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  1. Any news on when the cold salts /ridge striper/ yadda yadda will be produced again or are these on the chopping block?
  2. Or just fish big plugs, nothing culls out a rat like a 10" plug...most of the time anyway.
  3. I actually dont like the sniper at all. It's way too thick and stiff. Nothing at all like the cold salt series which run thinner and more supple when broken in than the sniper.
  4. Sadly, without rigorous enforcement and self-policing, id have to agree. Hopefully the people that only fish for food find other ways to spend their time, or miraculously start following rule of law. While that's also unfortunate to say, the fishery really requires it.
  5. Dont yell, play along and pocket dial your local eco
  6. I'll approach the water with more optimism that the right thing has been done on behalf of the fish I love. A sense that the future may actually be brighter instead of the gloom an doom a lot of us held fast against. And a sharper eye for anyone who thinks their entitled enough to blatantly disregard the new regulation. Other than that, nothing's really changed at all.
  7. Cant go wrong with airflo's cold salt line. I fish both the floating and intermediate entirely. You'll lose the line in rocks, pilings, a bluefish blitz and/or a boat prop before the line ever comes close to breaking down. Ask me how I know. Great lines.
  8. Incredible little surface popper for back bays.. Rip Ms. Rogers
  9. On jettys, bridges and other structure I dont use anything less than 3 feet of heavy mono, usually 4' of 60lb or better. Both for keeping braid off hard structure and for hand lining the fish when landing. Open beaches or where distance is a necessity I'll downsize accordingly, 18-24" of 20 to 30lb leader.
  10. Well I'll tell you what I had been using the past number of years now. Lami used to make a gsb 1321MH blank which to be clear is not the 136MH chunking rod. The 1321mh has the same tip as the 11m but thickens into the mid section. Its substantially thicker walled and very responsive, though still moderate action. I added a 6" extension to the butt section which not only lengthens the rod but stiffens the butt section substantially which is also where distance rods generate their power. The distance this thing generates is sick, its turned big jetty sharks with ease and fished some heavy water and when fishing a large jetty, the length an power affords me the ability to steer some big fish through and around obstructions. If you can find the blank at an affordable price, it's worth buying. Also if distance is you're only interest, downsize your running line to 20 or 30lb suffix 832, shorten and downsize the class of your leader materiel and use an fg knot to the running braid Instead of a swivel, you'd be shocked the amount of wind resistance 3' of 50 or 60lb monofilament has on a cast. Though when fishing a jetty, heavier running line and terminal tackle is a necessity.
  11. Penn mag power 970, 980 or 990. All are superb casting reels, easily maintained and have the gears, drag and build of a 4/0 senator packed into a small frame. The 970 would be my choice if you can find one. If your going for bigger sharks the 990 holds 360 yards of 50lb mono and I think 300 of 60lb. Also a great casting reel regardless of it's size.
  12. And, sadly, what a lot of surf fishing is becoming as well.
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