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  1. I've cut a few hundred VMC trebles, and never had a single one fail (at the cut). I'm very gentle when I bend the cut eye, and I only offset it as much as I have to to get the plug on, but it's pretty easy and bombproof once you get the hang of it. Imagine the hook(s) would probably bend before the eye fails. 

  2. 1 hour ago, z-man said:

    $6,000 for a chicken coop? You can buy eggs for 5 lifetimes for that. If I build one it’s going to be pretty much free salvaged materials except for the chicken wire. 

    Think we paid $3500 a few years ago, but regardless, I agree that it was expensive. Thing about building one yourself from salvaged lumber is that it really is important for it to be appropriately ventilated, but also secure, accessible, and comfortable for the birds. Ultimately wasn’t worth my time to design, source, and build something when I could buy something superior. Also, important detail; my wife wanted it, she never asks for anything OR bitches about all the stuff I spend money on, and happy wife = happy life. Finally, it’s a fantastic product that we’re super happy with, and we could afford it, so I’m not too worried about the $50/dozen eggs…

  3. My family has been raising/keeping chickens for 6 years. We currently have 10 hens. My wife does most of the day to day work (feeding, cleaning the coop, etc), my kids collect and clean the eggs, and I do whatever manual labor is and run maintenance, repairs, humping bags of feed, etc...


    It's fun and rewarding.


    Our town doesn't allow roosters, so they're more exposed to predator danger. We've lost a few to hawks and foxes over the years, but generally keep them as safe as possible, and only allow them to free-range in the yard in the evening when we're around to keep an eye on them.


    Both of our coops came from - The prices are pretty eye watering, but the quality is exceptional, the designs are tried and true, and they're super functional. We had the Round-Top Backyard Coop for a few years, but it was extremely hard to clean/maintain in the winter, so we upgraded to the Chicken Loft, which has been absolutely fantastic. Walk-in makes cleaning super easy, year-round, it's spacious, yet relatively compact, the chickens love it, and it's well ventilated in the summer and pretty weather proof in the winter (we bought panels that cover the screen).


    The feeders and waterers only need to be refreshed about once a week. We feed them organic pellets and scratch that come from a local livestock co-op, and we buy dried meal worms online, that they LOVE. They also eat almost all fruit scraps, and a lot of veggie scraps.


    We run an extension cord out to the coop in the winter to keep the water from freezing.


    Their eggs are incredible, and I can't even imagine buying store-bought eggs anymore. We give away lots of eggs in the summer.


    Overall, well worth the effort and investment, and fun to have around. 

  4. 3 mins ago, Goldy said:

    Dude  - campo tried everything.. He is telling you to try everything and learn from what you tried.. 

    ummm…ok…but, Dude…I asked a question. He can respond or not. If you have a specific example of a plug swimming better or worse after removing split rings from your experience, I’d love to hear it as well. My whole point was that I don’t think most plugs (that I’ve worked with) swim worse when you remove rings and factory hooks, and replace them with cut VMCs. If Campo, or you, or anyone else disagrees, it’d be super interesting to hear about it. 

  5. On 5/25/2022 at 6:13 AM, SC said:

    Rig the SAME exact plug both with and without split rings and notice the difference in action. The answer becomes more apparent when you stop thinking of split rings primarily as a means of connecting two things together and realize every change changes everything

    I should probably just do this...and find out for myself...but can you please give a specific example of what you mean?


    I've always removed the split rings and factory hooks from my non-custom plugs/lures (cause split rings fail and factory hooks suck), and I catch tons of fish on cut VMCs...Your post either implies that removing the split ring and changing the hooks negatively impacts the swimming motion of the plug (which in my experience is false) , OR, that doing so improves the swimming motion, in which case the manufacturers should just remove the split rings and add cut VMCs at the factory...


    One simple example is everyone knows, they come with ****** split rings and hooks...and most also come with a split ring on the nose. The very first thing I do when I open a SP is remove all that crap and put on cut VMCs...and I've never noticed that the SP swims worse or catches fewer fish...

  6. On 5/15/2022 at 1:53 PM, drumbum said:

    Mmmmmmmm.......bruise taco's

    I witnessed a guy catch an 8# blue on an AM party boat trip, (LBI....Barnegat) back in the mid nineties.............eventually iced....eventually gutted and put on a grill, whole......'bout 8:30 pm.

    I did not partake.

    I was a mate on the Miss Barnegat Light during high school and a bit in college (1995-1997)...only worked the night trips, but would see people coming off the day trips with bags of mushy fillets...and it made me cringe...12-14lb blues in burlap sacks in the blazing summer sun...then 'cleaned' for 'tips appreciated' couldn't pay me to eat that garbage...was a shame...cause I'm sure 90% of it was thrown away...


    That said, a 3lb blue, caught, bled, and put on ice, properly filleted, blood line removed, soaked in milk, then pan decent. 

  7. 26 mins ago, typicalsurfcaster said:

    Got you, it is ideal to keep the boga on your belt but sometimes in the spring and early fall I don't wear a belt and I just go out on the jetty with sneakers and korkers. Being able to put the boga on my bag can make it a bit easier when it comes time to deal with those gator blues. I'm sorry to bother you again lol,with the detachable pouch "eel style" can it comfortably hold a decent amount of soft plastics and is it long enough to hold things like sluggo's and tsunami sand eels?

    The eel pouch is surprisingly spacious. I use it as an overflow pocket for anything that doesn’t readily fit in the tubes or on my body. Can definitely hold a bunch of soft plastics. I fish 12” sluggos sometimes, and while the pouch isn’t 12” wide, it fits a few of them no problem. I also keep my extra leader wallet in there a lot. My headlamp before it gets dark and after the sun comes up. All kinds of stuff. It’s just a big, sturdy bonus pouch. Since it’s wide open nothing gets snagged in it either, and it’s easy to access in the dark. 

  8. 12 mins ago, typicalsurfcaster said:

    I got one more question brother. Do yk if its possible to have the buddy lock system in the boga grips or do they only come with a belt loop?

    Good question. I don’t know the answer. I, and everyone I know, have it separate on the belt, but I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be attached to the side of the bag. Not even sure the boga holder is necessary. I like having it, and it definitely keeps the boga from swinging around while you’re walking and swimming, but when I’m actually fishing, I normally just hook the gripper part of the boga onto a d-ring on my belt….or even to the shoulder strap attachment. 

  9. 19 mins ago, typicalsurfcaster said:


    Good afternoon, hey bro I love the bag that you got there with the plier sheath and pork rind holder.I would love to get the same exact setup but with red stitching. Can you send me the specs of that bag. So I know what to ask Jamie when I get mine built.

    Here are my specs. I removed pricing info cause I know his costs have increased over the past few years, so it's not relevant. 


    3-Tube Black (white interior) 
    Black grid stitching (std)
    Black trim (std)
    Stealth Grey/Black emblem (std)
    Exterior main flap Velcro leader pocket ($xx)
    Main bag (8) bucktail/tin loops (std) 
    Belt loops and stainless steel d-rings on the back of bag (std)
    Buddy-Lok attachment points on leading and trailing sides of bag (std)
    Removable front pouch with belt loops, "eel style" (no bucktail loops) (std)
    Wetsuit quantity stainless steel drainage grommets ($xx)
    Adjustable/removable removable shoulder strap (std)
    Buddy-Lok VS7” pliers sheath ($xx)
    Buddy-Lok camera holder (Olympus Tough TG-6 4.5 x 2.6 x 1.26) ($xx) 
    60# BogaGrip holder, Black stitching, Stealth emblem ($xx)
    Belt, 36", Black stitching, Stealth emblem ($xx)


    It's a great bag. Good luck!


  10. I've worn Costas for decades. The gray 580g lens with blue mirror really is awesome. That said, I JUST got a new pair, and my Optician went on and on about how much she hates Luxottica, and said they've already destroyed the brand...She said they used to sell tons of Costas, had a great sales rep, and loved working with them and their manufacturing / warranty departments...Said that since last year it's been a joke...terrible service, rotating cast of sales reps, nothing new for the in store display, just took 5 weeks for me to get prescription glasses from them...Lenses are still awesome...frames are extremely comfortable...but noticeably cheaper/crappier than my last pair...Optician said Mauis are much better in every way...better frames, better options, better lenses, much faster manufacturing time, and better warranty...I'm just too stubborn and loyal to Costa to have listened to her...My Saltbreaks, in tortoise, with progressive 580g blue mirror lenses retailed for $928. I paid $600...happy, but most likely my last pair of Costas...

  11. I've worn their boots since the mid 90s...when I worked on head boats, and then as a longliner out of Barnegat Light. Back then EVERYONE in the industry wore the tall brown ones rolled down...everyone...and they were indestructible...20+ years later and they more or less fit the same, but the quality is nowhere near what it used to be, and as others have said, they've become a junky lifestyle brand.  I still have the 6" ankle boots in a few colors...Wear them in slush, rain, etc....casually...But would NOT trust them as actual workwear...Believe they're owned by Honeywell these days...BOGS and MUCK make good deck boots...

  12. 1 hour ago, genu said:

    Have both a 3 tube and a 2 tube flatlander posted earlier in this thread but here are my latest flatlander goodies. A belt pouch and a knife holder. Both top notch as usual. 

    flat pouch.jpg

    flat knife.jpg

    Would love to see some more pics of the knife holder too! I have the exact same knife on my flatlander belt, but it's so tight that it doesn't slide at all, and it's super annoying. Would be cool to have the knife affixed to something that can slide along the belt...

  13. I don't use Bombers much, but have a lot of experience with Redfins, SPs, and Mambos...and I ALWAYS replace the stock hardware with 4/0 VMC 4x trebles and #5 Spro split rings.


    Costs a little bit extra and takes a few mins per lure, but 10000% worth the peace of mind in my book...


    In fact, I was fishing next to a guy the other night who hooked, fought, and ultimately lost a very nice fish...We never saw it, but it was screaming his drag for a while and seemed heavy...When he reeled in, his TA clip was still attached to his leader, but no SP...


    I was shocked for a second and thought he must have hooked a bass with hands, but then asked him if he had left the stock split ring on the eye of the plug...He said yup, that he always fishes them as they come right out of the box...


    And there you have it...either the SP got unhooked from the TA clip...which while possible, is EXTREMELY unlikely, OR he straightened the stock split ring...and knowing how ****** they are, is MUCH more likely...Also, while I believe it's true that Diawa uses VMC hooks on SPs...there's NO WAY they're 4x. Do a test...go grab a stock hook off an SP and bend one of the tines with your pliers...they're weak as ****...Now do the same with a 4x hook, and you'll see that it's much more robust. NOTE: I don't fish swimmers with a split ring on the eye...They move just fine with the clip attached directly to the eye...



  14. Super fun and interesting thread. Lots of good input so far. I'll add my $.02, although it's worth less than that...


    Two things I know for sure; 1. You can't catch big fish if your plug isn't in the water, and 2. As Jeremy Wade says, size your gear to handle the biggest example of the species you're targeting. That's not to say you can't have fun catching schoolies on light tackle, but if you want to land a big bass, you gotta be able to get it to shore...


    As far as actual tactics are concerned, my experience aligns with everyone else's, for the most part; Fish at night, know your spots, fish the moon, fish slack, etc...but in the end of the day (night), there's a lot of luck involved. 


    For most of the summer and fall I fish all over the place...In the spring, for reasons that aren't really important, I only fish a few very specific spots. I've been out 25 nights since early May. I've caught 71 fish (all released). 60 of the 71 on the same plug. 46 of them 25" or smaller...only ONE was over 35"...and it was 49" (on May 21)...and it was on a flat calm night, slack as a pond, low water, and otherwise dead...literally my only bite of the night...on the exact same plug that I've been catching schoolies on for the past month...


    Fish hard. Fish often. Maintain your gear. Be smart. Have fun. Get lucky!


    Tight lines!

  15. You've already gotten some good responses, but there are really 3 things you need to consider; size, price, and application. 


    Size is the easiest...If you're going to be rock hopping and want to stay on the lighter side, a 3 tube bag will be perfect. It'll hold at least a dozen plugs, which is plenty for a single outing. Depending on the brand, you can get accessory add ons, like a pork rind pouch or eel pouch, but a 3 tube is the size you want. 


    Price - This totally depends on your budget and how hard you're going to fish. If you can spend whatever you want, skip the lower and mid tier stuff, and get a well made, purpose built bag. Also, if you're going to fish hard, better quality is imperative. You can spend $50 or you can spend $500. You get what you pay for. 


    Application - If you're never going to leave the rocks, you don't need a custom bag. Stick with a mid range bag and you'll be happy. If you're going to swim, or even submerge the bag from time to time, you gotta spend the dough to get a custom, or at least high-end consumer bag that will drain properly and keep all your stuff safe.


    For reference, here are some VERY general notes on options;


    Cheap crap from the box store - Avoid. 


    Consumer grade bags that will likely be fine if you're going to use it a dozen times a year, won't submerge it, and don't want to break the bank (in order from cheapest to best) - Shimano, Supreme, Aquaskinz


    High-end consumer grade - Gear-Up, ODM, Dark Star - These are all excellent bags that will serve you well for most applications. They're not the best, or the most expensive, but they're propose built and good quality. 


    Custom - Flatlander and 4171 - These are the cream of the crop...Will last many years, built to the highest specs, super functional, and mandatory if you're going to swim a lot and need something you can completely trust (they actually add extra stainless grommets in the bottom so it'll drain faster)...but expensive. Flatlander has a VERY long waiting list, and while not 100% custom, there are tons of options and add-ons. I use a Flatlander and it's pretty much perfect. 4171 is extremely similar, but will do just about anything you can imagine. Not as time tested as Flatlander, but from what I've seen, quality is just as good.


    Final thing to belt...If you're never gonna get wet, a shoulder strap is ok, albeit not the most comfortable, but don't underestimate the value of a good quality belt. There are lots of cheap ones that will give you trouble. I highly recommend going with one that's purpose built, rigid (vs flimsy), and has a bombproof buckle. It'll carry the weight of the bag better, it'll be more comfortable to wear, and it'll last a lot longer. 


    I'm not sure how far up the Maine coast you are, or if you ever come down to MA, but Surfland on Plum Island has some cool Gear-Up bags for sale right now, and Tomo's in Salem, MA also sells a range of decent bags. 

  16. I bought this new from Tomo’s Tackle in Salem, MA. Great rod…I just don’t use it enough. 

    Condition is functionally 10/10 and cosmetically 9.8/10 (see pics). 


    Type: Spinning

    Length: 10’

    Piece: 2pc at 6:4 (76” top, 46” bottom)

    Lure weight: 3~10oz

    Braid rating: 40~60lb

    Blank weight: 8.4ozs

    Foregrip/rear grip length: 8”/25.5” (total length: 33.5”)

    Action: Moderate fast

    Fuji Alconite guides

    Fuji Graphite reel seat with locking nut

    EVA grip

    MSRP: $478


    I’m located 35 mins north of Boston. Will take $350 (PayPal / Venmo) local pick up, or that plus exact packing materials and shipping cost to anywhere you want it sent. 

    Thanks for looking. 




















  17. this question is super application specific....if you're literally just gonna walk the beach and need something to hold a bunch of plugs, anything that's comfortable and has a good closure system will be be fine...if you're gonna swim, or even wade....that's a totally different question. hell, you can walk the beach with a plastic tackle box if you want. if you're gonna swim, a flatlander is the best option. 

  18. On 7/29/2020 at 0:21 AM, dan_d said:

    glad I never fished would break my heart to have to deal with that in a spot I had loved to fish....


    I've been fishing all over the world for 35 years. No lie, the canal broke my heart. Cutty is tough, but she's a beautiful girl, and she rewards hard work...

  19. On 7/28/2020 at 10:06 AM, DZ said:

    You can always cut it short based on the bite.  Then contact a cab for a ride back.  My casting partner and I will often fish from two vehicles in the fall.  We drop one at our end location and take the other to our start point.  This helps alleviate doubling back through barren water.  Nothing worse than walking two miles of no action then have to walk back past the same water.   Of course if you hit a good bite that lasts you can go to the closest vehicle when you quit. Longest we have gone between vehicles is SE light to SW point.  Old Harbor to Black Rock.  Dickens to Graces.  

    Walking/fishing the shoreline from OHP to BR in the middle of the night is type 2 fun!!! ie: HORRIBLE until you're home, showered, fed, hydrated, and in bed reflecting on how epically hardcore it was...especially if you stumbled into a bite.