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  1. Great lines. Durable, long lasting and a longer 40' head which I like.
  2. I Really have my heart set on the rplx 2 piece 9 weight. I hear good things about the rplxi though. Never fished one my self.
  3. Their as good or better than any modern rod iv fished. I personally enjoy the fact their two piece, lighter an stronger than modern equivalent 4 piece rods. Great rods.
  4. What else is new, the whole system is a joke and a scam. A number of years ago, a local bay bridge was replaced, the project took far too long and likely far too expensive and in the end, the new bridge is still half broken. The asmfc are disingenuous at best, at worst, their a paid political smoke screen disguising the total disregard for overal public interest for marine resources and only care about specific political constituencies. They sure dont care about establishing abundance....
  5. Any updates on any possible further information?
  6. Somewhere around the mid to late 90's...possibly in 1996 but I can't recall the exact year.
  7. DeepBlue


    I'll take an old rplx over anything else, speaking of which, if anyone is willing to part with a 9wt 2 piece rplx, feel free to name you're price. Opinion and solicitation complete.
  8. I recall more than one bull shark of unexpectedly large proportion caught in the rockaways 2 years ago. Does anyone remember seeing those photos? Probably a bull or maybe a small white, poor woman.
  9. I own the 8wt, 10wt and looking for the 9wt, in good condition, thank's folks.
  10. Work the beach lip and just behind the shore break.
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