everyone's favorite...the ones that swim backs out like a cork making a huge wake ( my personal favorite). But I dont lock my self Into fishing one style and I take into account the advantages of a slightly less bouyent style swimmer that stays high in the top 6" of water...but achieves the right subtle action under the immediate surface film. In reality this is the best way to fish a "surface swimmer" in most cases and especially at night, but the surface disturbance of a more buyent pure surface swimmer is obviously also productive (especially during light hour periods. Then theres action, roll an wiggle, the speed required to get the lure going which varries significantly between designs, shapes and materiel combinations. In reality these are all nothing more than elements I appreciate in different style surface swimmers, of which there are many. To suggest I understand exactly when and how to employ any variation or style swimmer to the exact conditions at any given time would be disingenuous of me, but the complexity of the subject if nothing else requires the angler to carry multiple different styles when one chooses to add a surface swimmer to the bag.
  15. Ace in the whole for my local jetty an bridge out-flows.